Best tips to control hairfall naturally and formula to grow hair

Tips to control hairfall

Human beings want to remain young, smart, stylish and attractive forever. People use so many cosmetic  products and spend thousands even  lakhs of rupees to maintain their beauty. Small alteration in look make them worried. Hair constitute one of the important part of beauty. People change their look by changing their hairstyle. Number of products like shampoo, dyes, hair dryer, hair gel, hair straightener, hair conditioner and many more are used to keep hair long, healthy and strong. Generally 50 to 100 hair fall everyday and this rate of hairfall is normal and should go unnoticed. More than 150 hair fall require to check the exact reason for hairloss. Person needs to follow these top tips to control hairfall and grow hair again.

Top tips to control hairfall is to identify the exact reason that led to faster hairloss. If we know the cause of hairloss, we can easily control hairfall.

There are thousands of article on internet about top tips to control hairfall and people blindly start following those tips without knowing exact reason of hairloss. We should follow only those tips that treat the cause. Let’s come to the point of identifing reason for hairfall.


There are number of reasons that causes hairfall and will discuss one by one.  We are going to discuss types of hairloss, reason and how to control them.

  1. Androgenic alopecia

It is also known as hereditary hairloss, male or female pattern hairloss. This type of hairloss is associated with genes and consider to be acquired genetically from family. Hairfall starts from frontal and central part of head and characterized by hair thinning and hairloss. You can see pattern of hairloss in the given picture and correlate with hairloss pattern you are suffering from. Most of the people suffered from this type of hairloss at one stage of life and it is hardest to control. Androgenic hairloss is most widespread and easy to recognize. Let’s discuss how we can control and treat it.

Tips to control hairfall

    • Keeps the hair short to minimize friction between hair. There are number of benefits of short hair like minimize friction between hair that ultimately prevent hairfall, medication directly applied to hair follicle, prevent medicine from seepage, nourishment reaches hair follicle and easy to maintain. Short hair help to control every type of hairfall.
    •  Mainly two line of treatment are available for Androgenic alopecia. One is to apply topical solution like Minoxidil , aminexil or combination of both in various strength two times a day. Minoxidil increase blood circulation in scalp region and help hair to grow while aminexil increases density of hair. It is advised to use combination of both for best results. One should consult dermatologist for exact strength of these topical solution because it depends upon rate of hairfall, region of scalp involved.

  • Second line of treatment is a quick fix formula. If hairfall is not responding to topical solutions and hair density is low, Trichologist advises for hair transplant. Hair transplant is surgical implant of hair follicle. Though it is costlier but best for people who do not want to apply medicine daily for few months.
  • Latest and most effective treatment to control and stop hairfall is PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy. Result of PRP therapy is effective. PRP therapy not only used to control hairloss but also effective in treatment of arthritis, sign of aging etc. In PRP therapy, blood is drawn and put in centrifuge machine under specific temperature in order to separate RBC and Platelet Rich Plasma. This Platelet rich plasma is injected at hairloss affected area with fine syringes. The whole procedure is performed by dermatologist and very effective to control hairfall. In India, One cycle costs around 5000 Rs depending upon affected area. PRP therapy is safe and has no major side effects. PRP therapy is performed once in a month and results starts showing after 2-3 sitting.

2. Alopecia Areata

This type of hairfall normally involves scalp hair and beard but might involves other part too. There would be patches of complete hairloss. The condition is very embarrassing but curable. Alopecia Areata responds well with intralesional steroid injection. Inj Triamcenolone 2.5mg/5mg/10mg is advised depending upon severity. One should consult to Trichologist for exact dose and should be injected only by the medical professional for best results.

3. Involutional Alopecia

involves thinning of hair over period of time. People above 50 year of age suffer from this disorder. It can be easily distinguish from Androgenic alopecia. Involutional alopecia majorly affects aging people and involves whole scalp instead of male or female pattern baldness. It can be controlled through healthy diet and proper nourishment to hair.

    Other major causes of hairfall

      •  Dandruff –  

        also known as seborrheic dermatitis, is disorder of skin and speedy hair-loss might be results of seborrheic dermatitis. If you are having dandruff, it needs to be treated immediately to control hair fall. Dandruff is white flakes of dead skin that exfoliate from scalp. It can be easily visualized by scrubbing scalp. Dandruff layer over scalp makes hair follicle brittle that results into hair-loss. Hairfall due to dandruff can be controlled by treating dandruff with anti-fungal shampoo. Generally anti-fungal shampoo should not be used too frequently and recommend to use two times a week. Main reason of not using shampoo  daily is that shampoo like ketoconazole or other anti-fungal shampoo promotes dryness and speed up the hairfall process. Consult doctor for exact dose and frequency of using shampoo to achieve best results. You can read best tips to treat dandruff naturally through home remedies.

