Nutritionist Nidhi Sawhney

Dietician Nidhi Sawheny


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D-13, Basement Gulmohar Park,
New Delhi (India) – 110049

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Dr Simran Saini

Dr Simran Saini

Dietician Simran Saini is one of the emerging nutritionist in Delhi and NCR. She is weight loss specialist and helps in achieving weight loss goal by prescribing low calorie healthy diets. You can consult her online as well as visit her at clinic. Cliniv Timing is given below.

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Ahuja Nursing Home 16/1, East Patel Nagar. Near Patel Nagar Metro Station

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Monday1600 Hrs1900 Hrs
Wednesday1600 Hrs1900 Hrs
Saturday1000 Hrs1300 Hrs

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Top 10 Best nutritionist and dietician in Delhi and NCR

Health is wealth is one phrase that everyone hears since their childhood. Everyone used to make faces when forced to eat green vegetables and the long lecture if we didn’t. With the changing lifestyle, our eating habits have also changed. Just like our 24×7 hectic and fast life, our food habits have also switched to fast food which is deteriorating our health with every passing day. Well here comes the role of a nutritionist/dietician. A modern-day food doctor for you, who is going to take care of all your food and nutrient requirements. If you are a residing in Delhi, NCR or nearby, here is a list of top10 dietician/ nutritionist near you:

Top 10 Nutritionist in Delhi

  • Dietician Divya Gandhi

Top 10 dietician in delhi

A topper of 2012 batch in her field from VLCC, Dietician Divya Gandhi is also a famous media face. She is invited as a guest on several news channels like News 24, India today & Zee Punjabi. An expert in Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Therapeutic Programs, Sports Specific Nutrition Program, Healthy Heart Diet, and various others. She works as a dietician in Diet and Cure Clinic (Founder & Director). Also being a panelist on Vodafone Healthcare portal she is helping thousands of patients and providing solutions to them in the form of diet plans during Pregnancy, for Gym lovers, for Overweight and Underweight children of all age, ones suffering from Anaemia, Hypertension etc and for Boosting Immunity.

When asked for her mantra she says,” KNOW WHAT YOU EAT”. Her personalized session with clients and an overall knowledge of her field makes her popular amongst her patients. She believes in a long-term relationship with her patients and will not compromise on their health for short-term profits. For this, a 3-5 days trial diet plan is offered for online patients. Awarded Best upcoming Nutritionist/Dietician in Delhi/NCR 2015 by Brands Achiever who is partners with ABP News has added a feather in her cap. With such dedication and sincerity, she is one of the best dietician in Delhi and NCR.


D-252, Phase 1,

Ashok Vihar, Delhi 110052


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  • Dr. Geetu Gupta (Ph.D.)

Best dietician in delhi

A Ph.D. holder in food science and nutrition from IMSN in 2012, Dr. Geetu Gupta is the best dietician/nutritionist in Dwarka, Delhi with an experience of 8years in the field. Apart from Weight Loss Coaching, Infant & Child nutrition and Diet Counselling, she is also an expert on Thyroid Diet Counseling and High Cholesterol Diet Counselling, a common problem these days. Feel your body is loaded with all the junk you keep eating due to your busy schedule? Dr. Geetu Gupta has the perfect Detox diet plan for you. She believes that removing all the toxins from the body is necessary for everyone. Thus, she provides the best and simplest detox plans to her patients. She practices at Kalpavriksh Super Speciality Center in Dwarka, Delhi. Starting with a consultation fee of just Rs. 500 the clinic opens at 10:00 am and closes at 8:30 pm. You can also check out their website for your suitable diet plan. So, what are you waiting for pick up that phone and book your appointment with one of the best dietician in Delhi and NCR.


