Complete Guide to whey protein for beginner

Best whey protein shake

What exactly whey protein is and it’s source

Whey is a source of protein, naturally found in milk. Whey protein is not exactly all 100% protein, being a dairy product it naturally contains some fat and sugar lactose.

There are two types of proteins in Milk, out of which one happens to be Whey Protein (20%). The other is Casein which makes 80% of the milk.
Whey is a combination of other smaller protein sub fractions like beta-lactoglobulin, alpha-lactalbumin, and immunoglobulins. It also contains a small portion of lactose, minerals, and traces of fats.
It is a common knowledge that all proteins aren’t created equal as some are superior due to its richness. Our Whey Protein comes in the superior category.
Ever noticed that watery portion when you open a yogurt? That’s what later becomes whey protein which is popularly used as pre-work out supplement.
They are also devoured as healthy protein shakes all over the world.
What makes whey protein the richest and the best protein supplement is the abundance of Amino acids which is essential for growth and tissue repair.

Types of Whey Proteins

  • Whey Protein Concentrate

Whey Protein Concentrate is the most basic type of whey protein. It comes in the rawest and untreated form with 30-89% protein, 10-55% lactose and a small quantity of fat. Concentrated contains the lowest quantity of protein and tastes way better than the other two. Whey Protein supplement is high in demand and hence isn’t affordable for everyone, but Whey Protein Concentrate (denoted as WPC) is cheap. The fact it goes through fewer processes help it to retain biologically active ingredients which are essential. On the other hand, its rawness (size) makes it harder to digest.

Whey Protein Shakes

Types of Whey protein

  • Whey Protein Isolate

    Whey Protein Isolate contains a higher concentration of protein (about 90%). It is considered the purest form of whey protein. WPI is highly recommended for lactose-intolerant as it eliminates lactose during the processes. The lactose and fat content makes up below 1% of the ingredients.
    As this requires more processing than WPC, the expense increases.
    WPI is safe for the stomach as it causes no digestive harms. The best protein powder, optimum nutrition whey protein, consists mainly of isolate which has received highest protein powder reviews.

  • Whey Protein Hydrolysate

    Protein has exposure to high heat, enzymes, or acid to break the bond holding amino acids. Whey Protein Hydrolysate is the fastest and the easiest for your body to absorb. The process that makes it so easy to intake requires time and money making WPH the most expensive form of whey protein. This type of protein is mostly used for sports and acts like pre-work out supplements.

This watery substance taken from cow’s milk while making cheese is gaining popularity day by day. Everyone who goes to the gym knows the importance of Whey protein which adds optimum nutrition to your body.
Whey is not famous for nothing, and here are some interesting facts that are adding to its popularity.

Interesting facts about Whey Protein

  1. Taking whey protein before going to bed has shown numerous benefits. The next day, people find it easier to work-out and participate in their fitness routine. This pre-work out supplement is unisex as it is the best protein powder for women as well.
  2. As people age, it is common to see the loss of muscle mass. Frequent Intake of this healthy protein shake has proven to stop this.
  3. Whey protein is complete as it contains all the 9 amino including acidscysteine, glutamate, glycine which make it highly desirable for people who participate in physical activities.
  4. Whey protein supplement can be found in food items. People always associate it with drinks, but Whey protein, in its natural form, can be seen in ricotta cheese, yogurt, collage cheese etc. People, especially fitness enthusiasts, don’t take it often because it isn’t as convenient to carry as drinks, but these items also make healthy pre workout supplements.
  5. Whey protein powder has an abundance of calcium present in it which, as a result, helps in burning fats.
  6. Hypertension is a problem that a large number of people suffer. It is proven that the intake of whey protein, best protein powder, protects people from high blood pressure
  7. Whey protein supplement is the easiest and best supplement to digest. Nothing else can even come close to it when it comes to its quickness and efficiency.
  8. Whey protein powder has numerous benefits but there are certain combinations to be avoided to stop side effects of whey protein. For example, It shouldn’t be taken along with Levodopa (used to cure Parkinson’s), Alendronate (used to treat bone diseases), Quinolone and Tetracycline antibiotics.
  9. Inflammation to some extent is fine, but chronic inflammation is a serious problem. Taking a high level of Whey protein has proven to reduce such inflammations. Also read  Top 10 Best Blender shaker bottle in 2018

Whey Protein Benefits

Losing Weight, no muscle!

