Types of Lipstick, occasion to use and how to apply lipstick shades perfectly

Why mummy’s lips looked sometimes red sometimes pink and sometimes they just shinned like a star? Wondered every little girl! Eventually we all get the answers to our curiosity when introduced to our personal lipstick. The fancy and colorful world of lipstick is still to be discovered by many. Today, the market is filled with all kinds of lipsticks which make it very difficult to choose from the wide range available. Before starting it is advised to always do an allergy test by applying the lipstick you choose on your palm and wait for at least 15min. So let’s get started with the guide to answer all your queries regarding lipstick and its types.

Types of lipstick

  • Satin Lipstick

    Best lipstick

When we hear this word the image of silk or rayon cloth pops up in our minds. Now, it is possible to get that gloss and shine for your lips too. Cosmetic industry has come a long way to discover new shades and types of lipsticks. Satin being most liked by the college going girls for its shine and gloss which gives them their own sunshine. The moisturizing oils and emollients like cocoa butter, Vitamin E gives you the satin finish on your beautiful lips. Having weightless texture and shimmery light it gives your lips that luscious look. Avoid wearing a satin lipstick for your dinner date for the only negative point of this lipstick is that you need to touch up again and again as it wears out easily. The price of a satin lipstick may range from Rs. 250 to Rs 650 according to different brands, which fit the pocket easily. So, go out there and rock your all day look with your best satin shade.

  • Matte Lipstick

    Matte Lipstick

Unlike satin lipstick Matte lipstick does not have that shine but has its own persona. This lipstick is quiet in trend from last few years. Earlier preferred only by the working ladies, it is trending amongst ladies from all walks of life now. The best feature of this lipstick is the perfect and defined pout, which you get after applying your favorite shade. You can choose from a wide range of hot pink to deep burgundy shades for your perfect pout for the selfie. Advised not to be worn by women who have dry lips, as the matte lipstick contain very less amount of moisturizing oils and more of pigment and wax. Some brands have come up with the glossy or moist matte look lipsticks but they fail to give the same effect as the matte without gloss gives. Street wear offers its product for as low as Rs.200 specially keeping in mind the college students whereas L’Oreal offers its matte lipsticks in different price and color variants from Rs. 850 to Rs 1000.

  • Liquid Lipstick

    Liquid Lipstick

As the name suggests this lip color comes in the form of liquid unlike the traditional lipsticks. A little less of wax is used to avoid stickiness while making the liquid color. Isododecane comprises about 60-65% of the formula for this lipstick, without interfering with the pigment as it is odorless, colorless and volatile. This lipstick is loved for its long lasting and waterproof effect by ladies of all age group. It gives the plump to your beautiful lips. Unlike other lipsticks the liquid lipstick is advised to apply on the lower lip first and pressing both the lips together, then fill the left spaces and apply on your cupid’s bow to give the perfect look. Liquid lipstick is one of those lipsticks which stay as long as 9 hours a day. Beauty experts suggest that to have the long lasting effect avoid using your liquid lipstick with a gloss or a balm. Range for a liquid lipstick may vary from company to company so it is advisable to look for the discounts the company websites provides and grab your best deal.

  • Moisturizing Lipstick

    Lipstick shades

Want that wet look on your lips? No I am not talking about any gel formula, rather a lipstick yes you heard it right! Moisturizing lipsticks have glycerin, vitamin E and aloe Vera as its base ingredients. It is a boon to the ones having chapped and dry lips. Your best and juicy looking lips solution for winters. It gives you that shiny rock star look that is why I think it is preferred by the youngsters. Elle 18 offers its moist lipstick for as low as Rs.180 and is a very popular brand amongst young girls. So, just to try out you can buy this product and go for the higher range offered by brands like L’oreal, Lakme etc. Avoid over applying this lipstick as it may turn out to be sticky. A part from that every woman’s make up box must have a moisturizing lipstick for it enhances your lips and cares for them as well.