Plot No.66, Sector 12A, Dwarka, Delhi, 110078


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Monday1700 Hrs2200 Hrs
Tuesday1700 Hrs2200 Hrs
Wednesday1700 Hrs2200 Hrs
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Saturday1700 Hrs2200 Hrs
  • Dt.Shreya Katyal

Dietician Shreya katyal

To Eat is a Necessity but to Eat Intelligently is an Art’ is the motto, dietician from West Delhi believes in. She says that all food is good but how we cook it or consume it makes it good or bad for our health. Helping people understand the nutrient value of the food they consume and how to keep it intact even after cooking. Making her patient’s life better and healthier; Dt. Shreya prepares a personalized plan for each patient after studying their daily food routine. After making few changes she gives you the perfect, balanced and easy to follow diet chart. Dietician holds a diploma from VLCC institute for beauty and nutrition which adds more credibility to her experience of 3ys. Apart from other weight loss and gain counseling, her expertise is in Ketogenic Diet Treatment, Allergy test, Diabetic Diet counseling and Healthy Heart diet. Want to go on that Keto diet you heard it from your friend doesn’t forget to consult Dt. Shreya for correction in your daily diet and live healthy life long. Her expertise in diet plan, client care and progress monitoring make her among top 10 best dietician in Delhi.


Synergy Clinic , 1-B,

Maj. Sudesh Kumar Marg, Rajouri Garden,

New Delhi (near THE GYM)


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Sunday1100 Hrs1400 Hrs
Monday1100 Hrs1400 Hrs
Tuesday1100 Hrs1400 Hrs
Wednesday1700 Hrs2000 Hrs
Thursday1100 Hrs1400 Hrs
Friday1100 Hrs1400 Hrs
Saturday1700 Hrs2000 Hrs
  • Dr. Shalini Singhal

Best Nutritionist Shalini Shingal

A well-known name in and outside Dwarka Dr. Shalini is a gold medalist in nutrition in her PG. With an experience of 20 yr which includes an expertise in WHO endorsed wellness programs from the USA, Pritikin Longevity Centre. She also has an association with slimming & fitness companies like VLCC Health Care Ltd. She believes that food is a science in itself. Involving everyday science in her solutions, the services provided by her include Optimal and Fast Track Weight Loss Program, Diet and Heart Health Program, Diet and Diabetes Management Program, Pre and Post Natal Diet program. Despite her round, the clock busy schedule Dr. Shalini manages to get some of her work published in the form of articles and journals. People seeking guidance can also refer to her articles which are published from time to time. Book your appointment with Dr. Shalini for all your diet-related solutions at Dr. Shalini’s Diet & Wellness clinic Dwarka. Her multi facet approach towards customer satisfaction guaranteed her place in top 10 dietician list.


C-802, Brindawan Garden Appt,

Sector 12, Dwarka, New Delhi,

Delhi 110075


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Sunday1000 Hrs No Break1400 Hrs
Monday1000 Hrs1330 Hrs - 1600 Hrs2000 Hrs
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Thursday1000 Hrs1330 Hrs - 1600 Hrs2000 Hrs
Friday1000 Hrs1330 Hrs - 1600 Hrs2000 Hrs
Saturday1000 Hrs1330 Hrs - 1600 Hrs2000 Hrs
  • Dt. Vandana Das

Dietician Vandana Das in Delhi

With a five-star rating from her patients, Dietician and nutritionist Vandana Das practices in Paschim Vihar from the last 30yr. An Food & Nutrition and B.Sc. in Home Science from Lady Irwin College, Delhi University Dt Vandana holds a lot of experience for a dietician. With a passion to help people achieve their fitness and health goals, she is serving the society every day without glamorizing her work. Her formula of success is mixing the modern day science with ancient Ayurveda to create a perfect and personalized combination for her patients. This is the reason she is in the list of top 10 best dietician in Delhi. This helps people in achieving their wellness and health goals. Her expert services are provided especially in Stress and Depression management, Thyroid PCOD, Skin Glow Infertility, Anti-aging and Therapeutic Disorders etc. When asked about her success she says that she tries to plan an easy to follow diet plans with a little Ayurvedic touch to it. These easy to follow plans are really appreciated by her patients. So, if you are a fan of Ayurveda you know the right door to knock on.