    • Traction Alopecia

    This type of hairloss can be seen in people having long hair. This is result of pulling hair back by using hairband or other similar stuff. Traction hairloss is rare and people whose hairstyle involves pulling down hair backward, become victim of it. Recommend treatment is to change hairstyle. Don’t apply any pulling force, remove hairband, keep hair short and free from any pressure.

    Hairfall due to stress

    Stess is also one of the major factor for hair loss. Persistent stress causes hair loss and other psychological symptoms in our body. Generally people take stress for hairfall and persistent stress results into anxiety. Stress acts as triggering factor for hairfall. In order to control hairfall, one should not take too much stress and should manage balance between work and rest. People should take adequate and sound sleep to overcome stress.

    Best treatment to stop hairfall

    Best treatment to stop hairfall depends upon exact cause of hair loss. Treating the cause with effective medications will give best results. As we discussed earlier, major causes of hairfall are dandruff, androgenic alopecia, stress, involutional alopecia and nutrients deficiency.

    Best tips to control Dandruff

    There are number of antifungal agents available in market.  Main contents of antifungal agents and their functions are given below

    • Ketaconazole 2%

    Most used and effective antifungal agent. You can purchase it in lotion form or shampoo form. It should be used twice a week. Apply over scalp, rinse thoroughly, keep it 3 to 5 minutes and wash it off. Excess use of Ketaconazole shampoo leads to dryness and results into dry & brittle hair.  Therefore it should be used twice a week.

    • Selenium Sulphide

    is an effective anti dandruff agents and used in several anti-fungal shampoo along with other anti-dandruff agents. Selenium Sulphide inhibits cell regeneration, thus controls dandruff. Cell regeneration causes white flakes in scalp. It also destroy malessezia yeast which is causing agent of seborrheic dermatitis.

    • Zinc pyrithione

    Also known as ZPTO is an effective anti dandruff agents and used in most of anti dandruff shampoo along with ketaconazole. ZPTO controls oiliness and eliminate yeast consider to be the main cause of dandruff.

    • Salicylic acid

    Is also used in anti-dandruff products due to its keratolytic property. Salicylic acid removes flake of dandruff from scalp and helps in treatment of dandruff.

    • Coaltar

    Is a coal product and cheaper as compared to other anti dandruff shampoo. It reduces skin cell generation and help in treatment of dandruff. Dandruff is basically excess generation of skin cells that leads to deposition of flakes in scalp. This flakes of skin cells causes brittleness and dryness of hair. Coaltar inhibits cell generation and prevent deposition of that flake. Coaltar is widely used in other skin conditions like psoriasis.

    If we recommend a product that contains necessary elements in required amount to treat dandruff and dermatitis is Nizoral anti dandruff shampoo. It gives amazing results. Although it’s costly but it’s results justify its cost.

    List of nutrients essential for hair growth

    Apart from treating the cause of hairloss, we need to provide essential nutrients to hair follicles for their growth. These nutrients should be part of your diet instead of taking in form of medicine. Now we will discuss all essential nutrients required for hair growth.

      1. Role of Protein in hair growth

        This is what hair strand composed of. Protein deficiency affects hair growth cycle, make hair brittle and ultimately stimulate process of rapid hairfall. Protein deficiency mainly takes place when someone want to lose weight and adopt calorie restricted diet. One must ensure that taking required amount of nutrients in calorie restricted diet is crucial for our body. Protein rich vegetarian foods are  spinach, beans & legumes , chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, oatmeal, green peas, soy milk, Broccoli, black beans and lentils. Non vegetarian foods are rich in protein as compared to veg food but veg food can suffice your daily protein requirement. Protein rich  Non vegetarian foods are chicken, beef, sea foods, white fish, pork and jerky.

      1.  Omega 3 role for hair growth

        Omega 3 fatty acid are unsaturated fatty acids and not produced by our body. It means we need to supply omega 3 fatty acids to our body for proper functioning. Omega 3 are anti inflammatory agent and best for healthy, shiny and lush hair. Omega 3 decrease inflammation, soothe, moisturize scalp and acts as stimuli for hair growth. It prevent hair dryness, control dandruff and ultimately prevent hair fall. As we discussed, Omega 3 are not produced and need to supply through healthy diet. Seeds, nuts and fish are rich source of omega 3. Out of these, atleast one should be included in our diet to provide required amount of Omega 3 fatty acid.