  • Crème matte Lipstick

    Though being a type in itself, crème matte lipstick lies between matt and gloss lipsticks. As it has the pigment of matt color and moisturizing effect of wax, vitamin E and oils. It is not as shiny as other lipsticks are which gives your matt a perfect look. Natural pink, berry and red are most popular colors in crème matt lipsticks. A daily wear basic lipstick making your perfect style statement crème lipsticks are one of the most popular these days. Enriched with resveratorol (heals the injury caused by bacteria) it looks after the chapped or infected lips as well. This magic potion starts at just Rs. 115 by NY Bae and ranges as high as the company markets it. The only con of this lipstick is that you might not get that finish as in matt lipstick but for the ones with dry lips it’s the best choice as it gives them the look of matt lipstick which they otherwise they miss out due to the drying effect it bears.

  • Frosted Lipstick

    Frosted Lipstick

Want that robotic celebrity look? Frosted lipstick is your answer. You can add that metallic look to your lips instantly without undergoing a treatment, with this lipstick. Mostly worn by celebrities, the 90’s trend is coming back again and is liked by the women for party wears. This lipstick cannot be worn during normal days because of its bold and shiny look. With extra shimmer as an ingredient along with Vitamin E, wax and other essential oils gives a cool and bold look just like its name. You can find the color variants from champagne to metallic mauve, including fine pearls giving it high reflectivity against the light. Variants are also available in simple shimmer with less pigment which highlights your natural lip color adding just a frosty shimmer to it. You can combine it with your regular lipstick to give your lips that pearly shine. So, go out there ladies venture into your frosty world.

  • Lip stain


    lip stain lipstick keeps the color intact to your lips throughout the day as well as night which may sometimes leave the lips dry and is not advisable to be used during winters. It is used by working ladies as they don’t have to go for touch ups again and again. Be careful while choosing your lip color, check for the amount of pigment used in it. Some companies in order to make long lasting lip shade add more pigment to the lipstick which might cause an allergic reaction to the skin. Don’t be scared just be careful with your lip stain lipstick. Indian women these days really prefer the brands like Maybelline, Body shop, Lakme, Street Wear stain lipstick. From Rs.118 to Rs 895 you have a lot of varieties for this lipstick in the market. Also remove your lip stain lipstick with soft make up remover as the stains may stay even after washing.

  • Lip Gloss

Just want to flaunt that beautiful natural shade of your lips. Lip gloss is the best solution for you. Adding just the nude shine to your lips, it perfectly fits your natural personality. Faces Go Chic offers its gloss for just Rs.299 whereas M.A.C offers its product for Rs.1450. Katrina Kaif is seen wearing just gloss most of the time on and off screen and really rocks the look. Nowadays, companies are adding color to the gloss so if you are not a big fan of lipsticks, you have an option in your favorite gloss with a little color of your choice. Having the right amount of wax which keeps it from being sticky unlike some liquid lipstick, it perfectly gives you the fresh and wet look. it goes with your anytime anywhere look. So go out there and be a rock star of your gang with your favorite gloss.


Lipstick is not just a color on lips. It defines the personality, mood, attitude of a woman. Every woman has a shade and type of her own lipstick just like her personality. The world of colors and types of lipsticks are reaching new dimensions with new research every day. The obsession and trend for lipstick can be understood by the fact that 5000 years ago Sumerian Men and Women used to crush gemstones and decorate their lips and face. The famous beautiful Cleopatra from Egypt used to crush bugs and insects to give her lips the perfect red look. Thus, we would suggest choosing a cruelty free lip color and do check for the allergies. So, ladies stay bold and beautiful

Perfect Lipstick Shade on Your Lips

Lips are not just another body organ but also plays very crucial role in a woman’s personality. A lady wearing bold red lipstick shade can make a bold statement that even 1000 words can’t. A lipstick can define your mood, attitude and behavior. It’s not just a lipstick it’s a whole new world to be discovered. So, ladies here are some tips to make your mark in the world.

The Best Lipstick for you

We often get confused in choosing the right color for our lips. Believe me many of us end up buying the wrong shade. A few tips to buy your perfect shade.

Best tips to buy perfect lipstick shade

  • Complexion

First and foremost, thing before buying your perfect lipstick shade is to observe your natural shade in the day light i.e. whether you have a fair, wheatish or dark complexion.

  • A shade deeper

Choose a lip color which is one or two shade deeper than your skin. For that you can try the color on your lower lip and compare it with the upper lip.

How to wear best lipstick shade

  • Add plump or keep them small

Before deciding the color keep in mind, whether you want your lips to look smaller or add plump to them. As, lighter shades tend to make your lips look smaller and on the other hand dark and bold colors gives them the plumpness.

