Green Vegetable Smoothies Diet for Health Enthusiast

Green Vegetable Smoothies Diet for Health Enthusiast

​It’s a soaring trend in health to drink green. You might hear it from your friends, social media, health ads about quick weight loss by including green vegetable smoothies in your daily diet chart. There are several benefits in taking green vegetable smoothie’s diet.  It serves as your daily dose of fruits and vegetables. It is already packed with vitamins and minerals. It keeps you away from sickness as it is an immune booster. It lowers the risk for medical problems like hypertension, diabetes, and cancer.  Most of the green vegetable smoothies drinker’s states that it gives them energy boost throughout the day. No need for a dose of coffee to stay awake and alert. It helps a lot in quick weight loss without any side effect, as you will feel full and satisfied after a dose of green vegetable smoothies. A lot of people have been into this healthy diet. And it’s your time to try and love it too. I will give you some vegetable smoothie recipes perfect to become part of your diet chart for weight loss.
Let me first discuss the main ingredients of these green vegetable smoothies diet as the baseline to all recipes to be discussed. Where going to use:

 2 cups leafy vegetables  +  2 cups liquid base +    3 cups fruits 

This serves about 32 oz. good for 2 cut it in half if you want to serve only 1.

Here are some sample foods per column you can choose from and make your own mixture.

There is no definite rule on what to mix and match it will all depend on your taste and preference. As long as you follow the ratio and you are all set to go.  You just have to choose your own ingredients and make you do it yourself green vegetable smoothies recipe. With fruits, you can mix 2 kinds of fruit to give a richer taste. To give you some idea on what to do in making your green smoothies diet, here are some vegetable smoothies recipes as your guide and make it part of your diet chart for weight loss.
For beginners, let’s start with the mildest vegetable that is fresh for the taste buds that is the Spinach. Spinach gives you healthy glowing skin, it lowers blood pressure, and it boosts your immunity and energy and consists of different nutrients that are needed in our body.

Spinach Banana Smoothie


2 cups spinach

2 cups Soya milk (any dairy substitute) chilled

3 cups banana (about 5-8 medium size banana)

Green Vegetable smoothies for quick weight loss

1.  Pour 2 cups soya milk or any dairy substitute to your blender

2. Add 3 cups sliced banana for easy mixing

3. Blend together using your blender until smooth

4. Add 2 cups spinach. Blend again until smooth.

5. Pour it out into your favorite cup, jar, or any container

6. And voila! Take a sip and enjoy your drink

If you want your drink to be cold you can add ice cubes and blend until smooth.  You can add honey or sweetener to add sweetness.

Another mild tasting vegetable we’re going to use is the Lettuce.  Lettuce has its own health benefits such as lowering blood cholesterol, controls anxiety, and it is a good supply of antioxidants.


Lettuce Berry Smoothie

2 cups lettuce

2 cups water

3 cups mixed berries

Berry smoothies for quick weight loss


1.  Pour 2 cups water to your blender

2. Add 3 cups mixed berries

3. Blend together using your blender until smooth

4. Add 2 cups lettuce. Blend again until smooth.

5. Pour it out into your favorite cup, jar, or any container

6. Have a taste of your lettuce berry smoothie

Let’s take a step higher for our green smoothie diet. Let’s use a strong semi- bitter taste of Kale. It has earthy fresh flavor. Kale is loaded with phytonutrients and antioxidants. It is best for cleansing, lung protection and boosts your immune system.

Kale Ban apple Smoothie

2 cups kale

2 cups apple juice

1 ½  cups banana

1 ½ cups green apple


1.  Pour 2 cups apple juice to your blender

2. Add 1 ½ cups banana and 1 ½ apple

3. Blend together using your blender until smooth

4. Add 2 cups kale. Remove the kale stems and tear the leaves into bite-size pieces.  Blend again until     puree.

5. Pour it out into your favorite cup, jar, or any container

6. Try the kale ban apple smoothie and feel the freshness.

Those are some green vegetable smoothies recipes you can try as soon as possible. Make it part of in your diet chart for weight loss as it can help you in your journey to weight loss.

It is best to drink your smoothies as your replacement meal other than drinking it with a meal if you want to lose weight. We can drink these green smoothies diet any time of the day but for me, the best time to drink it is during breakfast.  We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Drinking your smoothie during breakfast gives you the fullness that will satisfy your stomach till lunch. Doing such, it starts your day in a healthier way and packed with nutrients and minerals. You will be loaded with energy as you start your day, thus keeping your coffee away for the day. Also read

Healthy breakfast ideas for quick weight loss

Making it part of your diet chart increases the success of weight loss. It keeps your one meal of the day away from fats, and unhealthy foods. I won’t recommend drinking it in the evening since most of our family functions and social gatherings happen during dinner thus making your diet plans to be set aside. You don’t want to refuse offers and bonding moments with family members and colleagues during dinner gathering just because of your diet plan. Unless you can really be loyal to your diet plan and stick to it no matter what gatherings and situation happen.
Start your green smoothie diet NOW! And experience the health benefits of green vegetable smoothies. Feel the difference in your body and discover recipes you will love to drink to pursue your goal in weight loss and healthy living.

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