Newbie in gym, must know part of gyms

Newbie in gym

In case you are wondering which are the best gyms near me, you need to check out the list of the top 10 gyms in Delhi. This list help you to know what facilities gyms are offering. Being a gym starter, if you are confused in choosing best gym for you. You should read these 10 points that need to be considered before joining a gym.  If you have already found the right gym for you, congratulations!

You took the first step towards leading a fit and healthy life. Now all you need to do is to devise a workout routine and start a healthy Indian diet plan and you are good to go. Although as a gym starter, you might be uncomfortable or concerned with a number of things. So you might want to keep some stuff under consideration in your early gym days. A few details in this regard are discussed below./fitness/choose-best-gym-membership/

Get your orientation

First of all, you need to get your new membership orientation in which they offer you an orientation of the entire facility. They give you a tour of the different parts of the gym along with necessary information about everything.

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It’s all a mind game

First of all you need to know that you do not have to feel worried about other people feeling weird about you. Its all in your head and nobody really cares about what you do or don’t do.

Don’t get scared from the free weights

Regardless of your physique, age or gender, you also reserve a right to use the free weights just like everyone else. So never get scared of using them for any reason.

Don’t be that person

One of the biggest reasons why people usually don’t want to go to gyms is because of the fact that they do not want to look foolish. Don’t worry you’re not going to be that person. All you need to do is play by the rules and you are good to go.

The cardio section

Gym membership

Majority of the gyms are normally divided into different sections and an entire section is usually established for cardiac exercises. You do not need to fear from the giant machines. All you need to do is to get comfortable with the ambience and get into it.


Strength training machines

The strength training machines area is categorized according to different muscle groups like lower body, abs, triceps, biceps, shoulders, back. Chest, etc. You can easily try out each of the categories according to your requirements.

Group fitness classes

Another thing that scares the new gym members away is a group fitness class where you have to workout with a bunch of other people. Keep in mind that there is nothing to worry about since you will have to act upon the instructions provided by the personal fitness trainers and you are going to do just fine.

You got this!

The most important thing you need to keep in mind is that you have got this! The whole gym experience might appear to be a bit scary but bear in mind it is nothing that you cannot do. Just hold on, go with the flow and you are all good.

How to choose the best gym membership

Choose gym membership

Everybody is concerned about staying in shape these days. The right way to do so is to find the best gym near you so that you might be able to work out as per your own schedule. In case you are interested in finding such a workout facility to break some sweat, you need to go through the list of the top 10 gyms in Delhi. In addition to this, it is also highly recommended to try out the 1200 calories Indian diet plan as it is equally important to burn your fat along with a sufficient amount of workout. 10 different things that you need to keep in mind in order to choose the best gym membership near you are discussed below for your convenience and understanding.

1.Cost of gym membership

Cost is undoubtedly the most important factor to consider before choosing a good gym near you. It is recommended to devise a budget first and then stick to it. Different gyms also offer discounted membership plans on different occasions so grabbing such a plan might come in very handy for you. Also read

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2. Member profile

Several gyms these days are offering their memberships only to a certain group of people. For instance, they might be targeting men, women, athletes or seniors only. These specialized profiles are offered along with personal fitness trainers. So if you feel more comfortable in an environment that is created for your kind of people, being a part of this kind of gyms is highly recommended.

3. Equipment in Gym

While looking to get a gym membership, it is important to ensure that the gym you have in mind contain all the necessary equipment to carry out different kinds of workout routines especially cardiac exercises.

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4. Extra features offered in gym membership

Some of the gyms also offer a variety of different kinds of extra features like snack bar, day care, therapy, spa, massages, etc.

5. Accessibility of Gym

The gym you are considering about going to needs to be in immediate access to you all the time. So pick out a gym that you may reach anytime of the day with ease and convenience.

6 Cleanliness

Cleanliness is one of the key factors that need to be considered while you are looking for a gym. You need to check out if the gym is being properly cleaned on a regular basis or not. In case you get stuck with an unhygienic gym, there is a good chance you might feel very uncomfortable with it.

7. Maintenance of Gym

If you have been using gyms for a while, you would be familiar with the fact that finding a broken equipment piece can be really frustrating. So make sure the gym you are planning on going to is serious about maintaining and keeping everything in order.