  • The content

Be cautious of the content of the lipstick you choose. You might have allergic reaction from the ingredients your lipstick has. So, always check the ingredients and perform an allergy test by applying the lipstick on your palm. Many lipsticks contain propyl paraben which creates an allergic reaction on the skin and methyl paraben a cancer causing ingredient. Colorants such as D& C Red 36 might cause damage to the nervous system. Always do a background check for these ingredients.

The best lipsticks are the ones containing jojoba oil and other ingredients such as bee wax, candelilla wax for strengthening the lipstick. Some reputed brands keep their ingredients secret such as coconut oil, shea butter which take care of your lips and keep them soft and supple while you look ravishing wearing your perfect color.

How to apply lipstick perfectly

Trying out a lipstick for the first time? Don’t worry here’s your personal guide to the perfect look for the occasion.

  1. Your lips should be ready for the lipstick that means they should be exfoliated properly, having no dead skin. Make sure you scrub off all the dead skin from your lips.

  2. Remove all the moisturizer from your lips before applying the lipstick, they should be all dry. If you don’t do that you may not have the desired result.

  3. Use a powder or a foundation to make your lipstick last long. If you are using a power make sure to remove extra traces. Its best to use a foundation matching your skin color as it keeps the lips from cracking and avoid those dry lines.

  4. To get the perfect shape line the lips with a liner one shade darker than your lipstick. Then cross the Cupid’s bow on your lips to get that luscious look.

  5. You may apply the lipstick directly on the lip between the margins you have drawn or you may fill it with a brush applying the lip color on it.

  6. Now, blend the liner with your lipstick so that it does not look odd. Use lipstick brush to get a perfect finish.

  7. Blotting is must after you apply the lipstick perfectly. It helps to keep the lipstick off your teeth. To blot you can put a finger in your mouth and close your lips around it, then gently pull out the finger. Or you can gently press down a tissue under your lips and carefully remove it.

  8. Got extra lipstick outside the lips, don’t worry take a concealer and use it with the help of a cotton swab or a brush. Make sure you blend your foundation with it gently. There you are ready to rock the occasion.

Say no to these mistakes

A small mistake in applying your lipstick can ruin your occasion or send some wrong message. So, beware of these mistakes:

  1. Not Exfoliating: the most common mistake women do while applying a lipstick is applying it on dead skin. Remove the dead skin with a scrub before applying the shade.

  2. Wrong Shade: avoid choosing very dark or very light shade according to your skin type. You might also be choosing a wrong shade according to the size of your lips. Take help of the experts while buying it from a store.

  3. Not using lip liner: a lip liner is must to define the shape of your lips without it you will not get that perfect shape

  4. Over applying: Avoid over applying the lipstick it gives a very bad impression about your personality. Touch up only when you find it is getting lighter. side effects of Lipstick shade

  5. Not setting: always apply a powder or foundation to last the lipstick longer and do not forget to blot.

Lipstick that is rocking the 2018 look

Chanel being a top fashion brand has again won our hearts with its latest Rouge Coco lipstick. Though it has a bold look, which cover your lips with the vibrant colors, it applies as easily and comfortably as any other lip balm and has shine like that of a lip gloss. Under the price cap of $30 it is a best bag for $26 that would be approximately Rs 1735. Not bad deal ladies. You can buy it from their website or the store near you. Also you can choose from the other variants available which suits your complexion. Don’t forget to do an allergy test. It doesn’t hurt to check whether it is cruelty free. Apart from Chanel, Two Faced Melted Latex liquefied high shine is also making a mark in the market. It has bold texture to give a bold statement. You can try that too for a change.


Modern day women don’t need the magic to transform them into Cinderella they have got their own magic Lipstick to make a mark in the world. It may be hard to buy a perfect shade that suits your personality but once you have got THE ONE there is no looking back. Make sure you buy a shade that lasts long so that you don’t have to excuse yourself every time you feel the need to touch up. Choose different shades that suits your personality to rock different occasions and showing various shades of your personality with the changed lipstick shade every time.