  1. Want to lose fat without losing muscle? Whey protein comes to rescue. If you are into fitness, you know that nothing is more heart breaking than losing muscle along with fat. Whey protein helps you do it the right way – losing fat and keeping muscles. This is number one among whey protein benefits
  2. Stress Relief – Now this is a psychological benefit, but a healthy mind is as necessary as a healthy body. This proves that whey protein benefits not only physical health but also mental health. It adjusts the level of the neurotransmitter serotonin. Serotonin is called the happy chemical as they can significantly increase the level of happiness. This biochemical messenger, fortunately, has no negative effect and the higher it goes, the better you feel. Serotonin brings happiness and peace to your mind. It is proven to take away unwanted anxiety and change it to relaxation. This, indirectly, adds to a happy and successful bodybuilding experience.
  3. Whey protein benefits are not limited to men but go a long way. There is a common misconception that every physical activity related items are for men. This not true, especially in the case of whey protein which is highly beneficial for women as well. People believe using whey protein will make them bulkier and man-like which is not the case. This easy to digest supplement reduces both fat and cholesterol level. Intake of whey leads to higher metabolism that will further burn the fats present.
  4. Lastly, why protein benefits are not all about health because whey protein can bring out some severe changes in your appearance. Who likes to age? Nobody! Whey can’t completely stop the aging process, but can surely delay it by a year or two. The presence of glutathione is what keeps your muscles strong.
  5. Wound healing is another rare whey protein benefit which a lot of people aren’t aware. Intake of whey protein makes the healing process faster.
  6. It can help fight acne and add strength to your scalp. In fact it was be used as an alternative for conditioner.

Whey Protein and Body building

Healthy Protein Shakes for Weight Gain

How to take whey protein powder

  1. Whey Protein, known as weight gain shake, is one of the essential supplements in gaining muscles, and this makes whey indispensable for bodybuilding. Whey increases mass to muscle mass. Thanks to the amino acids present in it which helps in strengthening the muscles. Leucine is one of the best amino acids for bodybuilding. This highly anabolic protein is said to decrease the loss of mass muscle in people who are aging, so one can only imagine how efficient it is in bodybuilding. One interesting fact about Leucine is that it is metabolized in muscles instead of Kidney, and this feature is common in every amino acid.
  2. You could work out all you want, but it won’t help until you control your little cravings which lead to further hogging. The excess of amino acid not only increases muscle mass but also decreases appetite.The increase in blood glucose level is what causes appetite taking about 40g of whey protein 30 minutes before eating is the recommended solution to suppress appetite. Amino acids present are the ultimate solution to controlling blood glucose. In any case, you have to be precautious as excess intake will lead to malnutrition.

Whey Protein For Weight Loss

  1. It is true that the sole aim of whey protein is not to help lose weight; instead whey protein is for weight gain. But this pre workout supplement is all about removing fat, and healthy weight gain. When the fat leaves your body, you form a healthy body. Don’t underestimate the benefits of whey protein. It is a sort of supplement that can help you achieve any healthy body you desire.
  2. Some major change is to be made in the eating lifestyle. One way to do this is by blending it with your morning smoothie along with other healthy fruits and vegetables. This requires giving up your tasty breakfast, but nothing good comes easy. What’s so amazing about whey protein is that you don’t need to waste hours trying to cook – a blender is all you need.
  3. Whey will keep your metabolism high throughout the day. Whey also keeps you satiated, removing the urge to eat frequency, which is another obvious way to lose weight. Keep in mind that replacing every meal is not a choice as your body needs other nutrients as well.
  4. Whey protein keeps the lean muscle tissue, as that is required for your body; instead, it discards unwanted fats. This liquid, that comes from cow’s milk is linked to weight loss. Also consuming pre workout supplement one hour before work out has brings in a drastic loss of weight. Whey protein will rapidly increase your muscle density and as a result, burn down a large amount of fat which indirectly adds to your weight loss requirements. All in all, whey protein is the healthiest way to lose fat.

Whey protein for weight gain

Are you one of those people who find it extremely hard to gain weight? The reason behind it is high metabolism. Gaining weight is not something that happens overnight. It takes time and perseverance.
Whey protein can’t do magic, but will definitely help in the process.

Add 1 scoop of whey protein to milk and add items like oats, peanuts and whatever matches your taste. Later, repeat this 2-3 times in the same day.