8. Hours of operation

Different people usually have different schedules that they find suitable for a workout session. So make sure the gym you are planning on going to operates at times you like to workout.

9. Personal training options offered in gym membership

Different gyms offer different types of personal fitness trainers. Some of them are offered along with the membership plan while in some cases you have to pay extra money for them.

10. Gym membership privileges

You also need to have a look at all the other membership privileges offered by the gym as well.

Do anti wrinkle anti aging creams really work

anti aging creams

Everyone loves to have a nice and soft skin that feels good to look at. In today’s age of scientific advancements, luckily we have come across a time when we can make use of different kinds of anti wrinkle and anti aging creams to get the skin we have always wanted. Some of the best anti aging creams and top anti wrinkle products of all times are easily available in the market these days. This article discusses if all of the ‘anti aging creams hype’ is a big scam or does it actually work. In addition to this, a few tips for anti aging skin are also discussed below.

Ingredients used in anti aging and anti wrinkle products

There are different kinds of ingredients that are generally used in different kinds of anti aging and anti wrinkle products. These include a variety of stuff like antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, hydroxy acids, peptides, retinol, vitamin C, coenzyme Q10, etc. Different ingredients have different effects on different kinds of skins. But collectively, every one of these is known to be good for the skin in general.

How do anti wrinkle creams ingredients act?

Different ingredients act in different ways to improve the overall health of the skin. For instance,

  • Antioxidants are known to neutralize the free radicals.
  • Vitamin C offers protection from direct sunlight damage.
  • Hydroxy acids remove the top level layer of the dead skin.
  • Peptides help in healing wounds, wrinkles and stretch marks.

How effective are anti ageing creams?

If you are concerned about the working and effectiveness of this kind of skin care products, you need to know that there are different kinds of products available in the market. Some of them are legitimate while some of them are of inferior quality. So if you are really interested in a miracle cream for sensitive skin, you need to check out different anti aging creams reviews in order to make the most appropriate choice.

Things to keep in mind before buying an anti aging creams

Before you actually go out buying an anti aging cream to take care of your skin, it is important to keep a few things under consideration first. You need to make sure that the products are cost effective. Make sure that the product you are looking to buy contains low doses of different kinds of active ingredients. Otherwise the product might be harmful to your skin. Keep in mind that multiplicity of different kinds of ingredients does no good to your skin. Therefore it is recommended to go for a product that comprises of a single active ingredient only. Finally, you also need to ensure the fact that the product you are planning on buying does not offer any side effects to your skin or body in any way.

Tips for natural glowing skin

In order to have a natural glowing skin, you need to follow the tips listed below.

  • Eat fiber rich diet
  • Drink lots of water
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Hydrate your skin
  • Exfoliate
  • Use a toner
  • Detoxify


How to lose weight fast with 1200 calorie healthy diet plan?

1200 cal healthy diet plan

,Are you losing your sleep thinking about how to lose weight fast? You tried different tactics, weight loss programs and best weight loss products but still you are not able to lose a single kilo? Don’t worry you are not alone. There are many people out there who face with the same problem. Indian’s specially have to face this issue of weight gain as most of our meals contains fattening items like ghee, oil, butter, sugar etc. which is unhealthy. There are other causes too that cause weight gain these include improper techniques for cooking, eating too much at one time, lack of physical activity etc. Obesity or weight gain is not good for your health as it may cause fatal diseases like heart attack. It also affects the mental health of a person. The fastest way to lose weight is Exercise and diet. But they can be ineffective if not done in a proper way. A 1200 cal healthy diet plan needs to be followed strictly or else you may tend to put on weight again. We all love Indian food and you can lose weight by following Indian 1200 cal healthy diet plan for weight loss