Best tips to control hairfall naturally and formula to grow hair

Tips to control hairfall

Human beings want to remain young, smart, stylish and attractive forever. People use so many cosmetic  products and spend thousands even  lakhs of rupees to maintain their beauty. Small alteration in look make them worried. Hair constitute one of the important part of beauty. People change their look by changing their hairstyle. Number of products like shampoo, dyes, hair dryer, hair gel, hair straightener, hair conditioner and many more are used to keep hair long, healthy and strong. Generally 50 to 100 hair fall everyday and this rate of hairfall is normal and should go unnoticed. More than 150 hair fall require to check the exact reason for hairloss. Person needs to follow these top tips to control hairfall and grow hair again.

Top tips to control hairfall is to identify the exact reason that led to faster hairloss. If we know the cause of hairloss, we can easily control hairfall.

There are thousands of article on internet about top tips to control hairfall and people blindly start following those tips without knowing exact reason of hairloss. We should follow only those tips that treat the cause. Let’s come to the point of identifing reason for hairfall.


There are number of reasons that causes hairfall and will discuss one by one.  We are going to discuss types of hairloss, reason and how to control them.

  1. Androgenic alopecia

It is also known as hereditary hairloss, male or female pattern hairloss. This type of hairloss is associated with genes and consider to be acquired genetically from family. Hairfall starts from frontal and central part of head and characterized by hair thinning and hairloss. You can see pattern of hairloss in the given picture and correlate with hairloss pattern you are suffering from. Most of the people suffered from this type of hairloss at one stage of life and it is hardest to control. Androgenic hairloss is most widespread and easy to recognize. Let’s discuss how we can control and treat it.

Tips to control hairfall

    • Keeps the hair short to minimize friction between hair. There are number of benefits of short hair like minimize friction between hair that ultimately prevent hairfall, medication directly applied to hair follicle, prevent medicine from seepage, nourishment reaches hair follicle and easy to maintain. Short hair help to control every type of hairfall.
    •  Mainly two line of treatment are available for Androgenic alopecia. One is to apply topical solution like Minoxidil , aminexil or combination of both in various strength two times a day. Minoxidil increase blood circulation in scalp region and help hair to grow while aminexil increases density of hair. It is advised to use combination of both for best results. One should consult dermatologist for exact strength of these topical solution because it depends upon rate of hairfall, region of scalp involved.

  • Second line of treatment is a quick fix formula. If hairfall is not responding to topical solutions and hair density is low, Trichologist advises for hair transplant. Hair transplant is surgical implant of hair follicle. Though it is costlier but best for people who do not want to apply medicine daily for few months.
  • Latest and most effective treatment to control and stop hairfall is PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy. Result of PRP therapy is effective. PRP therapy not only used to control hairloss but also effective in treatment of arthritis, sign of aging etc. In PRP therapy, blood is drawn and put in centrifuge machine under specific temperature in order to separate RBC and Platelet Rich Plasma. This Platelet rich plasma is injected at hairloss affected area with fine syringes. The whole procedure is performed by dermatologist and very effective to control hairfall. In India, One cycle costs around 5000 Rs depending upon affected area. PRP therapy is safe and has no major side effects. PRP therapy is performed once in a month and results starts showing after 2-3 sitting.

2. Alopecia Areata

This type of hairfall normally involves scalp hair and beard but might involves other part too. There would be patches of complete hairloss. The condition is very embarrassing but curable. Alopecia Areata responds well with intralesional steroid injection. Inj Triamcenolone 2.5mg/5mg/10mg is advised depending upon severity. One should consult to Trichologist for exact dose and should be injected only by the medical professional for best results.

3. Involutional Alopecia

involves thinning of hair over period of time. People above 50 year of age suffer from this disorder. It can be easily distinguish from Androgenic alopecia. Involutional alopecia majorly affects aging people and involves whole scalp instead of male or female pattern baldness. It can be controlled through healthy diet and proper nourishment to hair.

    Other major causes of hairfall

      •  Dandruff –  

        also known as seborrheic dermatitis, is disorder of skin and speedy hair-loss might be results of seborrheic dermatitis. If you are having dandruff, it needs to be treated immediately to control hair fall. Dandruff is white flakes of dead skin that exfoliate from scalp. It can be easily visualized by scrubbing scalp. Dandruff layer over scalp makes hair follicle brittle that results into hair-loss. Hairfall due to dandruff can be controlled by treating dandruff with anti-fungal shampoo. Generally anti-fungal shampoo should not be used too frequently and recommend to use two times a week. Main reason of not using shampoo  daily is that shampoo like ketoconazole or other anti-fungal shampoo promotes dryness and speed up the hairfall process. Consult doctor for exact dose and frequency of using shampoo to achieve best results. You can read best tips to treat dandruff naturally through home remedies.