This way, whey protein will help for weight gain.
Optimum Nutrition is the best in town for this purpose.
Whey protein isolate makes up the majority of optimum nutrition whey protein. Isolate is the purest form hence making optimum nutrition one of the best.

This product has got highest whey protein reviews.
Some of the whey protein powder which received the highest review are

Lastly, consume high level of whey protein and limit your physical activity if you want to see significant change in a short period of time. This is not a highly recommended method, but if weight gain is something you are really looking forward to then this might be your best resort.

Whey Protein Side effects

  1. Reaction from Lactose intolerant The basic form, WPC, still contains a lot of milk. If taken in by a lactose intolerant person then it can lead to an upset stomach. It can cause problems like vomiting, bloating and diarrhea when a lactose intolerant person has it. This whey protein side effect is its biggest drawback. Mostly, this problem arises when people forget to read the ingredients of whey protein powder.
  2. Unbalanced Diet Going overboard is harmful, no matter how beneficial something is. Whey protein is no exception, and hence replacing every meal with whey protein can be dangerous. Every nutrient has its own benefits and it is essential to have a proper composition. This might not sound like a serious problem at first, but if practiced for a long period then certain problems can be noticed. Creating an unbalance in diet is a whey protein side effect
  3. Hair loss This point may sound shocking, but cutting down Vitamins in your diet leads to shedding of hair. It is not the fault of whey protein but high consumption decreases your appetite. Lesser the vitamin, the thinner the hair. This whey protein side effect is caused by unbalanced diet. Therefore taking essential nutrients along with whey protein are necessary to avoid this side effect.
  4. Toxic Heavy Metals Cadmium, mercury, arsenic, and lead are some of the harmful toxic which can be found in protein drinks. This case is common in cheap and poor companies which are willing to do anything in order to make money. Often times, bodybuilders are so determined about passion, they hardly check the ingredients. These harmful toxic can have fatal whey protein side effects to one’s body and hence proper care should be taken while buying protein powders.

How to take whey protein

There are certain things to keep in mind before you take whey protein. You need to educate yourself about the requirements.

  1. You need to get a protein chart that tells you the right amount of protein which is required per day; the internet makes the process very easy. Or else you can go to the nutritionist for this.
  2. Secondly, you need to check your weight and figure out some milestones you need to cross before reaching your goal.
  3. Thirdly, calculate the protein that is available in your other diet.
  4. There are certain ways to take whey protein, and it is recommended to take it either before/after a workout or before going to sleep.
  5. In any case, one scoop of powder should be added to 6 ounces of water. To get a better taste, you can add ice cubes and juicy fruits. Almond and nuts are some other items you can mix up to make the shake taste better.

How much whey protein shake you need

Best way to take whey protein shakes

Protein, like everything else, can prove to be harmful if one goes overboard with it.

Apart from that, it also depends on your goal – If you want to lose a lot of weight then you need to take a little extra than what is considered normal and if you are drinking these healthy protein shakes for weight gain then different approach should be followed.

Below, is the amount for someone who is newly starting whey protein powder usage.
Protein isolate can be taken about 20 grams per day. The intake can be divided into 5 times with 5 gram per shake. In case you are very athletic then you can double the amount to 40 grams.
On the other hand, the amount of concentrate should be proportionate to your weight. If you weigh 145 pounds, then you are recommended to take 145 grams. But the division of shake is necessary – Taking all in together should be prohibited. You need to neatly divide it into 4-5 shakes with appropriate hours of gap.


Whey protein, like everything else, has got its ups and downs so it is essential to weigh it before actually taking it.
This brief explanation of whey protein is to educate you about every aspect of whey protein. It is going to help you understand the types of protein available and decide you pick the one that is right for you.
Your goal can be different from others, and whey protein has more than one benefit – if you want to gain weight then a different approach must be followed otherwise you might end up gaining.

Top 10 Best Gym Bags for men In 2018

Are you looking for a gym bag? Dragging all your gym essential is no easy task. One need to carry a bag which carries all your valuables. Some might require bigger, and more spacious, bags whereas others are looking for something small to maybe carry a towel. You can keep all these requirements in your mind, and select the bag that is right for you. This list contains top 10 gym bags for men, some of which are unisex, and a brief description of each to act as a deciding factor for your choice

  1. Pole Star 906 Cms Soft Polyester Blue Gym Bag

Best Gym bag with shoe compartment

Pole Star is one of the best gym bags available. It is made of polyester as the name suggests. It has separate compartments for holding your items – the shoe compartment, particularly, is said to be very beneficial, nobody likes to carry used shoes with a new towel! It is royal blue in color with a tinge of green and weighs about 308 Grams which is quite light. Its volume capacity is up to 30 Liters, and the material is soft to touch. It is resistant to water but unfortunately can’t resist stain which might live up for a long time. It is also not compatible to carry a laptop. In spite of these drawbacks, it is one of the best gym bags in India costing only 525 rs and can be bought online.

