Perfect Lipstick Shade on Your Lips

Perfect Lipstick Shade on Your Lips

Lips are not just another body organ but also plays very crucial role in a woman’s personality. A lady wearing bold red lipstick shade can make a bold statement that even 1000 words can’t. A lipstick can define your mood, attitude and behavior. It’s not just a lipstick it’s a whole new world to be discovered. So, ladies here are some tips to make your mark in the world.

The Best Lipstick for you

We often get confused in choosing the right color for our lips. Believe me many of us end up buying the wrong shade. A few tips to buy your perfect shade.

Best tips to buy perfect lipstick shade

  • Complexion

First and foremost, thing before buying your perfect lipstick shade is to observe your natural shade in the day light i.e. whether you have a fair, wheatish or dark complexion.

  • A shade deeper

Choose a lip color which is one or two shade deeper than your skin. For that you can try the color on your lower lip and compare it with the upper lip.

How to wear best lipstick shade

  • Add plump or keep them small

Before deciding the color keep in mind, whether you want your lips to look smaller or add plump to them. As, lighter shades tend to make your lips look smaller and on the other hand dark and bold colors gives them the plumpness.

  • The content

Be cautious of the content of the lipstick you choose. You might have allergic reaction from the ingredients your lipstick has. So, always check the ingredients and perform an allergy test by applying the lipstick on your palm. Many lipsticks contain propyl paraben which creates an allergic reaction on the skin and methyl paraben a cancer causing ingredient. Colorants such as D& C Red 36 might cause damage to the nervous system. Always do a background check for these ingredients.

The best lipsticks are the ones containing jojoba oil and other ingredients such as bee wax, candelilla wax for strengthening the lipstick. Some reputed brands keep their ingredients secret such as coconut oil, shea butter which take care of your lips and keep them soft and supple while you look ravishing wearing your perfect color.

How to apply lipstick perfectly

Trying out a lipstick for the first time? Don’t worry here’s your personal guide to the perfect look for the occasion.

  1. Your lips should be ready for the lipstick that means they should be exfoliated properly, having no dead skin. Make sure you scrub off all the dead skin from your lips.

  2. Remove all the moisturizer from your lips before applying the lipstick, they should be all dry. If you don’t do that you may not have the desired result.

  3. Use a powder or a foundation to make your lipstick last long. If you are using a power make sure to remove extra traces. Its best to use a foundation matching your skin color as it keeps the lips from cracking and avoid those dry lines.

  4. To get the perfect shape line the lips with a liner one shade darker than your lipstick. Then cross the Cupid’s bow on your lips to get that luscious look.

  5. You may apply the lipstick directly on the lip between the margins you have drawn or you may fill it with a brush applying the lip color on it.

  6. Now, blend the liner with your lipstick so that it does not look odd. Use lipstick brush to get a perfect finish.

  7. Blotting is must after you apply the lipstick perfectly. It helps to keep the lipstick off your teeth. To blot you can put a finger in your mouth and close your lips around it, then gently pull out the finger. Or you can gently press down a tissue under your lips and carefully remove it.

  8. Got extra lipstick outside the lips, don’t worry take a concealer and use it with the help of a cotton swab or a brush. Make sure you blend your foundation with it gently. There you are ready to rock the occasion.

Say no to these mistakes

A small mistake in applying your lipstick can ruin your occasion or send some wrong message. So, beware of these mistakes:

  1. Not Exfoliating: the most common mistake women do while applying a lipstick is applying it on dead skin. Remove the dead skin with a scrub before applying the shade.

  2. Wrong Shade: avoid choosing very dark or very light shade according to your skin type. You might also be choosing a wrong shade according to the size of your lips. Take help of the experts while buying it from a store.

  3. Not using lip liner: a lip liner is must to define the shape of your lips without it you will not get that perfect shape

  4. Over applying: Avoid over applying the lipstick it gives a very bad impression about your personality. Touch up only when you find it is getting lighter. side effects of Lipstick shade

  5. Not setting: always apply a powder or foundation to last the lipstick longer and do not forget to blot.

Lipstick that is rocking the 2018 look

Chanel being a top fashion brand has again won our hearts with its latest Rouge Coco lipstick. Though it has a bold look, which cover your lips with the vibrant colors, it applies as easily and comfortably as any other lip balm and has shine like that of a lip gloss. Under the price cap of $30 it is a best bag for $26 that would be approximately Rs 1735. Not bad deal ladies. You can buy it from their website or the store near you. Also you can choose from the other variants available which suits your complexion. Don’t forget to do an allergy test. It doesn’t hurt to check whether it is cruelty free. Apart from Chanel, Two Faced Melted Latex liquefied high shine is also making a mark in the market. It has bold texture to give a bold statement. You can try that too for a change.


Modern day women don’t need the magic to transform them into Cinderella they have got their own magic Lipstick to make a mark in the world. It may be hard to buy a perfect shade that suits your personality but once you have got THE ONE there is no looking back. Make sure you buy a shade that lasts long so that you don’t have to excuse yourself every time you feel the need to touch up. Choose different shades that suits your personality to rock different occasions and showing various shades of your personality with the changed lipstick shade every time.

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