GH -13 /1057, Paschim Vihar,

Delhi, 110087


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Monday1030 Hrs1800 Hrs
Tuesday1030 Hrs1800 Hrs
Wednesday1030 Hrs1800 Hrs
Thursday1030 Hrs1800 Hrs
Friday1030 Hrs1800 Hrs
  • Dr. Chetna Khanchi

Best nutritionist Chetna in delhi

Don’t have the time to visit a dietician? How about one visits you? Don’t be surprised Dr. Chetna, a leading naturopathy physician and dietician in Delhi NCR provides her services online as well. She crafts a personalized natural diet for her patients. This helps them to set and achieve their fitness goals. She believes that if one is willing irrespective of age, current health status or well being can achieve that fit and healthy body. Summarizing her 11yrs experience she says that people coming for body transformation just require 80% nutrition and 20% right form of efforts. In an attempt to reach out to all patients who need her, she runs up and down on weekly basis from Delhi to Panipat and Karnal. She has done various certification courses like “Food and Health” from Stanford University USA,Science of Exercise” from University of Colorado Boulder USA and many more. To add to her laurel she has been trained by Chikitsa Ratan awardee Dr. Anoop Mishra on Diabetes, Dr. David Heber on Heart Health and Dr. Luigi Gratton on Sports Nutrition. Still confused try out her online services and see yourself.


602, Asia House, Kasturba Gandhi Marg Central Delhi, Delhi 110001


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  • Dt. Lata Sharma

Dietician Lata Sharma

Residing in South Delhi dietician Lata Sharma having 12ys of experience is one of the best dieticians near Preet Vihar, Laxmi Nagar, and surrounding areas. Patients who visit her are really fond of her diet plans. As she recommends minute changes in the day to day diet of her patients. Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics, Institute of Home Economics from Delhi University she is associated with many big brands like Abbott Nutrition, Amway, Delhi Diabetic Research center and Personal point. Dealing with various projects on stress management, lifestyle changes, stress management, portion control etc. she is doing her bit for the society. Dt. Lata is teaching people healthy eating habits to avoid weight gain and diseases related to them. Her article titled “Longevity and Health” educates people on Blood Pressure and Life Style modifications. Her customers claim her diet plan to be the best as she not only advice patients for their diet-related problems but also on their living pattern.


A- 1&2, Priyadarshini Vihar,

Near Nirman Vihar metro stn,

New Delhi, Delhi 110092


Mail –

  • Dt. Nisha Malhotra

Best Nutritionist Nisha Malhotra

Meeting patients need with compassion and staying committed to them is the moral Dt. Nisha Malhotra abides by. Having a successful career in last 37 years Dt Nisha is serving her patients with the same dedication as she did on day one. Holding a PG Diploma in Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition Dt Nisha has her own clinic in Rohini. She meets the patients personally and understands their diet needs. She suggests her patients, the required diet plan according to their needs. Dt. Nisha has been serving in various hospitals such as Moolchand Hospital, Jaipur Golden Hospital and many more. She specializes in Medical Nutrition Therapy, Slimming, Diabetic Diet Counseling, Obesity Treatment, Nutrition for Pregnant Women. Also awarded with Global Healthcare Excellence Award in 2013 and Brand Achiever Award in 2015 the dietician aspires to keep serving the society. Her experience, vast area of her expertise and customers centric approach make her one of the best dietician/nutritionist in Delhi and NCR.


B3/384, IInd Floor, Paschim Vihar,

New Delhi, Delhi 110087


Mail – Not available


Days FromTo
Monday1000 Hrs1900 Hrs
Tuesday1000 Hrs1900 Hrs
Wednesday1000 Hrs1900 Hrs
Thursday1000 Hrs1900 Hrs
Friday1000 Hrs1900 Hrs
Saturday1000 Hrs1900 Hrs
  • Dt. Ankita Gupta Sehgal

Dietician Ankita Gupta

Dt. Ankita Gupta Sehgal started Nutrition Matters 9yrs ago to help and consult people regarding their diet issues. With the aim to help everyone everywhere, she gives her consultation online through her website. She has completed her PG Diploma in Sports Nutrition from Australian Institute of Fitness in 2011. Services provided by her include Clinical Nutrition, Meal Management and Planning, Behavioral Nutrition, Nutritional Assessment and many more. Dt. Ankita observed that the problem patients coming to her face was to follow a strict diet plan. For this, she has come up with simple diet plans which are easy to follow and fits well with her patient’s routine. She consults and advice various food recipes which are healthy and easy to prepare for her patients. Matching every patient’s current lifestyle and preparing a diet plan according to it is her specialty. So, what are you waiting for? Best dietician in Delhi Dt. Ankita is just a click away.


