7 Health Benefits of Green Smoothies that will bowl you over

health benefits of green smoothies

From Hollywood celebs to fitness icons, these days, everyone seems to be in a smoothie drinking spree for proper nutrition. In fact, it’s a fad for a lot of people to gulp it down first thing in the morning. A glass full of green smoothie may not look overly appetizing to you, but the number of health benefits of green smoothies will surely make you include it in your everyday healthy diet plan. And because the connection between a healthy diet and weight is strong, you will find your smoothie working wonders on your vital statistics too. The vegetable smoothie is one of the most important natural ways to loose weight.

7 health benefits of green smoothies to make it an inseparable part of your diet-

      1. Although the number of vitamins and minerals you receive depends on the vegetables you choose to use, the nutrition you obtain from a tumbler full of smoothie is pure without questions. Since, vegetables are rich in a lot of vitamins and minerals, their levels never get depleted in the body of people who take this amazing drink regularly.
      2. Green smoothies are a healthier option when compared to juices. When you extract the juice of a vegetable, the fiber in it gets wasted. But it is retained in smoothies. Fiber being an extremely amazing digestion aid keeps your metabolic processes in good order. This is one of the major health benefit of green smoothies.
      3. For people, who hate eating vegetables, the smoothie is a great substitute. They can take all the vegetables they want to without even realizing. For enhancement of the taste of your vegetable smoothie, you can add to it a few cubes of your favorite fruit.                                                                                                                                 
      4. A lot of people cut down their daily vegetable intake simply because cooking veggies are tedious and it’s quite a chore for those who are constrained by time. Choosing to have a glass of smoothie every morning can save you all the labor, besides taking care of your body’s daily vegetable requirements. What more? Preparing a glass of smoothie only takes a minute, and you can store the excess in your refrigerator for later use.
      5. Why not ditch that expensive bottle of multivitamins on your medicine rack? Smoothies take care of your body’s requirements of vitamins and minerals without burning big holes in your pocket.
      6. For people having kids at home, green smoothies can be a great way of adding veggies to their But remember, kids don’t understand health benefits, if you want them to approve of your smoothie, you will have to make it taste sweet- very sweet- with the addition of a lot of sweet fruits like banana. Later, when they get accustomed to the flavor, you can reduce the fruit content.
      7. Don’t be surprised at this- vegetables contain carbohydrates and they act as a good source of energy for your body. And that is probably the reason why green smoothies are so filling. People on a weight loss regime can try smoothies as part of a healthy diet plan. After all, when you aim for a healthy diet and weight, your aim for a long life gets simultaneously set.


Burn extra fat through natural weight loss solutions

quick weight loss, health and fitness

Excessive weight is a problem that is usually faced by majority of men and women. Women over 30 years of age are often found becoming victim of overweight. There are multiple reasons behind excessive weight. Some of the major reasons are hormonal disorder, unhealthy diet plan (Also Read 10 healthy breakfast ideas), lack of physical activity which mostly leads to changes in metabolism thus causing a remarkable increase in weight. We have prepared 1200 calorie diet plan for obese people which would help people to burn extra fat at home.

Whatever be the reason for an increased weight but the problem arises when everybody wants to get rid of it.

There are numerous diet plan to lose weight, but it is suggested by nutrients that following each diet plan blindly do lead to huge problems.

Here we are going to present a few natural ways to lose weight quickly which will never give any kind of harm to your health as well.


For everyone with fats deposits, losing weight fast involves the following steps,

  • First step is to control the appetite
  • Losing of weight without feeling hungry
  • Improvement of metabolic health

All these steps have to be understood completely in order to reduce weight. This diet plan to burn extra fat can be followed by people of any age. This plan involves the healthiest diet info along with some simple work outs that may help you in keeping fitness and maintaining a slender figure.



The diet that works for all excessive weight people should not contain any kind of sugar and starch. The sugar and starch carrying food have a capability of stimulating secretions of insulin in the body. When the insulin level lowers down in the body the fats present burn excessively whereas a raise level of insulin will help in depositing layers of fats in the body.



A diet is considered to be a balanced one only if it contains proper ratio of protein, fats and vegetables. An irregular excess in the ratio of anyone of the above mentioned ingredients will result in an unhealthy diet. It is advised that this kind of healthy diet will bring the recommended range of carbs i.e. 20-50 grams per day in the body thus making the consumer to maintain his /her health. In the same way the diet for burning extra fat should also contain fresh green vegetables.



Regular work outs are not the only essential factor to lose weight instead a person with extra weight should go gym 3-4 times a week and should experience some warming up exercises and then try to lift weight. Weight lifting actually burn down extra calories and will activate the metabolism process. For ladies, if weight lifting is not possible then they must do some running, swimming and fast walking in order to reduce weight.


 Besides the diet plan to weight loss there are certain tips that should be followed by everyone for a better health,

  1. Drinking more water should be the routine
  2. Coffee or tea will raise the metabolism rate
  3. Breakfast should be rich in protein
  4. Extra addition of fiber in the food should be preferred
  5. Weight loss diet should be adopted
  6. Using smaller plates for eating
  7. A complete sound sleep

It is suggested that by approaching the above mentioned tips in life will certainly lead you towards reducing weight and gaining fitness.


  • Do not follow such exercises that burn down more than enough calories
  • While taking nutritious food, keep a check on the portion of food taken
  • Do not undergo hard exercises that might affect cardio system
  • Avoid eating absent mindedly because it will harm your health instead of making it.


This natural diet plan to quick weight loss is very effective but it should be tracked intelligently otherwise sometimes it harms the body also.