16 Top Tips to Stay Fit and Healthy

Top Tips to Stay Fit and Healthy

Keeping a fit and slender body is a dream of every person. To make this dream come true, some prefer regular gym while some recommend healthy diet and exercise for their health and wellness. We are going to present some of the Top Tips to Stay Fit and Healthy, revealed by experts and successful exercisers, which will help you in living a perfectly healthy life.

Top Tips to Stay Fit and HealthyFitness wellness diet

  1. Healthy Diet

About 80% of our fitness depends on a healthy diet. For a fit physique and perfect metabolism rate plan your regular meals with 45% of non-starchy carbohydrates, 30% of fresh proteins and 25% healthy fats like nuts and seeds.

  1. MakeWater Your All-time Companion

Drink adequate amount of water throughout the day as it will help you in sparking the hunger pangs. 10-12 glass of plain water is recommended for a healthy looking skin and refined digestive system.

  1. Body Warming Up Exercises

Start with simple workouts and increase the intensity of exercise with the passage of time. Exercises are the only way to the wellness of your body. For starters, 15 minutes of daily simple exercise is suggested.  Simple or brisk walk both maintain your body metabolism rate which is necessary for the wellness of the body. It is advised by experts that following hard exercise in starting period may lead to a burden for your cardio-vascular health. Practice every kind of outdoor activity like hiking, bike rides or other games like tennis.

  1. Adopting a Balanced Lifestyle

The health and fitness journey can only be followed if we maintain a balance in everything we do. Whether it is exercising, resting or planning your diet.

                         ”Don’t forget that to see a change you need to make a change.”

Live an active life and forget laziness, enjoy gardening which will help you to burn 300 calories per hour.

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    5. Yoga Your First Preference

Yoga is no doubt the most enduring exercise. It is a complete package of mind plus body exercise practiced to strengthen body and tone muscles. The stretching and deep breathing help a person in ruling over his digestive system. Follow any kind of yoga forms among the 100 different forms depending upon your tolerance level. Yoga removes fat deposits from back, thighs and legs.

  1. Swimming

If you want a slender looking figure try swimming, the perfect workout. Moreover, swimming is one of the Top Tip to Stay Fit and Healthy and best remedy for the arthritis patients and to keep good mental health water aerobics is a better option. A half an hour daily swimming will made your figure sleek and skinny.

  1. Meditation

Lower your stress levels with meditation which indirectly helps you to resist overeating. Morning quite hours or day meditation leads to a lower appetite level.

  1. Consistency

If you want to have a fit body, you should be consistent in whatever you adopt to stay healthy. Be consistent with whatever you have planned for fitness either daily workout, diet plan or gym attendance.

  1. Know Your Hunger

Try to differentiate between hunger and thirst. It is better to wait for 15 minutes after drinking water and confirm your hunger level. Smaller plates help you eat 22% fewer as compared to large ones. Eat like kids, chewing slowly will make you consume only two ounces of food per minute which is quite better amount to fill tummy. Sometimes breathing deeply during meals gives a good interval and helps you to feel filled quickly.

  1. Try Diet Recipes

Take high protein diet like green smoothie, fortified cereal and fiber-rich food as your regular meals. Go with greens and avoid taking too much meat.  Give green vegetables the first priority in your diet. These are best source of iron and provide enough energy to raise metabolism levels.

  1. Detox Drink

Keep yourself healthy by adding apple cider, lemon or vinegar in warm water as they show alkalizing effect to your body. Drink it once or twice a day, add raw honey to make it sweet. These drinks will balance the pH levels and help in keeping balanced weight.  Say “NO” to fizzy drinks the main culprit behind fat deposits to your body.

  1. No More Elevators healthdose-in-wellness-tips

Instead of elevators use stairs one of the best work out. Besides stair climbing some other simple workouts like rope jumping, cycling, simple push -ups will give positive results.

  1. Improved Eating Habits

Sometimes eating absent mindedly makes you eat more than usual, so only focus on the food while eating. Avoid watching TV or reading books while eating because this kind of food taken is hard to be digested.

  1. Never let stress overrule your stomach

Certain temptations are found very common during stress period e.g. longing to have a bag of chips or a packet of cookies. So, always try to avoid this habit. Filling up your stomach with snacks will never give you a healthy life.

  1. Go for Vitamins

Sometimes multi vitamins help you to overcome the deficiency present in your diet. So, there is no hesitation in taking vitamin supplement.

  1. Sleeping Hours

Inadequate sleep leads to improper appetite levels resulting in overeating. Approximately 8 hours of continues sleep is necessary for outstanding physical and mental health and metabolic changes.

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Excessive weight is a problem that is usually faced by majority of men and women. Women over 30 years of age are often found becoming victim of overweight. There are multiple reasons behind excessive weight. Some of the major reasons are hormonal disorder, unhealthy diet plan (Also Read 10 healthy breakfast ideas), lack of physical activity which mostly leads to changes in metabolism thus causing a remarkable increase in weight. We have prepared 1200 calorie diet plan for obese people which would help people to burn extra fat at home.

Whatever be the reason for an increased weight but the problem arises when everybody wants to get rid of it.

There are numerous diet plan to lose weight, but it is suggested by nutrients that following each diet plan blindly do lead to huge problems.

Here we are going to present a few natural ways to lose weight quickly which will never give any kind of harm to your health as well.


For everyone with fats deposits, losing weight fast involves the following steps,

  • First step is to control the appetite
  • Losing of weight without feeling hungry
  • Improvement of metabolic health

All these steps have to be understood completely in order to reduce weight. This diet plan to burn extra fat can be followed by people of any age. This plan involves the healthiest diet info along with some simple work outs that may help you in keeping fitness and maintaining a slender figure.



The diet that works for all excessive weight people should not contain any kind of sugar and starch. The sugar and starch carrying food have a capability of stimulating secretions of insulin in the body. When the insulin level lowers down in the body the fats present burn excessively whereas a raise level of insulin will help in depositing layers of fats in the body.



A diet is considered to be a balanced one only if it contains proper ratio of protein, fats and vegetables. An irregular excess in the ratio of anyone of the above mentioned ingredients will result in an unhealthy diet. It is advised that this kind of healthy diet will bring the recommended range of carbs i.e. 20-50 grams per day in the body thus making the consumer to maintain his /her health. In the same way the diet for burning extra fat should also contain fresh green vegetables.



Regular work outs are not the only essential factor to lose weight instead a person with extra weight should go gym 3-4 times a week and should experience some warming up exercises and then try to lift weight. Weight lifting actually burn down extra calories and will activate the metabolism process. For ladies, if weight lifting is not possible then they must do some running, swimming and fast walking in order to reduce weight.


 Besides the diet plan to weight loss there are certain tips that should be followed by everyone for a better health,

  1. Drinking more water should be the routine
  2. Coffee or tea will raise the metabolism rate
  3. Breakfast should be rich in protein
  4. Extra addition of fiber in the food should be preferred
  5. Weight loss diet should be adopted
  6. Using smaller plates for eating
  7. A complete sound sleep

It is suggested that by approaching the above mentioned tips in life will certainly lead you towards reducing weight and gaining fitness.


  • Do not follow such exercises that burn down more than enough calories
  • While taking nutritious food, keep a check on the portion of food taken
  • Do not undergo hard exercises that might affect cardio system
  • Avoid eating absent mindedly because it will harm your health instead of making it.


This natural diet plan to quick weight loss is very effective but it should be tracked intelligently otherwise sometimes it harms the body also.