FA 355/A First Floor, Mansarover Garden, Near Rajouri Garden, West Delhi,



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Sunday1130 Hrs1600 Hrs
Monday1030 Hrs1830 Hrs
Tuesday1030 Hrs1830 Hrs
Wednesday1030 Hrs1830 Hrs
Thursday1030 Hrs1830 Hrs
Friday1030 Hrs1830 Hrs
Saturday1030 Hrs1830 Hrs

Service Fee

Duration01 Month03 Month
Price2500 Rs5500 Rs
Only consultation500 Rs500 Rs
Prior AppointmentYesYes
Free TrialNoNo
  • Dt. Richa Garg

Dietician Richa Garg

Borrowing the Sanskrit word for her program Dt. Richa preaches and practices to be disease free. Keeping in mind the fact that every human being has different needs, the diet and exercise plan is designed separately. The dietician believes that being overweight is a disease in itself and we need to eliminate it completely. For this, she provides various programs. Some of them are Weight management with Diabetes Weight management with Dyslipidemia, Weight management with Hypothyroidism, Pre Marital Wellness Program, Weight management with Hyperuricemia, Weight management with PCOD/PCOS etc. She associates most of her wellness programs to weight management, as she believes that excess weight leads to many diseases. The USB of their programs is that they are designed keeping in mind the patient’s body constitution according to Vedic science. This helps in treating the illness from the root and completely healing the body inside out. She gives you the choice to exercise like yoga, gym, martial arts which is 100% non-negotiable. The patients choose the form of exercise that suits them and accordingly their diet plan is made. So, get ready to add some Vedas to your life with help of one of the top 10 best dietician in Delhi and NCR.


B-1/4 Sector 11 Rohini, Rohini North Delhi, New Delhi 110085 India


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Tuesday0900 Hrs1700 Hrs
Wednesday0900 Hrs1700 Hrs
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Friday0900 Hrs1700 Hrs
Saturday0900 Hrs1700 Hrs

Best Whey Protein for women weight loss

best whey protein for women weight loss

Wondering what kind of protein is this, which everyone talks about these days? Whey is a byproduct of milk which is separated during the production of cheese. Remember when your Mom made different recipes out of that liquid which separated from yogurt? That’s how whey looks like in its raw form. Milk constitutes of two types of proteins casein 80% and rest 20% is whey. During the production of cheese, the whey is separated and is processed into a powder. Whey powder is not so good to taste. So, many companies have come up with various popular flavors like chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and many more. The journey of whey goes long back in history during 330 B.C where Hippocrates termed this liquid as serum.

He used to prescribe it to his patients to build their muscular structure. So, it’s not something new that is discovered, just that it comes in the form of powder and various companies have been offering it as a health supplement. Recommended by dietitians and gym instructors; whey protein is one of the best health supplements, especially for those looking for muscle build up. Confused among the varieties available in the market? We are here to help you to choose best whey protein for women weight loss.

How whey protein helps to reduce weight

Whey protein is a great after workout supplement as it’s easy to digest and reduces cholesterol level. Proteins the building blocks of our body are assembled with the help of amino acids. Some amino acids are produced by our body cells while the others we get from the food we consume. Whey protein is rich in (BCAA) Branched-chain amino acids; essential amino acids such as valine, isoleucine, and leucine. BCAA helps in protein synthesis in our body. Leucine keeps the muscle lean while keeping a check on the fat. Isoleucine helps in energy production in our body. Together these amino acids help in muscle building without adding the extra fat and carbohydrates. Whey protein also promotes a healthy immune system as it contains Glutathione, an antioxidant that boosts your immune system. Women tend to consume less protein, which eventually leads to health risks such as obesity, thinning of hair, fragile finger and toenails. Consuming less protein in your diet may also put you at risk of developing osteoporosis due to slow metabolism. Apart from boosting the immunity and keeping you healthy, whey also answers your untimely hunger pangs. Helping you reduce weight eventually. So, go for it girls and pick the right one for you. Don’t forget to consult your doctor before going on diet.

Right time to take whey protein for weight loss

Worked your muscles out in the gym? Whey protein is here to save you. As per Study(Cellular and molecular regulation of muscle regeneration. Physiological Reviews, Volume 84, 209-238) show that an average adult’s body takes about 48 hours to regrow and repair the muscle lost during the workout. In order to speed that process; it is advised to take whey protein within one hour after finishing the workout. It does wonder if taken in proper measures. Whey protein can also be taken in liquid form during the daytime as advised by your doctor. Craving for a spicy snack? Replace it with a quick whey meal or shake and see how fast you fit in your old dress!