Optimal weight plan health dose

Caorie intake calculation for quick weight loss

The calorie requirements for every individual depend upon their body type and lifestyle. The calorie requirement is calculated on the basis of BMR i.e. Basal Metabolism Rate which is calculated considering your weight, age, height, sex, activity level and metabolism. The minimum calorie requirement recommended by National Institute for Nutrition for a woman is 1900Kcal/day and for man is 2300Kcal/day assuming sedentary lifestyle for man and woman. A 1200 cal healthy diet plan is a calorie restricted diet plan which is recommended for adults only for weight loss. If you have to undergo vigorous physical activity throughout the day you may require higher calorie intake and hence it will advisable for you to not follow this 1200 calorie healthy diet plan as your calorie requirement will be higher. Also read

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Burn fat at home healthdose

Before following 1200 cal healthy diet plan it is important to draft a diet chart considering the following

  • The person’s medical history and diet
  • Likes, allergies and dislikes of the person in terms of food
  • Should not go for avoiding certain food or restrict a food group
  • The diet plan should provide all necessary nutrients that will help in long term weight loss

Concept of 1200 cal healthy diet plan per day

If you are recommended to follow a 1200 cal healthy diet plan then you should have small 6 meals a day. Avoiding 3 big meals is very important for a healthy living. This will also enhance the body metabolism and will burn additional calories.

What should your 1200 cal/ day diet contain?

It is important that your meals should be nutritious and balanced containing all important minerals, vitamins, nutrients and fats that your body need. Eating small meals will control your hunger therefore when following 1200 cal healthy diet plan try to eat 6 small meals or 3 meals and 2 snacks where each meal will contain 300 calories and snacks 150. Vegetables, fruits, legumes, eggs, low fat dairy products, lean meat, seafood, poultry etc. should be included in your meals.

Natural weight loss solution healthdose

Fuel up with healthy breakfast (approx. 300 Cal)

Eggs, cereals, oats, Idlis, Dosas, Upma, sprouts, salads, Muesli, Ragi etc. are healthy option for breakfast. You can cook your eggs or vegetables using vegetable oil or Canola which are low fat oil. It is customary to include tea in Indian breakfast, you can have it without sugar or if you are not a tea fan then you can have 1 cup of low fat milk or buttermilk. Your breakfast can include 2 slices of whole wheat bread or 2 idlis or Oats. Vegetarian Indian can go for 2 Pulkas with 1 cup of Paneer curry which will be a good source of protein. Non vegetarians can include 2 boiled eggs for their breakfast. You can read 05 healthy breakfast ideas for quick weight loss

Optimal diet plan for weight loss

Mid-morning snack (approx. 50-60 Cal)

A bowl of fruit serving like banana, orange, pear, apple, watermelon, grapes and papaya can be taken as mid meal to beat the hunger pranks before lunch.

Wholesome Lunch (approx. 350 Cal)

An Indian vegetarian lunch for 1200Kcal diet can include ½ cup dal or kadhi, 1 ½ whole wheat chapatti, 1/3 cup brown rice cooked, 1 ½ cup vegetables. A non-vegetarian meal may include 3 ounce of tandoori chicken, 1 whole wheat chapatti or 1 cup brown rice, 1 cup green salads or soup.

Light snacks for evening (approx.35–40 Cal)

Have a small portion of light snacks during the evening to fill in the gap between the lunch time and dinner. 1 glass of buttermilk is an ideal evening snack as it is filling as full of nutrition.

Natural way for weightloss

Light filling dinner: (approx. 350–370 Cal)

Dinner should be very light. It is said that we should eat like a pauper in the night and it should be consumed minimum 3 hours before going to bed. A vegetarian diet plan may include 2 chapattis, 1 bowl of vegetable soup, 1 cup of mixed vegetables or green beans for dinner. For non-vegetarians their dinner may comprise of 1 chapatti, 3 ounces of lamb curry or 1 small piece of fish fry, 1/3 cup brown rice.

Advantages of 1200 cal healthy diet plan

  • You can easily lose weight by not compromising on what you like to eat.
  • Quick and easy weight loss is possible with this diet plan.
  • By lessening the intake of calorie you can lose weight.
  • You do not have to starve.
  • No heavy workouts are required to lose weight when following this low carb diet plan.

Risks involved

  • If you have to do a lot of physical activity then you need more calories and 1200Kcal diet plan will not work for you and will give negative effects on your body.
  • This diet plan needs to be followed regularly or else you may not find any results.
  • Calculate the BMR to understand the calorie requirement by your body and ensure intake of minimum those calories daily. Intake of lesser calories than the minimum requirement will cause nutrient deficiency, and will make you weak.

