Top 10 Best Gym Bags for men In 2018

Top 10 Best Gym Bags for men In 2018

Are you looking for a gym bag? Dragging all your gym essential is no easy task. One need to carry a bag which carries all your valuables. Some might require bigger, and more spacious, bags whereas others are looking for something small to maybe carry a towel. You can keep all these requirements in your mind, and select from the list of best gym bags for men in 2018. This list contains top 10 best gym bags for men, some of which are unisex, and a brief description of each to act as a deciding factor for your choice

  1. Pole Star 906 Cms Soft Polyester Blue Gym Bag

Best Gym bag with shoe compartment

Pole Star is one of the best gym bags available. It is made of polyester as the name suggests. It has separate compartments for holding your items – the shoe compartment, particularly, is said to be very beneficial, nobody likes to carry used shoes with a new towel! It is royal blue in color with a tinge of green and weighs about 308 Grams which is quite light. Its volume capacity is up to 30 Liters, and the material is soft to touch. It is resistant to water but unfortunately can’t resist stain which might live up for a long time. It is also not compatible to carry a laptop. In spite of these drawbacks, it is one of the best gym bags in India costing only 525 rs and can be bought online.

Buy from amazon at 525 Rs

Buy from flipkart at 599 Rs

2. Suntop Polyester 45 Ltr Grey-Yellow Sports Duffel (Best gym bag for men)

Best gym bag in 2018

This good to look at bag is grey in color with a splatter of yellow which surely is the best combination. It is lightweight and has space to carry almost everything you need on your way to the gym. It is made of good and strong quality material that won’t stretch easily, and can live up a lot of wear and tear. If you are a very physically active person, then this is the right choice for you! It has breathable mesh pocket and is water resistant. Its compartments make it suitable for keeping shoes, and towels while going to the gym. It is a little costly, around 1000 rs, but its durability and unique features make up for it. It is available online, so grab it now!

3. Auxter Gym Bag, Black

Best gym bag for men

This gym bag is one of the best gym bags for men and has a big compartment to carry nearly all your belongings starting with shoes and ending with protein drinks. It makes the searching process easy, and you won’t have to waste time jumblings things. There is a single adjustable zip but lacks side zips which some people find very necessary, so this one is not recommended for safe guarding credit cards and other such tiny valuables. At the rate of 275, this bag is highly affordable and is ideal for gym visits.

Buy from amazon at 297 Rs

4. Bag-Age Nylon Softsided Grey Duffle Bag (21 x 11 x 12 IN)

Gym bag with shoe compartment

The real price of this bag comes about 1,000 rs, but can be found on sale at the rate of Rs 585. Bag-Age Nylon Softside is ideal for being used as both travel and gym bag. It can resist water, and all the tear and wear! Highly durable and is a gym bag with shoe compartment. This bag lacks smaller compartments and you can’t keep items like key and money without the fear of actually losing it. But apart from that, this is one of the best gym bags in India.

Buy from amazon at 585 Rs

5. Salute Hunk Polyester 19 Ltrs Black Gym Bag

This bag with push yourself on the front is one of the best motivation you can have before going to the gym. Salute Hunk is a Polyester bag with 25 Liters of Volume capacity. The shoulder strap is long and easy to adjust. This good quality bag is also water resistant.The only drawback is the compartment as this bag has just one, and lacks small pockets on the sides in which case you have to open your bag to find belongings like keys. If you are looking for something big then this one is not for you as this is of the size medium, and can only carry essential gym items But apart from that, it is a real steal at the rate of mere 329 Rs.

Buy from Amazon at 349 Rs

6. The House Of Tara Waxed Canvas Duffle, Gym Bag (Combat Blue)

Gym bag for work and gym

It is combat blue in color with Premium Wax Coated Canvas. Patch pockets are available on either side of the bag with zip lining. It also has leather tabs where you can have access to items quickly. It is made out of quality material and hence highly durable. The handle is made of high quality leather, and can live a lot of tear and wear. The strap can be stretched up 24 inches. It is a very valuable item for those who want to carry their own items to gym. The only drawback is it lacks separate compartment for shoes. This gym bag for men can be bought online at the rate of 1,700.

Buy from Amazon at 1179 Rs

7. Under Armour Undeniable Backpack

Best backpack for gym and work

This bag is 100% polyester and light to carry weighing about 240 grams. It has pocket that is lined with soft tricot material to carry valuables likes mobile phone and keys. It can also accomodate your gym items including shoes and towel. The strap is comfortable to carry and this bag is proved to be waterproof. The initial amount of this gym bag was 1,499, but can be bought online at the rate of 1,066 saving about 500 rs of yours. This, unfortunately, lacks separate compartment for shoes, so you have to carry your shoes along with others items.

Buy Under Armor gym bag from Amazon

8. Suntop Sportive 16″ Yoga/Sports/Gym Bag with Shoe compartment and Yoga mat holder (Black & AirForce Blue)

Best backpack for gym and work

It weighs about 599 Grams and has the volume capacity of 24 liters. Suntop Sportive gym bag is made from Polyester and nylon, a combination of two wonderful materials. This bag comes with Yoga mat holding strap which takes away the extra space you would otherwise have to make for a mat. It has two quick-access pockets, both on top and side, which lets you carry your valuables without the fear of losing in the jumble of items. Features like double handle make it one of the best gym bags, you can keep switching the handles as you please.The rate was previously 2,350, but can be bought on sale for 1,095. The only drawback is the cost as some people find it too expensive in spite of the sale, but with the quality and features – it is worth every penny.

Buy from Amazon at 1095 Rs

9. Auxter Leatherite Gym Bag Duffel Bag BROWN EMBOSS LOGO

Buy gym bag online

Auxter is a classy looking gym bag for men, which is made of leather (though its not pure leather). Leather is considered the favorite of many, and finding a gym bag made of leather is slightly hard. This bag can also be used for a weekend getaway. Zip closure is present with inside made of webbing cord stitch. The initial price of this bag was 999 rs, but can be bought for just 397 rs on sale. This gym bag, when compared to other bags, can’t hold on extra items because of its limited space and lacks compartment and pocket zips which some people find essential. On the other hand, it is cheap and pretty to look at – making it worth all the money. If you have been dying to get your hands on a leather bag, then this one is made for you.

Buy from Amazon at 396 Rs

10. SynergyGear Premium Black Gym Bag For Men & Woman / Sports Duffel

Best backpack for gym and work

The material of the bag is Hyper Duraweave 1000 Danier Polyester. It has 1 compartment and 3 small pocket areas for carrying valuables like phone and credit card. What it lacks is a separate compartment for shoes, and some men find that a number one priority when picking a gym bag. At the rate of 699, SynergyGear Premium Bag is a very valuable gym bag providing a wonderful gym trip experience. Black is considered a classy color and this bag surely is classy. Most importantly, this bag is branded and that in itself is a guarantee for the quality and durability. If shoes compartment is not an issue for you then this is highly recommended.

Buy from amazon at 749 Rs

All in All, this is guide to help you find the quality you are looking for in a bag. Due to sale, some of them cost only half their initial price so don’t waste your time. Grab one for a healthy and happy gym life. Pay attention to the pros and cons to finalize your choice! Do you want a bag that is water resistant? Or you priority is the capacity? Do you want a leather bag or polyester is your preference? It is up to you and only you. All of these have one thing in common – they are highly durable and you won’t have to invest again and again. But make sure you pick the right one because you have got to live a LONG long time with it!

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