How much whey protein powder you should take

According to the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA), the protein intake for a healthy adult is 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight. Average women require 40-46gms of protein intake every day. On the other hand, men require 60- 65gms of it. The modern food habits do not match this chart. Even after consuming 2-3 eggs, a glass of milk, vegetables, and soy milk, we fall short of the required daily intake. The cooking method majorly being the culprit here drains out most of the protein present in raw food. Do not worry; just add one or two scoops of whey protein to your glass of milk or you can divide it into proportions during the day. Your protein intake may increase as your work out gets harder. So, always consult your trainer and doctor regarding your protein intake.

Which type of whey protein shake is best for you

Whey protein is generally of four types: native, concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate. Native whey protein is directly extracted from skimmed milk, which makes it the purest form of whey. It contains up to 95% of protein, less fat, less lactose and other bio active compounds. Concentrate whey protein is processed to remove non- protein nutrients from whey leaving it with 70 – 80% protein and rest is fat and carbohydrates. The concentrate whey protein is further processed to create Isolate Whey. Isolate whey has the highest protein content i.e. up to 95%; leaving it with a minimal amount of fat and other bio active compounds. Hydrolysate is the pre-digested or partially broken form of whey protein. As the name suggests a little water is added during the production process so that it is easier to digest.

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Points to be remember before buying whey protein powders

Decided to raise your protein intake ladies? Don’t rush; look for the best suitable product in the market.

  • Check whether the whey protein you choose is grass fed or grain fed. Grass fed whey is considered to be better as it contains omega 3 fatty acid. Cows raised on farms are fed with the good quality grass which adds to the nutrient value of whey. Whereas cows rose for commercial purpose are treated badly and are fed with grains and other leftover food. Grain fed whey is high in omega 6 fatty acids and has been linked with a large number of chronic and degenerative diseases.
  • Choose cold processed whey protein to overheat processed; as whey loses its nutrient value due to the high heat it goes through during the process.
  • Some companies add sugar and other sweeteners to make it taste good, which again tends to bring down your health efforts to minimal. Avoid extra sweeteners or added sugar in your whey if you want that perfect figure you have targeted.
  • Always check for the ingredients before buying whey protein and keep these points in mind. Still confused over whey or casein? Go for Whey girls as it is easy to digest whereas casein takes time to get digested in your body.
  • A major point to be kept in mind before buying the whey protein powders is to check whether your body accepts lactose easily or not? Some people are lactose intolerant, so they must go for the isolate whey and if you face no such problem, the world of whey is wide open for you. Pick your favorite according to the requirement. Don’t forget to consult your doctor.

