Dietitian Shreya Katyal

Dr. Shreya Katyal strives to modify your lifestyle and encourages you to opt for a healthy life. She has her personalized website DIETS & MORE. She aims to improve the health status of people through food and nutrition. She constantly guides and gives counselling to people. According to her, Cooking techniques and time of eating is more important rather than the food that you eat. She wants her clients to enjoy the weight loss journey, not get troubled by it. She provides services like Weight loss, weight gain, Diabetes, Thyroid, Diets for Menopause. There are various videos available, for reference.


Provide online consultation only


Days From To
Sunday1100 Hrs1400 Hrs
Monday1100 Hrs1400 Hrs
Tuesday1100 Hrs1400 Hrs
Wednesday1700 Hrs2000 Hrs
Thursday1100 Hrs1400 Hrs
Friday1100 Hrs1400 Hrs
Saturday1700 Hrs2000 Hrs

Membership Plan

Duration01 Month02 Month03 Months
Price2500 Rs4500 Rs7000 Rs
Only consultationNot availableNot AvailableNot Available
Prior AppointmentYesYesYes
Free TrialNoNoNO

Dietitian Shreya Katyal

Dietitian Shreya Katyal

Membership Plans


Weight loss results




Diet Plan Impact


Customize diet plan



  • Diet planned by her are customized according to specific needs.
  • She keeps motivating, when clients get demoralised.
  • She not only looks towards your physical health but also emotional, mental and spiritual health.
  • Weekly follow ups are taken.


  • There is no facility of free trial.
  • Only online consultation facility is available

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