    • Traction Alopecia

    This type of hairloss can be seen in people having long hair. This is result of pulling hair back by using hairband or other similar stuff. Traction hairloss is rare and people whose hairstyle involves pulling down hair backward, become victim of it. Recommend treatment is to change hairstyle. Don’t apply any pulling force, remove hairband, keep hair short and free from any pressure.

    Hairfall due to stress

    Stess is also one of the major factor for hair loss. Persistent stress causes hair loss and other psychological symptoms in our body. Generally people take stress for hairfall and persistent stress results into anxiety. Stress acts as triggering factor for hairfall. In order to control hairfall, one should not take too much stress and should manage balance between work and rest. People should take adequate and sound sleep to overcome stress.

    Best treatment to stop hairfall

    Best treatment to stop hairfall depends upon exact cause of hair loss. Treating the cause with effective medications will give best results. As we discussed earlier, major causes of hairfall are dandruff, androgenic alopecia, stress, involutional alopecia and nutrients deficiency.

    Best tips to control Dandruff

    There are number of antifungal agents available in market.  Main contents of antifungal agents and their functions are given below

    • Ketaconazole 2%

    Most used and effective antifungal agent. You can purchase it in lotion form or shampoo form. It should be used twice a week. Apply over scalp, rinse thoroughly, keep it 3 to 5 minutes and wash it off. Excess use of Ketaconazole shampoo leads to dryness and results into dry & brittle hair.  Therefore it should be used twice a week.

    • Selenium Sulphide

    is an effective anti dandruff agents and used in several anti-fungal shampoo along with other anti-dandruff agents. Selenium Sulphide inhibits cell regeneration, thus controls dandruff. Cell regeneration causes white flakes in scalp. It also destroy malessezia yeast which is causing agent of seborrheic dermatitis.

    • Zinc pyrithione

    Also known as ZPTO is an effective anti dandruff agents and used in most of anti dandruff shampoo along with ketaconazole. ZPTO controls oiliness and eliminate yeast consider to be the main cause of dandruff.

    • Salicylic acid

    Is also used in anti-dandruff products due to its keratolytic property. Salicylic acid removes flake of dandruff from scalp and helps in treatment of dandruff.

    • Coaltar

    Is a coal product and cheaper as compared to other anti dandruff shampoo. It reduces skin cell generation and help in treatment of dandruff. Dandruff is basically excess generation of skin cells that leads to deposition of flakes in scalp. This flakes of skin cells causes brittleness and dryness of hair. Coaltar inhibits cell generation and prevent deposition of that flake. Coaltar is widely used in other skin conditions like psoriasis.

    If we recommend a product that contains necessary elements in required amount to treat dandruff and dermatitis is Nizoral anti dandruff shampoo. It gives amazing results. Although it’s costly but it’s results justify its cost.

    List of nutrients essential for hair growth

    Apart from treating the cause of hairloss, we need to provide essential nutrients to hair follicles for their growth. These nutrients should be part of your diet instead of taking in form of medicine. Now we will discuss all essential nutrients required for hair growth.

      1. Role of Protein in hair growth

        This is what hair strand composed of. Protein deficiency affects hair growth cycle, make hair brittle and ultimately stimulate process of rapid hairfall. Protein deficiency mainly takes place when someone want to lose weight and adopt calorie restricted diet. One must ensure that taking required amount of nutrients in calorie restricted diet is crucial for our body. Protein rich vegetarian foods are  spinach, beans & legumes , chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, oatmeal, green peas, soy milk, Broccoli, black beans and lentils. Non vegetarian foods are rich in protein as compared to veg food but veg food can suffice your daily protein requirement. Protein rich  Non vegetarian foods are chicken, beef, sea foods, white fish, pork and jerky.