Top 05 whey protein powders for women weight loss in 2018

  1. Optimum Nutrition (ON) Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder – 2 lbs
    ON Gold standard whey protein ON Whey protein Nutrient detailsConsisting of Whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, and whey peptides, Whey Gold Standard is nice whey product in the market. Having muscle cramps after that gym routine? You need to supplement your diet with whey protein. Girls don’t confuse it with a mass gainer. This is a supplement to tone up your muscles without adding fat and carbohydrates to your body. Vegetarians out there be cautious as the product claims to be veg but has no green mark, that supports the claim. A box of 2 pounds offers you 25 serving, with a measuring scoop inside it. Good for the ones looking to develop a taste for whey protein. Trust me without flavored whey you will not be able to gulp it down your throat. So, choose wisely and consult your instructor as well as your doctor.
    ⦁ Contains less sugar thus cutting that extra fat.
    ⦁ Loaded with the essential BCCA’s to give you that right shape.
    ⦁ Low carbohydrates and cholesterol keeping the extra fat in check.
    ⦁ Faster muscle recovery with added glutamine after the tough workout.
    ⦁ Glutamine and added BCCAs content may be higher.
    ⦁ Whey protein is not strictly Isolate or Hydrolysate.
  2.  Fitmiss Delight Healthy Nutrition Shake for Women, Chocolate, 1.2lbs.                                                                         best whey protein for women weight lossFitmiss best protein shakes for women weight loss in 2018Have that urge to drink water during the workout? I suggest replace water with the shake made out of Fitmiss Delight and you’ll see the significant change in your body. Adding this to your fitness regime sheds extra fat and tone up the muscles. Blend it with a banana to give it a smooth texture. Contains eggs, soy, and milk, which gives you a boost in muscle build up. If you are a new mom and struggling to get back into your shape, just take Fitmiss Delight Healthy Shake in your breakfast. Chocolate adds to the healthy flavor of the product and will not take much time to become your favorite. If you are lactose intolerant, this can be taken with water as well. You will observe a noticeable change in your waistline without weighing yourself. Losing weight while in taking necessary vitamins, calcium and other nutrients is the best gift a woman can get. Just enjoy this change and love yourself.Pros
    ⦁ Helpful in consistent weight loss with a proper fitness regime.
    ⦁ Tones the body in perfect shape with regular intake.
    ⦁ Low in calorie content.
    ⦁ Solution to those hunger pangs and junk craving.Cons
    ⦁ Consuming on empty stomach may upset it.
    ⦁ Contains artificial sweeteners.
  3. MuscleBlaze Whey Gold Protein, 2 kg Rich Milk Chocolate
    Muscle blaze whey protein isolate                                                                                      Muscle blaze whey protein content With a third-party accreditation from NABL; Muscle Blaze Whey Gold Protein is one authentic product in the market that is safe for muscle building. Happy news vegetarians! Has a green vegetarian sign and is gluten-free. This supplement is a boon to both; who want to gain or lose weight. Enriched with EAAs (Essential Amino Acids), this supplement speeds up the recovery of your muscles. Using a unique non-duplicable code which comes with each product; you can check for the genuineness by just sending an SMS to the company. It can be consumed by lactose intolerant women too as it claims to be lactose-free. Consume it during your workout or immediately after the workout to get the best results. You can also consume it twice a day. Right diet and a strict fitness regime in addition; helps it to work faster.
    ⦁ 100% Whey Isolate Protein helps you cut down extra fat.
    ⦁ Authentic product.
    ⦁ Sugar and gluten free make slimming healthy.
    ⦁ Doesn’t upset your stomach and can be taken as breakfast, mixing it just with water.
    ⦁ Improved packaging is not as good as the old one.
    ⦁ Needs to be stirred for a longer period.
  4. Ultimate Nutrition ISO Sensation 93 – 5 lbs (Chocolate Fudge)                                                                                                                Iso whey protein shake content details    Ultimate nutrition whey protein for weight loss  Each scoop of Ultimate Nutrition Iso Sensation 93 gives you 30 gms of Isolate protein which is better than any other Whey available in the market. The product claims to optimize the insulin metabolism which helps in muscle building. Insulin is a protein chain or a peptide hormone. Instigating biochemical reactions in the body muscle which increases protein synthesis, thus insulin helps in the building muscle out of the amino acids which enter the muscle cells. So, ladies Insulin is not always bad you just need to keep a check on it. If you are willing to pay some extra pennies to achieve that target of yours, this is a good product available. You can feel the difference in your body after few weeks, with the right gym and food regime. Has an odd smell but once you taste it, you’ll enjoy the taste. Consult your doctor before replacing your meal with it. Otherwise, it’s a nice protein supplement along with your diet.Pros
    ⦁ Results in less bloating.
    ⦁ Flavors are good to taste.
    ⦁ High protein content per scoop.
    ⦁ Optimizes Insulin metabolism to build muscle.Cons
    ⦁ Has a strange smell.
    ⦁ Granules may be found even after stirring.
  5.  Ultimate Nutrition Prostar 100% Whey Protein – 5.28 lbs (Chocolate Crème) ultimate nutrition whey protein content detailultimate nutrition pro star whey protein                                                                                                                                                                        Having a smooth texture Ultimate Nutrition Prostar 100% Whey Protein dissolves easily. It provides you with 25gms of protein per scoop, which is not a bad deal. Boosting the immune system it is good for both fat loss as well as muscle building. Enriched with a good amount of BCCAs, helps your body to recover that muscle tears rapidly. Those who have a sweet tooth can definitely go for this product. It keeps your body fit and fresh by acting as an antioxidant. Shedding off those extra tires and attaining that lean body is made easy by this product. Just give it a shake and drink it during your workout or take it with your oatmeal leaving that extra sugar.Pros
    ⦁ Mixes well with water and milk.
    ⦁ Boosts immune system.
    ⦁ Muscle recovery and repairing are faster with it.
    ⦁ Supports stronger build up with the antioxidant properties.Cons
    ⦁ Sweeter than usual Whey Protein.
    ⦁ Have to struggle to find out whether the product is genuine or not.

