Mayhem on 30th May 2017, As Chemists Will Go On Strike Against E-Pharmacy!


Why Am I Writing This Article about E Pharmacy?

This chemist nationwide strike is extremely harmful to the society and raising a voice against such a foolish decision is important. Because of the 30 may pharmacy agitation, more than 18,876 medical & pharmacy shops will close in Kerala alone. This protest against E pharmacy will have a huge impact on people health budget.

Chemists and Druggists will lead the 30 may pharmacy agitation against online supply of medicines throughout the nation. This strike will adversely affect the citizens of the nation. E pharmacy is a revolutionary change for India, as it will remove the drug mafias and corrupt medical officers. Druggist is saying that they are not protesting against the generic drugs but they want equal rights for improvisation of the sector. 30 May pharmacy agitation will do no good to anybody; instead, it will cause many major problems to the common people and might provoke another protest.

Benefits of E-Pharmacy

You will get many benefits of E pharmacy if you buy medicines from certified sellers like Dawailo online pharmacy.

    1. E-Pharmacy Saves Time:If you go to a local medical store, you will have to wait for hours to get a medicine so, with E pharmacy, you will be able to buy any medicine anywhere. You can save more time if you buy medicines from Dawailo online pharmacy due to its fast delivery.
    2. Assured Product Quality:By using responsible online medicine sellers you will get only the best product. Local medical stores alter the quality of the medicines but with E pharmacy, you will only get the pure medicine.
    3. Instant delivery of The Medicine:
      With the online pharmacy, you will get the delivery of the requested medicine instantly in about 3 to 5 working days. Dawailo E pharmacy offers delivery within 48 hours of placing an order. The packaging differs according to the medicines, as some of the medicines require special care.
    4. Discounts on Medicines:Many online pharmacies offer discounts of up to 30% on many vital medicines. Such discounts are never available on local medical stores. You will save a hefty amount of money with these discounts.
    5. Accessibility:After E-pharmacy, you will be able to order medicines through many mediums like WhatsApp and online websites or apps. As well as, you will get the luxury of cash on delivery by buying medicines online.
    6. Availability: Many medicines are often out of stock in local medical stores but in online stores, stocks are 10 times more so unavailability of any product is rare. Therefore, you will be able to get any required medicine.

Impacts on Retailers

There will be a major impact of chemist nationwide strike on the local medicine retailers. Mostly all the shops will close and many shopkeepers will have to face the monetary crisis if such an event takes place. Moreover, the retailers will have to face the anger of public because of the unavailability of the medicines. This agitation will definitely cause mayhem in the retail market of medicines.

People admitted in hospitals and those suffering from diseases would face more trouble. The scarcity of medicine could result in the loss of lives too. This protest might spark the public against the department and then they might blame the retailers.

Facts about E-dispensary in other countries

In the United Kingdom, more than 2 million people buy medicines regularly from online pharmacies. Online pharmacies often link up with online clinic doctors to carry out consultation. In Bulgaria, online pharmacies must register with the Bulgarian drug agency (BDA) to ensure the quality of the products. Even in the United States of America, millions of people buy from such E-dispensaries.  People in the US save more than 70-80% money through online pharmacies. There are many laws to prevent any type of counterfeiting of essential medicines. The culprit can be face imprisonment of up to 5 years for importing controlled substances.

In India, there are no specific laws regarding online pharmacies. However, there are guidelines on the sale of some medicines, which the seller can sell only on prescription. Still, these laws provide no regulatory control over medicine advertisement on television or the internet.

Future of E-Pharmacy

It is certain that the future of E-dispensary is bright. In the current age of digitalization, it enhances our public & private health sector. You will be able to get the best quality medicines at the cheapest rates available. You will get your required medicines as early as possible. There is no need to stand in a queue like the one as if in a medical store because you will be able to get them delivered at home. However, protests like “chemist nationwide strike” discourage this type of good and innovative projects.

In spite of all this opposition, E-pharmacy will become popular in India as it is in the foreign countries. People love good quality products and services so they will support it whole-heartedly. They will ignore this protest and it is possible that this nationwide strike will increase the public support for E-pharmacy. Because people will realize that, this opposition does not have any strong reason.