      1. Role of Vitamin C in hair growth

        Vitamin C is also very important for hair growth. Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) helps in building collagen that provide strength to hair and prevent hair loss. It helps in absorption of iron that is also useful for hair growth. Vitamin C is found in citrus fruit abundantly. Lemon, orange, grapes are rich in Vitamin C and should be included in our diet.

      2. Role of Biotin in hair growth 

        Biotin also helps to control hair fall and promote hair growth. There are scientific evidence that suggest Biotin role in keratin growth. Keratin, a kind of protein constitutes hair follicle. Biotin is considered useful for health of nail, hair and skin. Experts recommend 30 mg to 100 mg of Biotin per day to person above 10 years old. Generally Biotin is supplied in ample quantity in diet. Source of Biotin are whole grain, banana, egg yolk, organ meats, soyabeans, nuts like peanut, almonds.

      1. Role of Vitamin E in hair growth

        also known as evion, is an antioxidant. Its anti inflammatory property reduces inflammation of hair follicle and promotes hair growth. Vitamin E can be taken orally and vit E gel can be used topically over scalp. It makes hair lush, shiny and strong. Vitamin E is found in plant seed oil in abundance. Almonds, mustards green, spinach, turnip greens and kale are rich source of vitamin E.

    These points needs to be taken into consideration if you are facing hair loss problem. Identifying exact cause of hair loss and treating the cause can give fruitful results. Try to control hair loss first rather than promoting hair growth. Dietary supplements is important and needs to be taken daily for hair growth.

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    Jeunesse Instantly ageless eye cream review

    Jeunesse instantly ageless eye cream

    Although Jeunesse Instantly ageless eye cream will be available in India by June 2017, I would like to share my own experience and those from around the world about this amazing product in this Jeunesse Instant ageless cream review. I bought a full pack through Jeunesse official site to try it out and see for myself how the product would perform. It is amazing how quickly you will see the difference with surprising results. But like all skin care products, it is not for all skin types and there are may be some side effects which I will discuss further in this Jeunesse instantly ageless eye cream review.


    We all like smiling, laughing and frowning but as we mature, our facial skin gets covered with wrinkles and so our smile loses its charm. But Jeunesse anti wrinkle cream can relax these facial muscles and reduce the lines that have already formed. It can also help prevent new ones from forming.

    It is sold as an alternative to Botox. Botox which is administered by injection freezes the muscles and gives the skin a smoother appearance. But Jeunesse anti wrinkle cream can have the same effect with a smoother and younger looking skin within minutes of applying it.
    It can be used all over the face wherever there is evidence of wrinkles, such as the forehead, eyebrows, hooded eyes and, under the eyes to reduce eye bags and crow’s feet. It will also make facial pores look a lot smaller if applied to the affected areas.

    You will see the results within minutes after applying this cream and these amazing effects will last up to 9 hours. Jeunesse Instantly ageless eye cream is made from specifically designed micro creams which aim to restore elasticity for a toned skin. There are also some advanced chemical and natural ingredients, making it the best anti aging cream out there.

    Active ingredients

    The main ingredients of Jeunesse are mentioned below in this part of Jeunesse instantly ageless eye cream review:

      • Argireline

        The scientific name of this product is acetyl hexapeptide-3 and it has been named Argireline to make the product marketable to the beauty product manufacturers. Moreover, it is chemically a peptide and a derivative from SNAP-25 and SNAP-25, commonly known as Botox.

      • Sodium Silicate

        This is an organic salt and commonly used in skin care products. Its main purpose is controlling the pH balance and it also helps prevent any corrosion in its metal packaging.

    • Magnesium Aluminium Silicate

      It is a natural mineral refined from clay and used for the thickening of skin care products.

    • Phenoxyethanol

      This is a preservative used in skin care products. Although it has been linked to skin irritations, it is still quite safe.

    • Ethylhexylglycerin

      This also a preservative but is added to have the deodorizing effect and as a skin conditioner.

    • Yellow 5

      This is a synthetic dye.

    The ingredients of Jeunesse anti wrinkle cream are generally safe but some of them have been known to cause some skin irritation. However, the effects from the ingredients do not affect all skin types and there have been very few complaints in this anti aging cream reviews.