      1.  Omega 3 role for hair growth

        Omega 3 fatty acid are unsaturated fatty acids and not produced by our body. It means we need to supply omega 3 fatty acids to our body for proper functioning. Omega 3 are anti inflammatory agent and best for healthy, shiny and lush hair. Omega 3 decrease inflammation, soothe, moisturize scalp and acts as stimuli for hair growth. It prevent hair dryness, control dandruff and ultimately prevent hair fall. As we discussed, Omega 3 are not produced and need to supply through healthy diet. Seeds, nuts and fish are rich source of omega 3. Out of these, atleast one should be included in our diet to provide required amount of Omega 3 fatty acid.

      1. Role of Vitamin C in hair growth

        Vitamin C is also very important for hair growth. Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) helps in building collagen that provide strength to hair and prevent hair loss. It helps in absorption of iron that is also useful for hair growth. Vitamin C is found in citrus fruit abundantly. Lemon, orange, grapes are rich in Vitamin C and should be included in our diet.

      2. Role of Biotin in hair growth 

        Biotin also helps to control hair fall and promote hair growth. There are scientific evidence that suggest Biotin role in keratin growth. Keratin, a kind of protein constitutes hair follicle. Biotin is considered useful for health of nail, hair and skin. Experts recommend 30 mg to 100 mg of Biotin per day to person above 10 years old. Generally Biotin is supplied in ample quantity in diet. Source of Biotin are whole grain, banana, egg yolk, organ meats, soyabeans, nuts like peanut, almonds.

      1. Role of Vitamin E in hair growth

        also known as evion, is an antioxidant. Its anti inflammatory property reduces inflammation of hair follicle and promotes hair growth. Vitamin E can be taken orally and vit E gel can be used topically over scalp. It makes hair lush, shiny and strong. Vitamin E is found in plant seed oil in abundance. Almonds, mustards green, spinach, turnip greens and kale are rich source of vitamin E.

    These points needs to be taken into consideration if you are facing hair loss problem. Identifying exact cause of hair loss and treating the cause can give fruitful results. Try to control hair loss first rather than promoting hair growth. Dietary supplements is important and needs to be taken daily for hair growth.

    How to join Jeunesse India marketing campaign

    Join Jeunesse India 2

    Step by step guide to join Jeunesse India:-

    To join Jeunesse India

    Visit the website


     and on the top right-hand corner, you will see the Join Now option.

    join jeunesse India

    Click on Join Now and you will see the next step.

    Join Jeunesse India 2

    • Choose India as your region.
    •  The language  you speak and it will take you to the terms and conditions.

    Once you have read the terms and conditions, proceed to the final step.

    Read  Jeunesse products review below

    Jeunesse instantly ageless cream review

    Final Step

    You will be invited to put in all your details, such as:

    • Website Address
    • Contact Details
    • Distributor information
    • Mailing Address
    • Shipping Address

    On this page, you will be offered a starter pack that comprises of your own retail website and back office software for administration purposes. You will have to fill in all the information of your company, including your bank account details, company number and other company details. After this, you can decide which package you would like to choose.

    Join Jeunesse global

    There are few sign up packages with the cheapest one is of 1$ or approximately 65INR. Jeunesse Global is offering this package for a limited period. Jeunesse launched it’s operation in India on 9 June 2017 by organizing a grand event in New Delhi. 

    During Jeunesse launched ceremony, Jeunesse offered it’s membership free of cost to all Indian citizen though they need to verify their identity.

    The most expensive package being about $2100.00 but for that, you will be supplied with a whole range of products. Once you have chosen the package, you can complete the registration by checking out and making all the payments.

    Documents  Required

    • Aadhar Card number (Aadhar Card is mandatory for Indian citizen)
    • Valid photo I’d card
    • Cancelled cheque

    You can get instant help to join Jeunesse India through this contact form :-

    [si-contact-form form=’3′]

    Benefits of Registering with Jeunesse India

    By registering with Jeunesse India, you will have the opportunity of starting your own business as a distributor. This will enable you to make residual income either as part time or full time. The amount of money you will make will be entirely up to you.

    Not only you will get the opportunity to make some money but Jeunesse will provide you with a retail website as well as back office software for the administration functions.

    Jeunesse has various rewards plans and you may earn commissions on all the sales that will you make. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to build your team. As you get more customers, you will be rewarded with free products that you can sell or use.