2. Suntop Polyester 45 Ltr Grey-Yellow Sports Duffel (Best gym bag for men)

Best gym bag in 2018

This good to look at bag is grey in color with a splatter of yellow which surely is the best combination. It is lightweight and has space to carry almost everything you need on your way to the gym. It is made of good and strong quality material that won’t stretch easily, and can live up a lot of wear and tear. If you are a very physically active person, then this is the right choice for you! It has breathable mesh pocket and is water resistant. Its compartments make it suitable for keeping shoes, and towels while going to the gym. It is a little costly, around 1000 rs, but its durability and unique features make up for it. It is available online, so grab it now!

3. Auxter Gym Bag, Black

Best gym bag for men

This gym bag is one of the best gym bags for men and has a big compartment to carry nearly all your belongings starting with shoes and ending with protein drinks. It makes the searching process easy, and you won’t have to waste time jumblings things. There is a single adjustable zip but lacks side zips which some people find very necessary, so this one is not recommended for safe guarding credit cards and other such tiny valuables. At the rate of 275, this bag is highly affordable and is ideal for gym visits.

4. Bag-Age Nylon Softsided Grey Duffle Bag (21 x 11 x 12 IN)

Gym bag with shoe compartment

The real price of this bag comes about 1,000 rs, but can be found on sale at the rate of Rs 585. Bag-Age Nylon Softside is ideal for being used as both travel and gym bag. It can resist water, and all the tear and wear! Highly durable and is a gym bag with shoe compartment. This bag lacks smaller compartments and you can’t keep items like key and money without the fear of actually losing it. But apart from that, this is one of the best gym bags in India

5. Salute Hunk Polyester 19 Ltrs Black Gym Bag

This bag with push yourself on the front is one of the best motivation you can have before going to the gym. Salute Hunk is a Polyester bag with 25 Liters of Volume capacity. The shoulder strap is long and easy to adjust. This good quality bag is also water resistant.The only drawback is the compartment as this bag has just one, and lacks small pockets on the sides in which case you have to open your bag to find belongings like keys. If you are looking for something big then this one is not for you as this is of the size medium, and can only carry essential gym items But apart from that, it is a real steal at the rate of mere 329 Rs.

6. The House Of Tara Waxed Canvas Duffle, Gym Bag (Combat Blue)

Gym bag for work and gym

It is combat blue in color with Premium Wax Coated Canvas. Patch pockets are available on either side of the bag with zip lining. It also has leather tabs where you can have access to items quickly. It is made out of quality material and hence highly durable. The handle is made of high quality leather, and can live a lot of tear and wear. The strap can be stretched up 24 inches. It is a very valuable item for those who want to carry their own items to gym. The only drawback is it lacks separate compartment for shoes. This gym bag for men can be bought online at the rate of 1,700.

7. Under Armour Undeniable Sackpack

Best backpack for gym and work

This bag is 100% polyester and light to carry weighing about 240 grams. It has pocket that is lined with soft tricot material to carry valuables likes mobile phone and keys. It can also accomodate your gym items including shoes and towel. The strap is comfortable to carry and this bag is proved to be waterproof. The initial amount of this gym bag was 1,499, but can be bought online at the rate of 1,066 saving about 500 rs of yours. This, unfortunately, lacks separate compartment for shoes, so you have to carry your shoes along with others items.

8. Suntop Sportive 16″ Yoga/Sports/Gym Bag with Shoe compartment and Yoga mat holder (Black & AirForce Blue)

Best backpack for gym and work

It weighs about 599 Grams and has the volume capacity of 24 liters. Suntop Sportive gym bag is made from Polyester and nylon, a combination of two wonderful materials. This bag comes with Yoga mat holding strap which takes away the extra space you would otherwise have to make for a mat. It has two quick-access pockets, both on top and side, which lets you carry your valuables without the fear of losing in the jumble of items. Features like double handle make it one of the best gym bags, you can keep switching the handles as you please.The rate was previously 2,350, but can be bought on sale for 1,095. The only drawback is the cost as some people find it too expensive in spite of the sale, but with the quality and features – it is worth every penny.