Everyone should keep up with the fast-paced world of the internet, as it is the future of humans. India is still a developing country and E-dispensary will bring the country one step forward toward success. The pharmacy agitation, which will take place on 30-May-2017, is just a waste of time and money. The retailers should also wake-up and stop following the stereotypes. The medicine retailers should start their own E-dispensary, as it will surely increase their selling coverage and boost their sales ten folds.

By selling online, medical shops will save themselves time while their annual earning will go off the charts. Every Indian citizen is aware of the corruption in India and E-pharmacy will be a smack in the face of corrupt people who are destroying India constantly. Millions of Indians do online shopping and if they start buying medicines online too, these corrupt officials will get nothing to feed on. There are a number of online pharmacies present in the Indian market, for example, Netmeds and Dawailo online pharmacy.

In foreign countries everyone enjoys the facility of online medicine shopping so, why not you? We should not give much attention to the protestors otherwise; it will encourage them to do more bad deeds. Instead, we should take part in this initiative and start ordering medicines online.



With these changes; experts, professionals, and even common people are looking for ways of controlling diet. With few research and first-hand experience

Each individual has its own meal plan; it may be influenced by culture, religion, beliefs and health. In today’s era, food has been constantly evolving but it has been the source of energy since the beginning. Food influences the health status of each person, unfortunately with the advancement of technology; food has been a medium of person’s road to lifestyle diseases. With these changes; experts, professionals, and even common people are looking for ways of controlling diet. With few research and first-hand experience I have gathered 10 ways to controlling diet that effectively works for me.

1. Set a goal

Before you start every task or anything, you have to know why you are doing this. What is your purpose? What do you want to aim? If you can answer these questions you can provide a goal. You have to know where you stand at this move. It gives you motivation and hope. When you start to waiver, you will remember this first step.

2. Start Now.

If not today when? As human nature, we tend to keep on telling ourselves when we don’t feel like doing it today, we would say maybe tomorrow or next weekend or next vacation, etc. with these in mind, you can’t accomplish anything.

3.  Drink a lot of water.

When you’re going to eat, it is best to drink at least 1 glass of water. Water not only cleanses the body but it can allow your stomach detect that it has content therefore you won’t eat more than you need.

4. Stay away from too much salt, fat and sweet.

Enough is okay, but too much is not good. These substances, when taken more than enough can lead to obesity, and heart disease. It is not bad to try and indulge yourself with this stuff but don’t eat it as if it is the only source of everything.

5. Eat Green.

Green is the color of balance and harmony. Vegetables and fruits are the best things your stomach can take. It washes away all the toxins in your body. It cleanses your body.

6. Make a meal plan every day.

This helps you plan ahead and choose the right food to take. It makes you stay away from fast foods, junk foods, and processed foods.

7. Measure your food.

This provides you the correct amount of nutrients you need for that day. Check for balance diet by asking a Dietician, Nutritionist or physician for further guidance.

8. Eat your breakfast.

It is the important meal of the day. It gives you your needed energy towards the day.

9. Exercise.

It helps continue or improve your metabolism by enhancing and build lean muscle.

10. Rest.

Working individuals tend to overworked themselves which leads to opting for easier to eat meals. They tend to abuse themselves with alcohol and smoking due to stress. Give your body enough rest to function well.


Halitosis is preventable with these simple natural remedies

Have you ever seen someone who looked really good, only for them to open their mouth and ruin the whole image because they had bad breath? Or worse, did you ever wonder why people were not standing too close to you, only to be told that your breath smelled quite bad?


Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is actually quite common. The good news is that it is preventable and also curable.

Bad Breath Causes:

  • The commonest bad breath cause is eating things with a strong odor, like garlic or onions, and not brushing your teeth regularly. Strong odor foods can retain their odor on your mouth even if you gargle.
  • On the other hand, any food item can result in halitosis if you do not brush your teeth after each meal. This is because bacteria start acting on the food present between the teeth and on the tongue, and result in release of bad smelling substances.
  • Smoking and chewing tobacco is a very common cause of halitosis. So this is one more reason to avoid smoking!
  • If the smell does not go away even on brushing, it may be because of some disease, particularly gum bad odour reason
    • Yeast infection
    • Dental caries
    • Dry mouth. For example, when we just wake up in the morning, we may have bad breath due to decreased saliva. Diseases like xerostamia (dry mouth) also result in halitosis.
    • Foreign body in the nose can cause bad breath in children
    • Cancers of the mouth can also result in bad breath.
    • Other serious diseases include pneumonia, diabetes or diseases related to kidneys or liver.