    You will be able to buy the products at a wholesale price as a registered user and then you may sell these at a retail price, thus making a further 30% commission.

    As you grow your team, you may make commissions of up to seven tiers at different percentages starting at 20% from the 1st tier. Jeunesse India offers you the opportunity to make millions plus annual getaways to Hawaii or Europe depending on the position that you have achieved within Jeunesse.

    As a registered member, the financial rewards are unlimited provided you put in the time.




    Jeunesse Instantly ageless eye cream review

    Jeunesse instantly ageless eye cream

    Although Jeunesse Instantly ageless eye cream will be available in India by June 2017, I would like to share my own experience and those from around the world about this amazing product in this Jeunesse Instant ageless cream review. I bought a full pack through Jeunesse official site to try it out and see for myself how the product would perform. It is amazing how quickly you will see the difference with surprising results. But like all skin care products, it is not for all skin types and there are may be some side effects which I will discuss further in this Jeunesse instantly ageless eye cream review.


    We all like smiling, laughing and frowning but as we mature, our facial skin gets covered with wrinkles and so our smile loses its charm. But Jeunesse anti wrinkle cream can relax these facial muscles and reduce the lines that have already formed. It can also help prevent new ones from forming.

    It is sold as an alternative to Botox. Botox which is administered by injection freezes the muscles and gives the skin a smoother appearance. But Jeunesse anti wrinkle cream can have the same effect with a smoother and younger looking skin within minutes of applying it.
    It can be used all over the face wherever there is evidence of wrinkles, such as the forehead, eyebrows, hooded eyes and, under the eyes to reduce eye bags and crow’s feet. It will also make facial pores look a lot smaller if applied to the affected areas.

    You will see the results within minutes after applying this cream and these amazing effects will last up to 9 hours. Jeunesse Instantly ageless eye cream is made from specifically designed micro creams which aim to restore elasticity for a toned skin. There are also some advanced chemical and natural ingredients, making it the best anti aging cream out there.

    Active ingredients

    The main ingredients of Jeunesse are mentioned below in this part of Jeunesse instantly ageless eye cream review:

      • Argireline

        The scientific name of this product is acetyl hexapeptide-3 and it has been named Argireline to make the product marketable to the beauty product manufacturers. Moreover, it is chemically a peptide and a derivative from SNAP-25 and SNAP-25, commonly known as Botox.

      • Sodium Silicate

        This is an organic salt and commonly used in skin care products. Its main purpose is controlling the pH balance and it also helps prevent any corrosion in its metal packaging.

    • Magnesium Aluminium Silicate

      It is a natural mineral refined from clay and used for the thickening of skin care products.

    • Phenoxyethanol

      This is a preservative used in skin care products. Although it has been linked to skin irritations, it is still quite safe.

    • Ethylhexylglycerin

      This also a preservative but is added to have the deodorizing effect and as a skin conditioner.

    • Yellow 5

      This is a synthetic dye.

    The ingredients of Jeunesse anti wrinkle cream are generally safe but some of them have been known to cause some skin irritation. However, the effects from the ingredients do not affect all skin types and there have been very few complaints in this anti aging cream reviews.

    Now let’s know more about Argireline, its main ingredient in this part of Jeunesse instantly ageless eye cream review.


    Argireline is composed of peptides which are chains of amino acids and affect how the cells in our bodies work. It is applied onto our skin and is gradually absorbed into the skin. Once it has been absorbed, it suppresses the reactions that cause our facial muscles to move or contract. Therefore, when you smile or have any other facial movement, it is less likely to crease along the wrinkle lines.


    Some clinical studies have shown that Argireline has positive effects as an anti-aging wrinkle cream. An article written in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science in 2002 came to the conclusion that Argireline is as strong as BoNT/A with significant advantages. It is a very effective peptide which does not cause any skin irritation and is deemed to be the next generation of bio-safe products.

    Argireline is a natural ingredient that can be applied anywhere on your skin where you would like to lessen the signs of aging. It is ideal to apply where the signs of aging are more prevalent, like the forehead, crow’s feet under the eyes and wrinkles, and around the mouth. Users may also apply it on their whole face so that their facial skin looks uniform and youthful.

    It may not be a permanent solution, but it has been shown that it can last a long time and is very much dependent on the skin type of the user and how often it is applied.