1200 calorie diet plan


Smoothies are also very beneficial in weight reduction.Green smoothies diets are rich in nutrients and fiber and can replace a meal as they are quite filling and can provide enough calories. Follow the below steps to make a smoothie.

    1. Take a base ingredient like water, almond milk, coconut milk, cashew milk or low fat milk. You can also use yogurt as a base for your smoothies.
    2. Add main ingredients like avocado, chia seeds, or other green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, cucumber, basil, coconut, green apples, celery, cabbage etc.
  1. Make it sweet naturally by adding a fruit. Banana, grapes, peach, mangoes etc. can be used in your vegetable smoothie’s recipes. They are of great help in your weight loss plan. Do not use any concentrated sugar.
  2. Blend all the ingredients properly and have it as a meal. Replacing a meal with green or vegetable smoothie is an easy way to consume your calorie requirement.
  3. Always use fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables. They help in boosting your metabolism rate.

Does green smoothies help with weightloss

Few rules that needs to be considered when following a diet chart for weight reduction

  1. Increase the intake of vegetables and fruits in your meals. They are healthy and most effective if taken on an empty stomach. Avoid eating fruits immediately after a meal.
  2. Decrease the intake of alcohol, sugar, caffeine etc. Do not consume tea or coffee on an empty stomach. This can be harmful for your body.
  3. Always eat breakfast. Skipping breakfast is always a bad idea. Breakfast provides the energy that keeps the body running throughout the day.
  4. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. Water is a good for detoxification and also helps in digestion. Drinking enough water can keep you away from all health problems. Benefits of drinking water
  5. Starving is not good for health. Your body can get affected severely if proper nutrients are not provided to it.
  6. Always have an early dinner. This will ensure proper digestion of your food.
  7. Avoid fats and even when on diet make your meals using just 1 tbsp of oil.
  8. Cereals, dried fruits, yogurt, rice cakes are a good option for healthy snacks.

This 1200 calorie diet and 08 exercises are perfect combination for effective weight loss. Exercise will help to burn fats faster and you can see quick results in your weight. Exercise like walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, hiking for about 30- 45 minutes are enough to burn 300 calories a day.

Foods to be included in your diet chart

Healthy breakfast ideas for quick weight loss

  • Oats: Oats are a good option for breakfast. However they can be eaten for lunch or dinner too. They are healthy and help in maintain the weight. Oats can also be used in green smoothie diet.
  • Ragi: is a good source of calcium, iron, proteins, fiber and minerals. Ragi has tremendous health benefits and is also effective in weight loss.
  • Tomatoes: Tomatoes can be consumed in any form as in salads, soup or curry. They have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Vegetables: Vegetables can be consumed in the form of juice, smoothie, soup, curry or even raw. They can be eaten during the meals time or as a snack. Vegetables are very healthy and do not contain much calories.
  • Fruits: Fruits can replace deserts. Seasonal fruits like mangoes, peaches, grapes and banana are just great to be eaten any time when you are hungry.
  • Dairy products: Low fat milk, buttermilk or sugar less pudding can be consumed as a snack when you have late night carvings.

Green Vegetable Smoothies Diet for Health Enthusiast

Green vegetable smoothies diet

​It’s a soaring trend in health to drink green. You might hear it from your friends, social media, health ads about quick weight loss by including green vegetable smoothies in your daily diet chart. There are several benefits in taking green vegetable smoothie’s diet.  It serves as your daily dose of fruits and vegetables. It is already packed with vitamins and minerals. It keeps you away from sickness as it is an immune booster. It lowers the risk for medical problems like hypertension, diabetes, and cancer.  Most of the green vegetable smoothies drinker’s states that it gives them energy boost throughout the day. No need for a dose of coffee to stay awake and alert. It helps a lot in quick weight loss without any side effect, as you will feel full and satisfied after a dose of green vegetable smoothies. A lot of people have been into this healthy diet. And it’s your time to try and love it too. I will give you some vegetable smoothie recipes perfect to become part of your diet chart for weight loss.
Let me first discuss the main ingredients of these green vegetable smoothies diet as the baseline to all recipes to be discussed. Where going to use:

 2 cups leafy vegetables  +  2 cups liquid base +    3 cups fruits 

This serves about 32 oz. good for 2 cut it in half if you want to serve only 1.