How Whey protein keep that fat away

Whey protein is a great workout supplement ladies. But always remember to consult your doctor, check for allergies and never totally depend on supplements. Your body needs energy, carbohydrates, calcium and many other nutrients apart from protein. Never go on a complete diet add the supplement to your diet consulting your dietician. You can choose the product that suits you and fits your fitness regime. Always workout if you are taking whey protein as a supplement otherwise you may put up extra weight. Choose from the variety with your favorite flavor and get in that perfect shape you have been longing for. Stay Healthy, Stay Fit!

Types of Lipstick, occasion to use and how to apply lipstick shades perfectly

Why mummy’s lips looked sometimes red sometimes pink and sometimes they just shinned like a star? Wondered every little girl! Eventually we all get the answers to our curiosity when introduced to our personal lipstick. The fancy and colorful world of lipstick is still to be discovered by many. Today, the market is filled with all kinds of lipsticks which make it very difficult to choose from the wide range available. Before starting it is advised to always do an allergy test by applying the lipstick you choose on your palm and wait for at least 15min. So let’s get started with the guide to answer all your queries regarding lipstick and its types.

Types of lipstick

  • Satin Lipstick

    Best lipstick

When we hear this word the image of silk or rayon cloth pops up in our minds. Now, it is possible to get that gloss and shine for your lips too. Cosmetic industry has come a long way to discover new shades and types of lipsticks. Satin being most liked by the college going girls for its shine and gloss which gives them their own sunshine. The moisturizing oils and emollients like cocoa butter, Vitamin E gives you the satin finish on your beautiful lips. Having weightless texture and shimmery light it gives your lips that luscious look. Avoid wearing a satin lipstick for your dinner date for the only negative point of this lipstick is that you need to touch up again and again as it wears out easily. The price of a satin lipstick may range from Rs. 250 to Rs 650 according to different brands, which fit the pocket easily. So, go out there and rock your all day look with your best satin shade.

  • Matte Lipstick

    Matte Lipstick

Unlike satin lipstick Matte lipstick does not have that shine but has its own persona. This lipstick is quiet in trend from last few years. Earlier preferred only by the working ladies, it is trending amongst ladies from all walks of life now. The best feature of this lipstick is the perfect and defined pout, which you get after applying your favorite shade. You can choose from a wide range of hot pink to deep burgundy shades for your perfect pout for the selfie. Advised not to be worn by women who have dry lips, as the matte lipstick contain very less amount of moisturizing oils and more of pigment and wax. Some brands have come up with the glossy or moist matte look lipsticks but they fail to give the same effect as the matte without gloss gives. Street wear offers its product for as low as Rs.200 specially keeping in mind the college students whereas L’Oreal offers its matte lipsticks in different price and color variants from Rs. 850 to Rs 1000.

  • Liquid Lipstick

    Liquid Lipstick

As the name suggests this lip color comes in the form of liquid unlike the traditional lipsticks. A little less of wax is used to avoid stickiness while making the liquid color. Isododecane comprises about 60-65% of the formula for this lipstick, without interfering with the pigment as it is odorless, colorless and volatile. This lipstick is loved for its long lasting and waterproof effect by ladies of all age group. It gives the plump to your beautiful lips. Unlike other lipsticks the liquid lipstick is advised to apply on the lower lip first and pressing both the lips together, then fill the left spaces and apply on your cupid’s bow to give the perfect look. Liquid lipstick is one of those lipsticks which stay as long as 9 hours a day. Beauty experts suggest that to have the long lasting effect avoid using your liquid lipstick with a gloss or a balm. Range for a liquid lipstick may vary from company to company so it is advisable to look for the discounts the company websites provides and grab your best deal.

