How to pack 15 essential gym items in gym bag.

How to pack 15 essential gym items in gym bag.

In this era of health consciousness and fitness goals, local gyms and studios are all pumped up and are trending up with fitness accessories in gym bags. Workouts have become a habit for maintaining fitness and to steal s\nome “me time” in our current stressed and busy environment. Now, gone are the days when you reached for your workouts unprepared and without any fitness accessories, just wearing the gym attire and those running shoes. People now come with fully prepared gym bags for their workout sessions with their prepped up gym items. I know it’s a task to prep up your gym bag, especially when you are a starter and really don’t know what are those must have items in your gym bag.

List of 15 must have items in gym bag to go through a smooth and hassle free workout session.

1. Gym bag

Gym bag

Needless, to say a gym bag is the foremost and the most basic item to prepare a gym bag. Imagine yourself carrying all the fitness accessories in your hands. It would be a funny as well as an embarrassing spectacle. So, to collectively carry all the gym items and to stack them in one place, it is imperative to buy a gym bag. A little hole in your pocket, initially, will be worth and will go a long way and you will be thankful for that initial hole in your pocket. Also read

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2. Water bottle

Water bottle for gym

water bottle is a must have item in the gym bag and without it, in my opinion, you mustn’t prepare gym bag. Some of you must be thinking, why carry a water bottle when there are water dispensers/plastic water bottles in the gym, but why to waste time and energy going to the water dispenser. To save time, it is best to have a reusable water bottle at your hands grasp. And, why not go green by avoiding those plastic bottles too. A heavy workout session requires one to stay hydrated especially with the ascent of summers and the bodies demand for increased water intake. Water is essential to avoid dehydration and to flush body of any unwanted toxins and also to clear skin of any breakouts.

3. Shaker bottle

Shaker bottle for gym bag

You should prepare your gym bag with a shaker bottle too. With all the heavy work out and increased protein demand in body; with all the breakdown of protein, it is best to include a shaker with other items in gym bag. After a workout session you can prepare a protein shake with whey protein in the shaker and replenish yourself. Why wait to reach home and then prepare a protein shake when all you need in your gym bag is a shaker with protein and some water to mix it with; the elixir is ready to drink and you are all energetic again and on the go.

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4. Smart watch

Fitness band for gym

Nowadays, a smart watch is a must have item in gym bag. You can now leave your phone in your car if you want because all you need now in your gym items is a smart watch. What is the point of a workout when you are not able to know how many calories you have burned during your workout sessions; a smart watch will not disappoint you on this front. You can also monitor your heart rate during the workout sessions on your smart watch, especially if you are concerned of low or high heart rate. Added advantage of a smart watch is that you can now connect your headphones too with your smart watch and listen to music during the workout session without the hassle of a phone around and being continuously disturbed and distracted with unwanted calls during your “me time”. Therefore, never forget to prepare gym bag without a smart watch that is so multifaceted.

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5. Headphones

Best headphone for gym

Music is proven to be one of the best stress relievers along with exercising, so what more can you want when you can do both at the same time. A headphone is therefore, one of the necessary items in gym bag and it is also one of the most viral fitness accessories in your gym items. You can connect your headphone with your phone or your smart watch as per your preference. There are a lot of advantages of listening to music, it relaxes you, increases your workout stamina, helps you concentrate on your workouts and thus makes your workout sessions more productive. When you have a chance, why not listen to your own playlist of favorite music rather than listening to music played at your gym. Thus, do not forget to include a headphone to the items in gym bag.

6. Extra socks

Socks for gym

It is unheard of wearing shoes without socks. Socks give cushioning to your feet with the shoes on, but majorly soak the sweat from your feet with heavy workouts. They prevent that stench and keep you away from any public embarrassment. An extra pair of socks while preparing gym bag will go a long way especially with the advancement of summer when you sweat like a horse. So pack gym bag with the inclusion of an extra pair of socks which will be handy when any mishap occurs and they won’t take up much space of your gym bag.

7. Wrist straps

Wrist straps for gym

Wrist straps are a must have item in gym bag especially when you are into heavy weight lifting. Wrist straps are an aid in assisting you with lifting heavy weights by providing steady grip strength and preventing slipping of heavy weights such as in dead lifts. Wrist straps also help in protecting the wrists from unwanted and excessive extension during heavy weight lifting thus preventing them from any possible injury. Thus, to protect your wrists and get that extra grip strength for heavy weight lifting prepare gym bag with this essential fitness accessory.