Here are some sample foods per column you can choose from and make your own mixture.

There is no definite rule on what to mix and match it will all depend on your taste and preference. As long as you follow the ratio and you are all set to go.  You just have to choose your own ingredients and make you do it yourself green vegetable smoothies recipe. With fruits, you can mix 2 kinds of fruit to give a richer taste. To give you some idea on what to do in making your green smoothies diet, here are some vegetable smoothies recipes as your guide and make it part of your diet chart for weight loss.
For beginners, let’s start with the mildest vegetable that is fresh for the taste buds that is the Spinach. Spinach gives you healthy glowing skin, it lowers blood pressure, and it boosts your immunity and energy and consists of different nutrients that are needed in our body.

Spinach Banana Smoothie


2 cups spinach

2 cups Soya milk (any dairy substitute) chilled

3 cups banana (about 5-8 medium size banana)

Green Vegetable smoothies for quick weight loss

1.  Pour 2 cups soya milk or any dairy substitute to your blender

2. Add 3 cups sliced banana for easy mixing

3. Blend together using your blender until smooth

4. Add 2 cups spinach. Blend again until smooth.

5. Pour it out into your favorite cup, jar, or any container

6. And voila! Take a sip and enjoy your drink

If you want your drink to be cold you can add ice cubes and blend until smooth.  You can add honey or sweetener to add sweetness.

Another mild tasting vegetable we’re going to use is the Lettuce.  Lettuce has its own health benefits such as lowering blood cholesterol, controls anxiety, and it is a good supply of antioxidants.


Lettuce Berry Smoothie

2 cups lettuce

2 cups water

3 cups mixed berries

Berry smoothies for quick weight loss


1.  Pour 2 cups water to your blender

2. Add 3 cups mixed berries

3. Blend together using your blender until smooth

4. Add 2 cups lettuce. Blend again until smooth.

5. Pour it out into your favorite cup, jar, or any container

6. Have a taste of your lettuce berry smoothie

Let’s take a step higher for our green smoothie diet. Let’s use a strong semi- bitter taste of Kale. It has earthy fresh flavor. Kale is loaded with phytonutrients and antioxidants. It is best for cleansing, lung protection and boosts your immune system.

Kale Ban apple Smoothie

2 cups kale

2 cups apple juice

1 ½  cups banana

1 ½ cups green apple


1.  Pour 2 cups apple juice to your blender

2. Add 1 ½ cups banana and 1 ½ apple

3. Blend together using your blender until smooth

4. Add 2 cups kale. Remove the kale stems and tear the leaves into bite-size pieces.  Blend again until     puree.

5. Pour it out into your favorite cup, jar, or any container

6. Try the kale ban apple smoothie and feel the freshness.

Those are some green vegetable smoothies recipes you can try as soon as possible. Make it part of in your diet chart for weight loss as it can help you in your journey to weight loss.

It is best to drink your smoothies as your replacement meal other than drinking it with a meal if you want to lose weight. We can drink these green smoothies diet any time of the day but for me, the best time to drink it is during breakfast.  We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Drinking your smoothie during breakfast gives you the fullness that will satisfy your stomach till lunch. Doing such, it starts your day in a healthier way and packed with nutrients and minerals. You will be loaded with energy as you start your day, thus keeping your coffee away for the day. Also read

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Making it part of your diet chart increases the success of weight loss. It keeps your one meal of the day away from fats, and unhealthy foods. I won’t recommend drinking it in the evening since most of our family functions and social gatherings happen during dinner thus making your diet plans to be set aside. You don’t want to refuse offers and bonding moments with family members and colleagues during dinner gathering just because of your diet plan. Unless you can really be loyal to your diet plan and stick to it no matter what gatherings and situation happen.
Start your green smoothie diet NOW! And experience the health benefits of green vegetable smoothies. Feel the difference in your body and discover recipes you will love to drink to pursue your goal in weight loss and healthy living.