9. Auxter Leatherite Gym Bag Duffel Bag BROWN EMBOSS LOGO

Buy gym bag online

Auxter is a classy looking gym bag for men, which is made of leather. Leather is considered the favorite of many, and finding a gym bag made of leather is slightly hard. This bag can also be used for a weekend getaway. Zip closure is present with inside made of webbing cord stitch. The initial price of this bag was 999 rs, but can be bought for just 397 rs on sale. This gym bag, when compared to other bags, can’t hold on extra items because of its limited space and lacks compartment and pocket zips which some people find essential. On the other hand, it is cheap and pretty to look at – making it worth all the money. If you have been dying to get your hands on a leather bag, then this one is made for you.

10. SynergyGear Premium Black Gym Bag For Men & Woman / Sports Duffel

Best backpack for gym and work

The material of the bag is Hyper Duraweave 1000 Danier Polyester. It has 1 compartment and 3 small pocket areas for carrying valuables like phone and credit card. What it lacks is a separate compartment for shoes, and some men find that a number one priority when picking a gym bag. At the rate of 699, SynergyGear Premium Bag is a very valuable gym bag providing a wonderful gym trip experience. Black is considered a classy color and this bag surely is classy. Most importantly, this bag is branded and that in itself is a guarantee for the quality and durability. If shoes compartment is not an issue for you then this is highly recommended.

All in All, this is guide to help you find the quality you are looking for in a bag. Due to sale, some of them cost only half their initial price so don’t waste your time. Grab one for a healthy and happy gym life. Pay attention to the pros and cons to finalize your choice! Do you want a bag that is water resistant? Or you priority is the capacity? Do you want a leather bag or polyester is your preference? It is up to you and only you. All of these have one thing in common – they are highly durable and you won’t have to invest again and again. But make sure you pick the right one because you have got to live a LONG long time with it!



Looking for a good protein shaker to carry along with you to your gym? Something that is durable and 100% BPA free yet costs under the rate of 500 rs? This list contains top 10 shaker bottles, the best protein shaker, that doesn’t limit its capabilities to just gym, but also has purpose – you can mix you milk shake, and even eggs! If you want to pick the bottle that is right for you, this has shortlisted the best multipurpose bottle and you can easily decide which you think has the potential of being beneficial to you.

List of Best Blender

shaker bottles in 2018

  1. Fitkit Premium Bottle Shaker (Grey/Black)

     blender bottle

This is one of the best protein shaker available in 2018 which carries up to 400 ml of water. It has a strong handle grip that makes it easy to carry around, and provides a loop that stays intact. Due to these mentioned advantages, it is highly recommended to be used as gym shaker. The quality is of the best kind and proved to be 100% BPA-free. There is a safe lock that ensure water doesn’t spill, it is dishwasher safe and the straw design is made is such a way that it is completely protected from the germs. It has dual-mix grid so you can add two powders separately into this one bottle – All this for just rs 225. The only drawback is – it is made out of plastic, but best quality one.

  1. Ishake Model 020 Shaker Bottle 500 ml

Blender Shaker bottleIts separate compartment for storing protein supplement makes it one of the best protein shaker bottles in India. It is odourless, leak-proof, and can be washed easily. It is also BFA-free and the quality of it makes it last for a long time. The outer design is attractive, and makes it very suitable to be used as a gym bottle. As the name suggest, it can carry up to 500 ml. It can used as water bottle to keep yourself hydrated after a very tiring day at gym. The little keychain attached to the bottle makes it easy to carry it to your gym, and all you need is to wrap one finger around it. This lasting, high quality gym sipper only costs about 254 rs. It doesn’t have spring ball for whisking purpose

  1. Fitkit Premium Bottle Shaker (Blue/Black)

Blender bottle amazon100% BPA free and eco-friendly as it is steel in nature protecting the environment from plastics. Easy to carry around in the gym, and it lets your whisk your powder without making any buzzing noise – you can use it literally everywhere. It is easy to clean, and dish washer safe. There is no fear of water, power or liquid leaking as this is a good quality product with secure lock cap. The lip of this gym bottle is very secure. This shaker is ideal for all sort of physical actives, and comes with an inspirational quote that keeps you motivated every time you look at it This one is specifically designed for an active lifestyle, and costs just 225 rs. Compared to other gym bottle, this one only carries 400 ml of water, so if you are going for long distance, an extra 100 ml would be better.