  • Moisturizing Lipstick

    Lipstick shades

Want that wet look on your lips? No I am not talking about any gel formula, rather a lipstick yes you heard it right! Moisturizing lipsticks have glycerin, vitamin E and aloe Vera as its base ingredients. It is a boon to the ones having chapped and dry lips. Your best and juicy looking lips solution for winters. It gives you that shiny rock star look that is why I think it is preferred by the youngsters. Elle 18 offers its moist lipstick for as low as Rs.180 and is a very popular brand amongst young girls. So, just to try out you can buy this product and go for the higher range offered by brands like L’oreal, Lakme etc. Avoid over applying this lipstick as it may turn out to be sticky. A part from that every woman’s make up box must have a moisturizing lipstick for it enhances your lips and cares for them as well.

  • Crème matte Lipstick

    Though being a type in itself, crème matte lipstick lies between matt and gloss lipsticks. As it has the pigment of matt color and moisturizing effect of wax, vitamin E and oils. It is not as shiny as other lipsticks are which gives your matt a perfect look. Natural pink, berry and red are most popular colors in crème matt lipsticks. A daily wear basic lipstick making your perfect style statement crème lipsticks are one of the most popular these days. Enriched with resveratorol (heals the injury caused by bacteria) it looks after the chapped or infected lips as well. This magic potion starts at just Rs. 115 by NY Bae and ranges as high as the company markets it. The only con of this lipstick is that you might not get that finish as in matt lipstick but for the ones with dry lips it’s the best choice as it gives them the look of matt lipstick which they otherwise they miss out due to the drying effect it bears.

  • Frosted Lipstick

    Frosted Lipstick

Want that robotic celebrity look? Frosted lipstick is your answer. You can add that metallic look to your lips instantly without undergoing a treatment, with this lipstick. Mostly worn by celebrities, the 90’s trend is coming back again and is liked by the women for party wears. This lipstick cannot be worn during normal days because of its bold and shiny look. With extra shimmer as an ingredient along with Vitamin E, wax and other essential oils gives a cool and bold look just like its name. You can find the color variants from champagne to metallic mauve, including fine pearls giving it high reflectivity against the light. Variants are also available in simple shimmer with less pigment which highlights your natural lip color adding just a frosty shimmer to it. You can combine it with your regular lipstick to give your lips that pearly shine. So, go out there ladies venture into your frosty world.

  • Lip stain


    lip stain lipstick keeps the color intact to your lips throughout the day as well as night which may sometimes leave the lips dry and is not advisable to be used during winters. It is used by working ladies as they don’t have to go for touch ups again and again. Be careful while choosing your lip color, check for the amount of pigment used in it. Some companies in order to make long lasting lip shade add more pigment to the lipstick which might cause an allergic reaction to the skin. Don’t be scared just be careful with your lip stain lipstick. Indian women these days really prefer the brands like Maybelline, Body shop, Lakme, Street Wear stain lipstick. From Rs.118 to Rs 895 you have a lot of varieties for this lipstick in the market. Also remove your lip stain lipstick with soft make up remover as the stains may stay even after washing.

  • Lip Gloss

Just want to flaunt that beautiful natural shade of your lips. Lip gloss is the best solution for you. Adding just the nude shine to your lips, it perfectly fits your natural personality. Faces Go Chic offers its gloss for just Rs.299 whereas M.A.C offers its product for Rs.1450. Katrina Kaif is seen wearing just gloss most of the time on and off screen and really rocks the look. Nowadays, companies are adding color to the gloss so if you are not a big fan of lipsticks, you have an option in your favorite gloss with a little color of your choice. Having the right amount of wax which keeps it from being sticky unlike some liquid lipstick, it perfectly gives you the fresh and wet look. it goes with your anytime anywhere look. So go out there and be a rock star of your gang with your favorite gloss.


Lipstick is not just a color on lips. It defines the personality, mood, attitude of a woman. Every woman has a shade and type of her own lipstick just like her personality. The world of colors and types of lipsticks are reaching new dimensions with new research every day. The obsession and trend for lipstick can be understood by the fact that 5000 years ago Sumerian Men and Women used to crush gemstones and decorate their lips and face. The famous beautiful Cleopatra from Egypt used to crush bugs and insects to give her lips the perfect red look. Thus, we would suggest choosing a cruelty free lip color and do check for the allergies. So, ladies stay bold and beautiful