Dr. Shalini Singhal

She is a chief nutritionist in Delhi NCR, India. She is a doctorate and PG gold medalist in nutrition. She is an eminent healthcare professional. She brings her perfection from world’s best programme from USA that was endorsed by WHO. She has been awarded with various laurels. She has advanced therapies for weight and disease management. She has written and published several articles and journals on health, diet and nutrition. She has an extensive experience of handling people who want to loose their weight, or want to gain some. She aims to provide most advanced and scientifically proven healthy diet.


C-802, Brindawan Garden Appt, Sector 12, Dwarka,

New Delhi, Delhi 110075



Clinic Timing

Days FromBreakTo
Sunday1000 Hrs No Break1400 Hrs
Monday1000 Hrs1330 Hrs - 1600 Hrs2000 Hrs
Tuesday1000 Hrs1330 Hrs - 1600 Hrs2000 Hrs
Wednesday1000 Hrs1330 Hrs - 1600 Hrs2000 Hrs
Thursday1000 Hrs1330 Hrs - 1600 Hrs2000 Hrs
Friday1000 Hrs1330 Hrs - 1600 Hrs2000 Hrs
Saturday1000 Hrs1330 Hrs - 1600 Hrs2000 Hrs

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Dietitian Shreya Katyal

Dr. Shreya Katyal strives to modify your lifestyle and encourages you to opt for a healthy life. She has her personalized website DIETS & MORE. She aims to improve the health status of people through food and nutrition. She constantly guides and gives counselling to people. According to her, Cooking techniques and time of eating is more important rather than the food that you eat. She wants her clients to enjoy the weight loss journey, not get troubled by it. She provides services like Weight loss, weight gain, Diabetes, Thyroid, Diets for Menopause. There are various videos available, for reference.


Provide online consultation only


Days From To
Sunday1100 Hrs1400 Hrs
Monday1100 Hrs1400 Hrs
Tuesday1100 Hrs1400 Hrs
Wednesday1700 Hrs2000 Hrs
Thursday1100 Hrs1400 Hrs
Friday1100 Hrs1400 Hrs
Saturday1700 Hrs2000 Hrs

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Dietitian Ritu Arora

A constant support counsellor, Dr. Ritu helps you to loose weight in a healthy fashion. Her excellent advice helps people in reducing weight with no extra efforts. A weight loss expert, Blood pressure, Thyroid, Diabetes, Cholestrol specialist. She believes that if we take care of health today, it will help us in getting better health tomorrow. She did her Bsc from delhi University. She is a diploma holder in dietetics from IGNOU and VLCC wellness. You can view her success stories and experiences of clients on her website.


164 Ambika vihar , top floor ,paschim vihar,

delhi, New Delhi

india, 110087

Clinic timing

Days FromTo
Sunday1130 Hrs1400 Hrs
Monday1130 Hrs to 1400 Hrs1700 Hrs to 1900 Hrs
Tuesday1130 Hrs to 1400 Hrs1700 Hrs to 1900 Hrs
Wednesday1130 Hrs to 1400 Hrs1700 Hrs to 1900 Hrs
Thursday1130 Hrs to 1400 Hrs1700 Hrs to 1900 Hrs
Friday1130 Hrs to 1400 Hrs1700 Hrs to 1900 Hrs
Saturday1130 Hrs to 1400 Hrs1700 Hrs to 1900 Hrs



Dr. Shweta Nakra

She is a recognized Delhi based Nutritionist and dietitian. She offers Nutrition and Weight loss plans. These plans can be customized and are made according to customers needs. Dr. Shweta got her Nutrition degree from Prestigious Institute. Her plans are easy to follow and offers help to patients. She supports, motivates and advises regarding the nutrition and diet. Her motivation helps people in being fit and healthy. She gives personal attention and there is no need of doing heavy exercises. She is specialized in Weight loss, weight gain, ulcers, Acidity, high cholesterol etc.


A – 13/2, Prashant Vihar, Opp. Lancer Convent School, Sector-14, Rohini,

New Delhi, Delhi 110085

Clinic Timing

Days FromTo
Monday1100 Hrs 1930 Hrs
Tuesday1100 Hrs 1930 Hrs
Wednesday1100 Hrs 1930 Hrs
Thursday1100 Hrs 1930 Hrs
Friday1100 Hrs 1930 Hrs
Saturday1100 Hrs 1930 Hrs

Dietitian Ankita Gupta Sehgal

With experience of more than 9 years, Dietitian Ankita Gupta Sehgal has been helping people with her simple and easy diets. She is a doctor with high spirits and positivity. She did postgraduate diploma in Sports Nutrition. She is a good motivator and can do several transitions with the plans according to the needs of clients. Nutritionist Ankita Gupta Sehgal motivates people to adapt healthy eating habits. Dr. Ankita ia specialized in Diet plans, Weight loss or gain, Diet for Diabetes, Diet in pregnancy etc.She provides consultancy to whole family under 1 roof. May it be a children, men, infant, pregnant and breast feeding women.


FA 355/A, First Floor, Mansarover Garden, New Delhi,

New Delhi, Delhi 110015

Clinic Timing

Days FromTo
Sunday1130 Hrs1600 Hrs
Monday1030 Hrs1830 Hrs
Tuesday1030 Hrs1830 Hrs
Wednesday1030 Hrs1830 Hrs
Thursday1030 Hrs1830 Hrs
Friday1030 Hrs1830 Hrs
Saturday1030 Hrs1830 Hrs

Membership Plans

Duration01 Month03 Month
Price2500 Rs5500 Rs
Only consultation500 Rs500 Rs
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