8. Extra towel

Extra towel for gym bag
Extra towel for gym

We all know what the importance of a towel is in our gym items. A towel is used to absorb the excess sweat from workout sessions. We rely on towels provided by the gym, but you never know when a towel is unavailable and it is usually the case when we need it the most. Like, we definitely find traffic when we are getting late. So, it won’t hurt to include an extra towel when you pack gym bag. An extra towel may also help while doing pilates or yoga. Pack gym bag with an extra towel, you never know when you are in need of it and you will bless yourself for doing so.

9. Shorts and T-shirt

Best shorts & t shirts for workout
Best shorts & t shirts for workout

No one wants to wear a soiled and sweaty pair of clothing after showering and completion of a workout session. It is better to carry a new pair of t-shirt and shorts along with your other gym items in order to avoid wearing the same sweaty attire. It is also better to stay fresh and lively after a workout session than to feel dirty and worn out. Why not avoid an embarrassing moment if you meet yours friends accidentally after intense exercising. Feel live and stay fresh with a fresh pair of clothing!

10. Deodorant

Deodorant for gym
Deodorant for gym

No one can undermine the importance of a deodorant when preparing gym bag. A deodorant is a must item in gym bag. You don’t want to see people clench their nostrils when you approach to talk to them or to run in opposite direction when you approach them. After a sweaty work out, the odor of sweat can be repelling. The smell of sweat does vary from person to person, but why take a chance at all and leave room for mockery and embarrassment. All of us want to smell good during and also after a workout session, so never forget to carry a deodorant for those heavy and sweaty workouts.

11. Flip flops

Puma flip flop for gym
Puma flip flop for gym

After workout sessions you don’t want to walk barefoot, so pair of flip flops is your best companion at these hours of needs. No matter how well you shower your body, if your feet are exposed to the bare ground, you are likely to pick up some infection. We all know all public areas are as clean as the people using them keep and needless to say we do not treat public places as our own homes. Those showering areas, no matter how clean they look, are a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. So, it is best to carry a pair of flip flops with other items in gym bag. Added advantage, they can provide a breather to your feet in these scalding summers.

12. Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer

There is no argument that the gym workout equipments are full of germs, so a hand sanitizer is one of the fitness accessories that should be there with other items in gym bag. As the proverb goes “Prevention is better than cure”, so it is better for us to stay safe and healthy by using hand sanitizers that are easy and handy. They will also prevent frequent restroom intervals to wash hands.

13. Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo during workout
Dry shampoo during workout

Not all gyms are equipped with showering facility, so what do you do if you have your long day ahead and need to get rid of that sweaty and oily scalp. Dry shampoo is for those days of workout when you need to carry on your day activity after sweating or when you need to meet some friends for a dinner or lunch immediately after a workout. You need to revamp your look at these hours and it can be done by spraying some of the dry shampoo to your hair and making your tresses bouncy again. It also leaves an added advantage of leaving your hair smelling sweet, deterring any sweaty odor. So, don’t forget to include a dry shampoo to the items in gym bag.

14. Headband

Headband for gym
Headband for gym

Headbands are essential equipment in your items in gym bag. They hardly take any space in your gym bag and you won’t regret them as a part of your fitness accessory. Whether you are a woman or man, both can utilize it beneficially. Headbands prevent those tresses from bothering you incessantly during the workout sessions and constantly distracting you. It becomes frustrating pulling back those strands of hair behind your ears in the middle of workouts. It also prevents sweat from tricking down your face including your forehead and eyes. This will keep acne breakouts at bay, so if you enjoy a healthy, glowing, blemish free skin don’t forget to prepare gym bag with headbands.

15. Trail running shoes

Best trial running shoes for workout
Best trial running shoes for workout

Shoes are an important part of your workout sessions and deciding the right pair of shoes is imperative for proper workouts and support to your feet. Deciding the kind of shoes depends largely on the type of fitness activity you are going to do whether cross-training, weightlifting, running etc. Trail running shoes provide better traction, stability, support and more protection than the regular running shoes. The fit of trail running shoes is different from their counterpart running shoes as they fit more snugly around the heels to prevent movement of the feet inside the shoes. They are more hard and heavier soled as training shoes are not for cushioning, but for protection and stability. Thus, pack these trail running shoes with other items in gym bag.


Today was an eye opener regarding the importance of few essential gym items that should be in the locker room at the workout place, needed during and after your heavy and intense sweaty workout sessions. Apart from the above essential gym items one can also include other items as per their preference such as hair elastic bands, pre or post workout snacks, facial wipes, mobility balls, some pain killers or sprays, on the go cosmetics, minimalist shoes, ice wraps, Smartphone holder, protein bars, jump rope, resistance bands, mini bands, extra pair of clothing, tooth paste, liquid bandage, sunscreen, sunglasses, hair bands or other items that you think are essential to your needs.

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