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      Bad Breath Cure:


      This is the best method to take care of bad breath. Brush and floss your teeth after every meal, particularly before going to bed. This will reduce the presence of food in your mouth and also reduce gum disease.

      If you wear dentures, braces or any such thing, make sure it is always clean.healthdose halitosis treatment

      Mouth Wash:

      Anti-bacterial mouth washes can help reduce bacterial growth and hence cure bad breath.

      Dentist Visits:

      Visit your dentist at least once every six months, so you can catch any problem early on. A dentist may also prescribe special toothpaste for your condition.

      Lifestyle Changes:

      Giving up smoking and tobacco is an excellent idea, for many things besides just curing bad breath.

      Drink plenty of water to prevent mouth dryness.

      Reducing coffee, alcohol, excessive onions and overly spicy food can also help.



Best Natural and herbal remedies to be adopted

Herbal remedies plant Aloevera

Are you sick and tired of the side effects caused by pharmaceutical drugs? Then it’s time for a major revival. Natural and herbal remedies include natural herbs and herbal essence that are a potent alternative to the conventional medicines. They heal our body as well as mind gently and completely. What’s more, these herbal remedies do not cause any side effects. They will offer you the perfect cure you are looking for so desperately. Something which modern medicine has been promising for past more than hundred years but could never actually deliver.

Herbal plants

  • What are herbs and herbal medicines?

Herbs are plants that are used for food, flavoring, or for medicinal purposes. Herbal remedies make use of these herbs to cure diseases. Herbal products are the various products and medicines that are derived from the extracts of various plants that have medicinal properties. These products are used to treat different types of diseases and physical or mental conditions. Best Ayurvedic medicine practiced in India and world-wide uses various types of herbal remedies to treat even the most chronic, stubborn and even incurable diseases.

Herbal plant benefits

  • Discover some common herbal remedies and related herbal supplements


  1. Aloe Vera: One of the widely used herbs Aloe Vera, has anti-oxidants and healthy plant compounds. It has anti-fungal properties and is a natural laxative too. Therefore, this herb boosts brain functions, enhances the immunity of the body and fights chronic diseases. This valuable herb is available in herbal product called Youtharia Herbal Supplement for Anti-aging. This product reverses aging signs, facilitates faster healing, removes digestive impurities and reduces inflammation.

Herbal plant Aloevera

  1. Bael tree: Also known as ‘wood apple’, the herb has anti-viral, anti-bacterial and antimicrobial properties. Its fruit can cure several health problems such as anemia, respiratory problems, cholesterol, heart diseases, diabetes, gastric problems. The goodness of bael tree can be found in herbal product-AyurGold for Healthy Blood. This natural supplement rectifies metabolism, establishes hormonal imbalance, regularize, blood sugar levels and supports liver function without giving any side effects.
  2. Neem: this amazing tree has anti viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, antigastric, antipyretic properties which can cure numerous health issues. This herb regulates heart beat, blood pressure and blood sugar levels. To vail the benefits of this herb, you can rely on herbal product called Ayurtox for Body Detoxification. This herbal supplement detoxifies the body from within, energizes body, stimulates digestion and has positive effect on mind as well.


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  • Benefits of using herbal products and herbal remedies

Following are a few important benefits of using herbal products.

    • Herbal medicines do not cause side-effects. This makes them safer than the pharmaceutical medicines and patients are more likely to continue the treatment.
    • These products bring a complete cure as opposed to orthodox medicines, which tend to suppress the symptoms without treating the underlying cause.
    • Herbal products and herbal supplements can be more cost-effective in the end as they attempt to remove the root-cause of the disease. They also strengthen the body from inside. This eliminates the need to visit the doctor with recurring complaints due to unresolved issues.

No wonder, different types of natural healing methods and medicinal practices are getting revived all over the world. Various herbal products and natural remedies are offering true healing and peace of mind to people using them.

Treat dandruff by natural ways to control hair-fall

ways to control dandruff

Have you ever been to a party, dressed perfectly, with an awesome hairdo, but the only thing that embarrasses you is having white flakes of dandruff on your shoulders or dress? Ouch! Embarrassing, right? Yet, which one of us has never suffered from this problem? Dandruff is an extremely annoying, yet common, issue. There are number of ways to control dandruff but it is important to understand what exactly is dandruff and how can you differentiate it from other conditions? Well, dandruff also known as Seborrhea is an itchy skin disorder of scalp. Before revealing the ways to control dandruff, I want to make sure that whether you have dandruff or this itchy skin is a result of any other problem. It is obvious that you have dandruff if you see white flakes running down your hair on to your shoulder. Dandruff is one of the major factor of hair fall.
What causes dandruff, you might be wondering, and why do some people suffer from it while others are spared?