    Now let’s know more about Argireline, its main ingredient in this part of Jeunesse instantly ageless eye cream review.


    Argireline is composed of peptides which are chains of amino acids and affect how the cells in our bodies work. It is applied onto our skin and is gradually absorbed into the skin. Once it has been absorbed, it suppresses the reactions that cause our facial muscles to move or contract. Therefore, when you smile or have any other facial movement, it is less likely to crease along the wrinkle lines.


    Some clinical studies have shown that Argireline has positive effects as an anti-aging wrinkle cream. An article written in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science in 2002 came to the conclusion that Argireline is as strong as BoNT/A with significant advantages. It is a very effective peptide which does not cause any skin irritation and is deemed to be the next generation of bio-safe products.

    Argireline is a natural ingredient that can be applied anywhere on your skin where you would like to lessen the signs of aging. It is ideal to apply where the signs of aging are more prevalent, like the forehead, crow’s feet under the eyes and wrinkles, and around the mouth. Users may also apply it on their whole face so that their facial skin looks uniform and youthful.

    It may not be a permanent solution, but it has been shown that it can last a long time and is very much dependent on the skin type of the user and how often it is applied.

    Side effects of Jeunesse instantly ageless eye cream

    Although Argireline does not come with many side effects, different people have different skin types and so any type of cosmetic will have different reactions to them; and Argireline is no different. Some of the skin related side effects that can be experienced are exfoliation, pigmentation, redness and dry skin. There are very few cases of some other side effects, such as feeling tired and skin numbness. However, these side effects are not common and affect only a few users.

    Customer Reviews of Jeunesse instantly ageless cream

    Jeunesse Instantly Ageless has reviews from all over the world with mixed degrees of success. Mostly these anti aging cream reviews are good but some people have not got the desired results which is a normal scenario for any type skin cosmetic product. The results also depend on the way this product is applied and some of the customers have found that using it with different types of makeup also makes a difference

    Here are some reviews of people who have been satisfied with the product.

    Jeunesse cream reviews


    Jeunesse cream reviews 2


    Jeunesse instant ageless cream reviews


    Jeunesse instant ageless cream reviews 1


    As mentioned earlier, not all the skins types are the same and some customers are disappointed with the results.

    Jeunesse instant ageless cream reviews 10


    It all comes down to the user’s skin type but in general Jeunesse under eye cream has produced thousands of good results.

    Jeunesse instant ageless cream reviews 25

    In this part of this Jeunesse instant ageless cream review, let’s now see how much it costs:

    Price Packages of jeunesse instantly ageless cream

    Jeunesse anti wrinkle cream is supplied in different quantities with different price tags. This product is great but as there are cases where it did not give the desired results, it would be wise to buy in smaller quantities if you are a first time user. I would suggest you to purchase a sample batch first to give it a try. If the results satisfy you then you can purchase the batches that would suit your usage. It is generally sold in batches of 25 and 50 Phials because some customers use it up to three times a day.

    Why use Jeunesse Instantly Ageless

    The instant results users get with Jeunesse under eye cream make it better than most of the anti-aging creams out there. Moreover, it can be applied whenever required. The phials are small and can easily be carried with you; therefore, you can use it whenever you need.

    It provides the results within two minutes of apply, so it can easily be used for special occasions, like weddings or office parties. It can also be a lifesaver after a long day at work if you would like to get rid of the bags under your eye. Instant ageless does not take days to show results, but it is also not a permanent fix.

    Other creams may give some good results over a period of time but due to the easy application of Instant ageless and instant results, it is definitely the best anti aging cream to use. And I’ve decided to prepare this Jeunesse instant ageless cream review to make people aware of its benefits and disadvantages.


    Jeunesse Instantly ageless eye cream is for anyone who would like to get rid of wrinkles, bags under the eyes and fine lines within minutes. It has the added effect of tightening of the skin and removing dark circles under the eyes. It is made from natural and the latest but safe cosmetic ingredients. Let’s now see the benefits it has to offer in this Jeunesse instantly ageless cream review.

    The main advantages of using Jeunesse under eye cream are:

    • Argireline, the main ingredient of this product, is a peptide know to relax facial muscles and soften the appearance of wrinkles.
    • The other two active ingredients; i.e., sodium silicate and magnesium aluminum silicate also assist with the elasticity of the skin.
    • Can be applied whenever required
    • The side effects are minimal and not harmful
    • Provides the results within minutes and great to use before special occasions
    • It has several other anti-aging benefits
    • The suppliers offer a money back guarantee on this product.