    Side effects of Jeunesse instantly ageless eye cream

    Although Argireline does not come with many side effects, different people have different skin types and so any type of cosmetic will have different reactions to them; and Argireline is no different. Some of the skin related side effects that can be experienced are exfoliation, pigmentation, redness and dry skin. There are very few cases of some other side effects, such as feeling tired and skin numbness. However, these side effects are not common and affect only a few users.

    Customer Reviews of Jeunesse instantly ageless cream

    Jeunesse Instantly Ageless has reviews from all over the world with mixed degrees of success. Mostly these anti aging cream reviews are good but some people have not got the desired results which is a normal scenario for any type skin cosmetic product. The results also depend on the way this product is applied and some of the customers have found that using it with different types of makeup also makes a difference

    Here are some reviews of people who have been satisfied with the product.

    Jeunesse cream reviews


    Jeunesse cream reviews 2


    Jeunesse instant ageless cream reviews


    Jeunesse instant ageless cream reviews 1


    As mentioned earlier, not all the skins types are the same and some customers are disappointed with the results.

    Jeunesse instant ageless cream reviews 10


    It all comes down to the user’s skin type but in general Jeunesse under eye cream has produced thousands of good results.

    Jeunesse instant ageless cream reviews 25

    In this part of this Jeunesse instant ageless cream review, let’s now see how much it costs:

    Price Packages of jeunesse instantly ageless cream

    Jeunesse anti wrinkle cream is supplied in different quantities with different price tags. This product is great but as there are cases where it did not give the desired results, it would be wise to buy in smaller quantities if you are a first time user. I would suggest you to purchase a sample batch first to give it a try. If the results satisfy you then you can purchase the batches that would suit your usage. It is generally sold in batches of 25 and 50 Phials because some customers use it up to three times a day.

    Why use Jeunesse Instantly Ageless

    The instant results users get with Jeunesse under eye cream make it better than most of the anti-aging creams out there. Moreover, it can be applied whenever required. The phials are small and can easily be carried with you; therefore, you can use it whenever you need.

    It provides the results within two minutes of apply, so it can easily be used for special occasions, like weddings or office parties. It can also be a lifesaver after a long day at work if you would like to get rid of the bags under your eye. Instant ageless does not take days to show results, but it is also not a permanent fix.

    Other creams may give some good results over a period of time but due to the easy application of Instant ageless and instant results, it is definitely the best anti aging cream to use. And I’ve decided to prepare this Jeunesse instant ageless cream review to make people aware of its benefits and disadvantages.


    Jeunesse Instantly ageless eye cream is for anyone who would like to get rid of wrinkles, bags under the eyes and fine lines within minutes. It has the added effect of tightening of the skin and removing dark circles under the eyes. It is made from natural and the latest but safe cosmetic ingredients. Let’s now see the benefits it has to offer in this Jeunesse instantly ageless cream review.

    The main advantages of using Jeunesse under eye cream are:

    • Argireline, the main ingredient of this product, is a peptide know to relax facial muscles and soften the appearance of wrinkles.
    • The other two active ingredients; i.e., sodium silicate and magnesium aluminum silicate also assist with the elasticity of the skin.
    • Can be applied whenever required
    • The side effects are minimal and not harmful
    • Provides the results within minutes and great to use before special occasions
    • It has several other anti-aging benefits
    • The suppliers offer a money back guarantee on this product.

    Disadvantages of instantly ageless

    • The product does not have a permanent effect
    • It may be expensive for some users
    • Does not work on all skin types


    Getting old is something that we cannot avoid but with the latest cosmetic technologies and the peptide Argireline which is used in Jeunesse anti-wrinkle cream, we can have a much younger look. The product is so effective that the results are seen within 2 minutes of applying and will last up to 9 hours. It is very easy to carry with you, so it can be used anytime.

    However, the product may seem expensive to you. So if you do not want to use it on a daily basis, you can use it when the need arises, such as before going to a party. It works well with other cosmetics, such as makeup; but it is not recommended to be used with other skin products. Jeunesse Instantly Ageless is a great product if you want to look younger within minutes, so give it a try but start with smaller quantities. Finally, I hope this honest Jeunesse instantly ageless cream review has provided you the info you have been looking for.

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