Top 10 best Fitness band under 5000 in 2018


We live in an era where fitness tracker comes with other smart features. Often times, we spend too much on expensive items which lack in quality , so this list is to help you pick budget friendly and basically the best fitness band under 5000, saves you money without sacrificing the quality.

This list has shortlisted top 10 best fitness band under 5000 in 2018 along with brief fitness band reviews

Mi Band HRX Edition (Black) fitness band

Mi activity tracker 2018

Mi activity tracker 2018

At the rate of 1,299 rs, this silicone black band has all the features you are looking for. You can wear it to the bath and still come out without damaging it, in short it is waterproof, and can withstand flow of sweat you are bound to have after excessive physical activity. It has high battery power, and you can go on for 23 days or so without the constant need of a charger. It supports Bluetooth 4.0, and tracks your sleep with precise accuracy. With its user-friendly qualities, it has become number one on the list of top 10 activity trackers. It has 0.42 inch display which is protected, and free from scratch. In spite of being fitness band under 5000 in terms of cost, it has the feature of notification for phone calls and messages. It is close to impossible to find such a cost effective smart watch.

Buy From Amazon – 1299 Rs

Buy from Flipkart – 1299 Rs

Boltt Empower Fitness Tracker Band with AI and Personalized Mobile Health Coaching

Best fitness band 2018

Best fitness band 2018

Are you the type of person who needs constant reminder and push? This one comes with a companion app that has personalized coaching to ensure your fitness care is going smoothly. It is equipped to differentiate between all types of movements – running, walking, sleeping, you name it! It is one of the best smart watch as it tracks your sleep quality, monitors your heart rate, lets you set up-to 8 alarms and takes care of your nutrition requirements with its calorie count feature. The accuracy in everything is what makes this wrist watch a part of top 10 fitness band in 2018.When it comes to outer looks, It looks very fashionable on wrist, and can be worn with complete comfort. The battery lives up to ten days, and it gets charged quickly saving you a lot of time.

Buy from Amazon – 1700

Buy from Flipkart – 1299

GOQii Heart Care Tracker with 3 Months Personal Coaching (Black)

Best Activity tracker under 5000

Best Activity tracker under 5000

Aiming for a health conscious lifestyle, this one provides you with a well-qualified service of a coach and doctor to ensure you are serious about your health. Oftentimes, it can be easy to lose focus, so reviews from these experts will keep you in check of your improvements. It tracks your sleep pattern, intake of calories, and monitors your heart rate. It has a sports mode option which switches to in monitor your heart rate continuously. It is not waterproof, but its compatibility with most phones, and ability to work wireless makes up for it. Its battery life lasts around a week, and it doesn’t have a specific charger requirement and comes with a USB integrated charger. At the rate of 3,999, it provides a wonderful service and well-deserving to be on the list of best smart watch and activity tracker.

Buy from amazon at special price 999 Rs

Mi Band 2 (Black) best fitness band

Top smart watch

Top smart watch

With its classy black texture, it provides you with a number of features at the rate of just 1,799. Sometimes you might find yourself sitting idle for too long and fitness tracker alerts you while you do it for too long forcing you to do a physical activity. Apart from that, it alerts phone calls and messages, tracks the quality of your sleep, anti-sweat and splash resistant, and monitors heart rate with accuracy. The battery promises to last for about 20 days and this amazing band can be used of daily basis. It weighs 1.6 ounces and requires Lithium Polymer batteries for it to work.

Buy from Amazon – 1799 Rs

Not Available on Flipkart

Boltt Beat HR Fitness Tracker Personalized Health Coaching

Even your tossing and turning while you are asleep will be tracked with this smart watch. It brings out a result with such accuracy that you can analyse both quantity and quality of your sleep, including your heartbeat rate. It comes with a bright screen. Records each step, burnt calories and nutritional requirements with accuracy. It comes with a 3 months long premium coaching. It has OLED touch display and battery lives up to a week. Does multiple tasks with efficiency, and also gives a fashionable look to your wrist. Weighs 18.1 g and supports Bluetooth 4.0. This requires lithium iron battery which will be included in the package. The premium deal coach motivates the user to follow daily physical activity requirement.

Buy from Amazon at special discount

Out of stock on flipkart

Boltt Beat HR Fitness Tracker with 3 Months Personalized Health Coaching (Dazzling Blue)

Best digital band 2018

Best digital band 2018

Are you tired of colour black and wants to try something different? Dazzling blue comes to your rescue! It has an in-built app and 3 months of personalized coaching that guides you throughout the process. It also monitors your heart rate even when you are asleep! This all in one best smart watch comes under 5000 rs and takes your life to the healthy track. Those concerned about their weight can set a target and your coach will guide you to reach the goal. Complete information about your diet should be given so they can work accordingly to make some major improvement. Do you prefer instructions through live audio or text? The choice is your because this smart watch has both. At the rate of 5552, this one is a real treasure.