    Disadvantages of instantly ageless

    • The product does not have a permanent effect
    • It may be expensive for some users
    • Does not work on all skin types


    Getting old is something that we cannot avoid but with the latest cosmetic technologies and the peptide Argireline which is used in Jeunesse anti-wrinkle cream, we can have a much younger look. The product is so effective that the results are seen within 2 minutes of applying and will last up to 9 hours. It is very easy to carry with you, so it can be used anytime.

    However, the product may seem expensive to you. So if you do not want to use it on a daily basis, you can use it when the need arises, such as before going to a party. It works well with other cosmetics, such as makeup; but it is not recommended to be used with other skin products. Jeunesse Instantly Ageless is a great product if you want to look younger within minutes, so give it a try but start with smaller quantities. Finally, I hope this honest Jeunesse instantly ageless cream review has provided you the info you have been looking for.

    How to get Jeunesse products at discount price?

    Do anti wrinkle anti aging creams really work

    anti aging creams

    Everyone loves to have a nice and soft skin that feels good to look at. In today’s age of scientific advancements, luckily we have come across a time when we can make use of different kinds of anti wrinkle and anti aging creams to get the skin we have always wanted. Some of the best anti aging creams and top anti wrinkle products of all times are easily available in the market these days. This article discusses if all of the ‘anti aging creams hype’ is a big scam or does it actually work. In addition to this, a few tips for anti aging skin are also discussed below.

    Ingredients used in anti aging and anti wrinkle products

    There are different kinds of ingredients that are generally used in different kinds of anti aging and anti wrinkle products. These include a variety of stuff like antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, hydroxy acids, peptides, retinol, vitamin C, coenzyme Q10, etc. Different ingredients have different effects on different kinds of skins. But collectively, every one of these is known to be good for the skin in general.

    How do anti wrinkle creams ingredients act?

    Different ingredients act in different ways to improve the overall health of the skin. For instance,

    • Antioxidants are known to neutralize the free radicals.
    • Vitamin C offers protection from direct sunlight damage.
    • Hydroxy acids remove the top level layer of the dead skin.
    • Peptides help in healing wounds, wrinkles and stretch marks.

    How effective are anti ageing creams?

    If you are concerned about the working and effectiveness of this kind of skin care products, you need to know that there are different kinds of products available in the market. Some of them are legitimate while some of them are of inferior quality. So if you are really interested in a miracle cream for sensitive skin, you need to check out different anti aging creams reviews in order to make the most appropriate choice.

    Things to keep in mind before buying an anti aging creams

    Before you actually go out buying an anti aging cream to take care of your skin, it is important to keep a few things under consideration first. You need to make sure that the products are cost effective. Make sure that the product you are looking to buy contains low doses of different kinds of active ingredients. Otherwise the product might be harmful to your skin. Keep in mind that multiplicity of different kinds of ingredients does no good to your skin. Therefore it is recommended to go for a product that comprises of a single active ingredient only. Finally, you also need to ensure the fact that the product you are planning on buying does not offer any side effects to your skin or body in any way.

    Tips for natural glowing skin

    In order to have a natural glowing skin, you need to follow the tips listed below.

    • Eat fiber rich diet
    • Drink lots of water
    • Avoid direct sunlight
    • Hydrate your skin
    • Exfoliate
    • Use a toner
    • Detoxify


    Best Anti wrinkle and anti aging creams Reviews

    Anti aging creams

    As we age, women’s skin becomes thinner and loses fats causing it to sag and develop some lines we commonly called “wrinkles”. It is because of the decrease production of the substances called collagen and elastin, which are responsible in maintaining our skin smooth, plump, and with youthful appearance. With that happening through the years, most women choose to pamper themselves by booking for a massage, spa and facials as to prevent further skin aging and for leisure as well. With the advancement of technology, this scenario in skin aging will not be a depressing situation for women. Who wouldn’t want to stay looking young and glowing as they age? It is like a hearing the most beautiful melody for every woman to be told you look younger than your age, you look younger now and you haven’t aged at all. It’s like you have discovered the fountain of youth. The production of anti aging creams nowadays, gives these women the benefit of hearing those beautiful melodies. There are a lot of anti aging creams invented throughout the world that are waiting to be discovered and to be tried on. I have picked 6 products that I think is the best anti aging creams at store for you. And I ranked them from 1st to 6th according to its best result when applied in my skin:

    1. St.Botanica anti wrinkle anti ageing cream + under eye gel 

    In 2018, St.Botnica anti ageing cream is one of the best cream to reduce wrinkles. The best part of this cream is its ingredients which are natural products I.e Hyaluronic Acid, Moroccan Argan Oil, Co Enzyme Q10, Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Grapefruit, Passion Fruit and Aloevera to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Most of the anti aging products use retinoids to produce collagen.

