Perhaps the worst thing about a common cold is that its medicine is no better than the disease itself. Sure, using anti-allergic will get rid of the sneezing and runny nose, but the drowsiness, somnolence and heaviness felt in the head are really no better. Coughing and bronchitis are also terrible; often not responding to cough syrup and making the person feel terrible.[muke88]

So, what can you do about it?

Hydration and Liquids:

Drinking hot fluids like tea, green tea  during an attack of common cold or bronchitis can do wonders. The warmth and the steam will clear the secretions from your nose and throat, hence decreasing the cough as well as the sneezing. The heat also activates hair called cilia. The movement of cilia then helps to remove the germs as well as the secretions from your nasal cavity. In this way, you can recover from cold faster.

One glass of hot water with a teaspoon of honey is also perfect for decreasing bronchitis cough and for soothing an inflamed throat.


Gargling with warm water mixed with salt can relief throat pain, congestion and cough. Use one teaspoon salt in a quart of water, and gargle three or four times daily.

Common cold, Health dose

You can also mix honey with this water to further add to its anti-cold benefit. If you gargle often, you won’t even need a cough syrup to get better. In fact, cough syrups might not be all that they are made out to be, be

cause they suppress cough and hence can make it difficult to expel the secretions.

Using a Steamer:

Steam inhalation can help a lot with a congested throat. If you have a steamer or a humidifier, that is perfect. If not, simply turn on the hot water in your shower and let the steam gather. Breathing in this steam will work wonders for your common cold.[muke88]

Honey and Ginger:

Break a piece of ginger into tiny bits and press them to get ginger juice. Mix a few drops of this juice with one teaspoon of honey, and eat two or three times daily. This remedy improves cough, cold symptoms and bronchitis, because it is like a better and natural version of a cough syrup.


Get plenty of rest during an attack of common cold. The more time you spent lying down, the faster you will recover as your body will exert all its energy into fighting the infection. Resting in bed will also ease the headache that accompanies a cold.

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