Let’s find out.What Causes Dandruff ?

There are, of course, other causes of dandruff as well, but following are most common:
Increasingly death ratio of skin cells on scalp
Hormonal disorder
Hypersensitivity and depression
Frequent shampooing with low standard quality shampoo
Unhealthy diet and lack of sleep
Neurological disorder
Fungus Pityrosporum Ovale (P. Ovale)

Now that you know what causes dandruff, let’s move on to the next more important section. How can dandruff be cured? Can you cure it through home remedies or do you always need medicine?
Home Remedies and Natural Methods for Dandruff Treatment
All those suffering from dandruff, do not get desperate! There is hope for you people yet! Here are a few home remedies that can make your hair sleek, shiny and free of dandruff. The best thing is that all these ingredients are completely natural and free of chemicals, and thus are perfect for even sensitive hair. You get all the benefits with absolutely no side effects.

1.Fenugreek a Fun Treatment for Your Scalp

Fenugreek is usually used as a spice in eastern cooking recipes but do you know this amazing spice can give you a dandruff free scalp? Here are some simple steps through which you can solve your problem
How to treat dandruff and hair careThe Procedure is very simple; all you need to do is grind the fenugreek seeds to a smooth paste, after soaking them in water overnight. Then apply this paste on your scalp. Leave it there for about 40 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. People using this home remedy get marvelous results.


2.  Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has been found as the best remedy to remove dandruff. So, the addition of 5% of tea tree oil in your mild shampoo will help your hair glow dandruff free.

3.  Baking Soda

Your kitchen is the best solution for your dandruff related problems. Rub a hand full of baking soda to your scalp while washing hair. This make your hair releasing its own oils to keep hair softer and free of dandruff.

4.  Apple Cider Vinegar the Quick Remedy of Dandruff

Apple cider vinegar is famous for its acidic nature which can easily alter the pH of your scalp. This will cease the growth of yeast in your hair. Just follow the following procedure,Dandruff treatment

1.Add a quarter cup of vinegar with equal amount of water.
2.Pour them in a spray bottle and sprinkle on your scalp.
3. Now wrap your hair with towel and leave it for half an hour.
4. At the end wash your hair thoroughly and apply this procedure at least twice a week to get rid of dandruff.

5.  Mouthwash

It might sound shocking but mouthwash is actually good for your hair. After shampooing your hair, rinse it with any of your alcohol based mouthwash. Mouthwash is good to fight against yeast production in scalp because of its anti fungal property.

6.   Lemon

Treat dandruff with lemon

Lemon has a magical effect on getting rid of the dandruff of your scalp. This is one of the cheapest and best way to control dandruff. Massage two lemon’s juice into the scalp before washing hair. This treatment may proceed with washing hair with 1 teaspoon lemon juice mixed in a cup of water. Always remember acidity of any fruit is the best remedy to balance the pH of your scalp thus making your hair dandruff free.

7.  Treating with Neem Leaves

Neem leaves give you a simple home- made remedy for dandruff. Follow the following instructions to give your hair a shiny dandruff free glow.
Add two handfuls of leaves to 5 glass of hot water.
Leave it over night
In the morning strain the liquid and rinse your scalp and let it stay for an hour.
Finally wash off your hair and feel the blaze in your hair.
The above mentioned are few of the natural ways of dandruff treatment, try them and keep your hair glowing and growing.
They say prevention is better than cure, and of course they are right. Follow these simple remedies to ensure that you don’t develop dandruff in the first place.

Ways to Prevent Dandruff:

Instead of applying various hard medications would it not be more interesting if you can get rid of this dandruff problem only by following few precautions. Say no to medicines; after all, natural is best. Let us go through some of them.
Dandruff treatment
Prefer anti-fungal shampoos twice a week.
Proper brushing of hair should be followed along with oiling hair twice a week.
Avoid the use of artificial hair coloring and hair styling products.
Keep a good care of your diet. For healthy growing hair you need a diet enriched with vitamin B.