A flawless glowing skin is a subject of envy for almost every girl. And who doesn’t want to be a head turner? If you too nurture the desire to have a glowing and radiant skin, then following a strict skin care regime is indispensable. A good regime will not just offer you the best skin but also make sure your acne is gone.

There are three main processes that you must follow to keep your skin glowing from within- cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Dished out below a few tips on how to carry out each of these processes-

skin cleansing without skin products

    • Although there are many skin products in the market, you should go natural for a glowing skin. For cleansing, you can use a mix of gram flour (besan) and honey. You should use as much gram flour as may be required to cover your full face, and add enough honey to make it a fine paste. Make sure the paste is not runny.  Apply it all over the face leaving out the eye area and let it dry for two minutes. Once done, wash it off using lukewarm water and then pat dry. This mixture also has an exfoliating effect, which reduces acne.


  • The second step in the process is toning. Toning has a soothing effect on the skinand leaves you feeling fresh. Tone your skin with rose water, also known as gulab jal. You don’t need a lot of it. Just splash a little on to your palm and apply it all over the face. Leave it on. You don’t have to wash it off.

With consistent use, you will realize that gulab jal is the best skin product for toning.skin massage for glowing skin

  • The third and the most important step in your skin care routine is moisturizing. For this, you can use a mixture of rose water, glycerin and lemon juice. To prepare this mixture, you need 2 drops of glycerin, 20 ml of rose water and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. Keep the mixture in a bottle and store it in the refrigerator for regular use. This is an amazing blend and works wonders on the skin.

These processes should be made a part of your daily skincare routine. For best results, you must carry out each of these processes two times- once in the morning and once at night before sleep.

So, ditch those expensive skin products and embrace natural remedies.


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