    1. XYZ Smart Collagen Anti aging Cream

    XYZ contains the natural ingredient that is the sap of a plant called Bulbine frutescens. According to them, the sap possesses two very strong compounds that encourage the production of collagen. The product boost the natural production of collagen in our skin which gives 7.5 years back our age. That’s one thing I like about this product as it is using a natural component from nature. It gives my skin a noticeable change. Compare to other products, XYZ gives you results you can see and feel. A lot of my friends notice my younger beautiful glowing skin. This product functions as it is. It targets the imperfections that I have. My reason of buying anti aging creams is to find a solution for my aging skin by stopping aging process or to have younger looking skin. I’m happy and contented since XYZ answers my skin problem. The answer of my dreaded skin problem, at last I found it.    XYZ is the product worth buying as it shows noticeable effects in the skin that is long lasting over the period of using it.  This product is ranked on top among best anti aging creams.

    Anti-aging Cream healthdose

    2. Kollagen Intensiv Anti aging cream

    It has only two active ingredients which is the combination of Synthetic collagen and Retinol which offers multiple anti-aging benefits. Retinol is the natural form of Vitamin A, which works on reducing wrinkles and increases thickness and skin’s elasticity. This is my second best product for anti aging cream. It has ingredients that are good for the skin but somehow it only has minimal number of it. You can’t notice the result immediately. It takes a few months of constant usage for you to appreciate the result. What’s good about this product is that the company offers a free trial period in 30days with no money down just a small shipping fee. You should read the terms as it is clearly stated before entering payment information. You can try their product for free and if you are not satisfied, you can cancel the subscription and you won’t have to pay anymore. This product is ranked on second spot among best anti aging creams.

    Kollagen Intensiv Anti-aging cream healthdose

    3.  Amway Artistry Youth Xtend Enriching Cream

    This moisturizing cream is best in protecting your skin from UV damage with a unique combination of SPF 15 UVA/UVB sunscreen and antioxidants to help skin look younger, longer. Its other functions are more noticeable. It’s more of an anti UV damage as it protects you from the sun. For indoor individual it’s not that useful. If you are more of a field worker or outgoing individual,  this is the  must have for your adventures.

    Youth Xtend Enriching Cream healthdose

    4. Sesderma Acglicolic Liposomal Serum

    This product is good for people who have pigmentation issues on their skin other than wrinkles and sagging of skin. It delivers more luminous skin and best for people with dry skin. It has Azelac RU liposomal serum a liposome that actively targets melanocytes that causes pigmentation and other skin problems. I don’t have pigmentation problems on my skin, so I didn’t appreciate so much of this product. It is nice to use this product under your liquid foundation or make up. It gives you a dewy and soft skin. If you have trouble in pigmentation, try this product.

    Anti aging serum

    5Auriga International Flavo-C Serum, Anti-ageing Radiance Enhancing Serum with Vitamin C

    It has a high concentration of Vitamin C that is good in skin repair. It gives smooth skin complexion and shows more even skin tone. I don’t also have scars from breakouts, so I wasn’t able to notice any changes. But it gives my skin more fresher look and it feels more alive than usual. When you have scars from skin breakouts this product can help you look more clean and younger.

    Best Anti aging serum

    6. Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Anti Ageing Day Cream 

    If you want subtle cream in your skin then this one is for you. It is lightweight when applied on skin. Feels almost nothing is in your skin. Good as daily moisturizer.  It’s very light and I don’t feel any significant improvement on my skin. It somehow gives me a moisturized skin. I think it’s best to be used by individual who are not yet in the age where the aging process of their skin is starting. This product is suited for ages 20-30 years old. Good for sensitive skin with its gentle formula.

    Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Anti-Ageing Day Cream 

    It is best to know your skin. Some products may work best for some type of skin while some are not.  It may not be the type of product suitable for your skin so you need to change and look for the best product. It takes a lot of trials and days to see the results.