Buy from Amazon at 5552 Rs

Boltt fitness band not available on flipkart

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band (Solid Black)

Garmin fitness band

Garmin fitness band

It is fashionable in appearance and comfortable to wear. It works 24×7 tracking your progress in multiple areas. It encourages you to move by showing a red arrow which comes as a result of staying idle for an hour. It learns your capacity and accordingly assigns you daily goals which you are supposed to meet everyday. This is a water proof band with a very long battery life that lasts for more than a year. The screen has backlit display screen making it easy to read during nights. You can have all this, and that too for under 5000 rs. It tracks footsteps with accuracy. Calorie count feature is available which also includes the base metabolic rate. Garmin connect app has your progress report which gives you an idea about all the changes you will be required to make next time. Wrist bang weighs 0.96 ounces and 2 CR123A batteries will be included with the package.

Buy from Amazon – 5364 Rs

Mot available on flipkart

Garmin vivofit 2 Activity Tracker, One Size (Black)

Best activity tracker

Best activity tracker

It has a unique screen that is night-friendly and readable. Garmin vivifit acts like a strict teacher that alerts you If you sit idle for an hour or so, this shows how serious and beneficial this app will be to your health. Most importantly, you don’t have to constantly worry about the battery running out– this one lasts for more than a year! It doesn’t come with a coal, but it sure gives you a milestone to cross each day as it comes with a personalized daily goal. Later, you can check your improvement, and find your result at Garmin connect which will surely motivate you to do better. Apart from all these features, it also has the general sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring and movement tracking features. Dimension of the product is 8.3 x 0.8 x 0.4 inches and it weighs 0.96 ounce. It runs on lithium metal batteries and will be included in the package.

Buy from Amazon at 6180 Rs

Buy from flipkart – 7990 Rs

Moov Now 3D Fitness Tracker and Real Time Audio Coach (Aqua Blue)

Moov fitness band

Moov fitness band

This is wristband is not just water resistant, but facilitates in tracking your moments in water. It is the only band that differentiates between different strokes and records your longest swim. There is no worry about the battery since it lasts for as long as 6 months. It tracks your action in 3D with the help of omni motion sensor. It promotes and encourages the famous 7 minutes+ exercise where it teaches you to make best use of this 7 minutes with the help of videos made by professionals. Cardio boxing is another unique feature prevalent teaching you some fun boxing techniques. Apart from all this, it also has real time audio coach as the name suggests! Running, cycling, boxing, you name it because this one has it all. Moov 3D with its sports oriented features is not only appealing for sports lovers but also for people who need a kick start in these activities. You got to start somewhere, and starting with Moov, the best fitness band, is definitely the best way to do it. It weighs 0.32 ounces and is stealth black in colour. It runs on 1 CR2 batteries which will be included in the package.

Buy from Amazon at 5723 Rs

Buy from flipkart – 5990 Rs (Outof stock now)

OMNiX™ 107HR Plus_Multi Sport Heart Rate Monitor, Bluetooth Smart Band and Fitness Tracker, Call Alert with caller Id

Top 10 fitness tracker

Top 10 fitness tracker

This doesn’t show just call and message notification, instead it lets you view them! SMS, caller Id and everything can be viewed OLED 5 centimetre screen. The battery last for about a week and the item is waterproof. Its best feature is its multi sport mode which includes even activities like dancing and yoga in its category. It monitors heart rate 24/7 and costs about 3,300 which is quite cheap, and pocket friendly for a device that supports Bluetooth and looks this classy! Alarm alert option is available and find phone option is another features that makes it a part of top 10 fitness band under 5000. This basically isn’t just a wristband, and with has the potential to be called a smart phone. The material of the item is polypropylene and charge is required through USB portal, so there is battery hassle.

Buy from Amazon 2999 Rs

Buy from flipkart – 3299 Rs

All in all, these wrist bands are the best ones that makes your life a lot easier and healthier. Sleep is one of the biggest necessity in life, and these bands track the quality of your sleep giving you an opportunity to make all the necessary changes. It is not always easy to motivate yourself, and these bands will play the role of motivation. For something as valuable as fitness bands, these are pretty budget friendly, and worth every penny of yours! These descriptions are going to help you choose what is best for you.
This above list contains the best wrist bands which costs under 5,000, and most of them around 2,999 which is a small price to pay for the benefit it provides you. Every health conscious human being ought to own at least one from the above list. This brief review of wristband is to help you decide what is best and convenient for you. Some people prefer battery, whereas the others prefer charger – This list has it all in the rate under 5,000. Some of them varies slightly in size, and some of them has personalized coach varying from 3 to 6 month! Everything is specified in the list above to make the job of picking them a little less time confusing for you. All of them have one thing in common – they all monitor your sleep with accuracy which is definitely the most impressive start for a fitness band.