  1. Stratus Spider Shaker Bottle 500ml

Protein shaker for gymStratus Spider Shaker bottle, with its unique name, is BPA free, and considered to be very hygienic. It stands out as one of the best protein shaker bottle as it is microwave-safe, you can pop any left- over cold food into the microwave without any fear of damaging, and it is also freezer-safe, you can store some leftover juice in it. In addition to this, It has several compartments for carrying supplements. It has a multi-purpose blender wire which does the job of both blending and whisking. This product can be used effortlessly, and hence makes a wonderful gym sipper because you have it all so easy. This easy and secure to use item comes around 279 rs and promises durably for a very very long time! The only drawback is the item is slightly difficult to clean as it has too many areas where the powder/drink can get stuck

  1. Ishake Brawny Shaker Bottle, 700ml (Black/Red)

Shaker bottle for gymIt carries up to 700 ml of water/protein drinks. The ball inside starts to move automatically when you start to shake the bottle, also called as shaker ball. The only drawback is it is made up of plastics, but very high quality ones, and to prove their quality – it is odourless and lasts for a very long time. The cap has unique design and is flexible. The container is good even in terms of appearance – it is semi transparent and gives a very classy edge to it. There is a strainer inside acting like a sieve which helps in getting rid of every single lumpy powder. With the advanced anti leak technology and design strainer ball, it is a shocking revelation that it costs only 399 rs.

  1. Ishake Roadies Shaker Bottle, 600ml (Black/Green)

Blender shaker bottleIt is designed in such a way that it can be opened with ease making it an ideal gym sipper. It is a high quality item, 100% BPA free. The shaker ball works magic in combining your drinks, and the item has the capacity to hold over 600ml. The loop design is very convenient which is another necessary point to be considered for a gym bottle. On top of that, it is very durable and lasts for a long time! It is easy to clean and can be done with a damp cloth taking very little time of yours. It costs about 350 rs only, but the compartment to carry powder is missing in this one.

  1. Ishake Brawny Shaker Bottle, 700ml (Black/Green)

blender bottle online

Blender bottle

The shaker ball of Ishake Brawny shaker is one of the best, as it eliminates even the thickest lumps of a powder. It also has the capacity to carry about 700ml of your drinks. It has an attached container for the storage of your powdery items, and is 100% protected from leakage. New anti leak technology is used in the process of making this item, making it one of the most trust-worth protein shaker bottle for gym purpose. Highly recommended for taking protein drinks to gym with the cost of 399 rs. The only con is – It is slightly large in size, so using a bag is recommended, but then it completely depend on you.

  1. IShake Tabster Plastic Water Bottle (Black/Yellow)

Best Blender bottleDon’t want to burden yourself with two different boxes to carry medicine and your drink? To stop you from such inconvenience while going to your gym, Ishake Tabser Plastic water bottle comes with a special compartment to carry pills. And guess what? It has not one, but seven such boxes to keep yourself packed for the next 7 days of the week. It plays as a good reminder to take your medication on time. Apart from this very unique 7 compartment feature, it also has steel wire ball mixer which thoroughly throws away any lumpy powder giving you a tasty and smooth drink to enjoy. It is proved to be 100 percent BPA free and anti leak lid is provided that ensure no leakage takes place. It costs only 127, but pouring hot water is not recommended. Should open the lid carefully near the sink cause doing abruptly is said to cause it to spill out.

  1. FITSY® 500 ml Protein Shaker Gym Bottle with 2 Storage Compartments and 1 Pill Tray

protein shakerIt comes with a unique, fan-like looking, feature of spring and security lock that ensures 100% safety. It has two compartments to store protein powder. Being easy to carry around, it is considered one of the best gym sipper. Not only that, it also has another compartment for tablets. Contains a unique leak-proof screw near the sipper areas to stop any sort of leakage. Capacity is 500 ml, and this bottle, fitsy, is proved to be a registered trademark and only sold by retail. You can drink anything from milkshake to water in this comfortable bottle, because it is ideal for all of it and costs only about 350 rs. Should be careful while washing though, case marking might fade it used harshly.

  1. Jaypee Plus Plastic Shaker and Wire Blending Ball Set, 2-Pieces, Grey Orange

shaker bottle with storageThis blender shaker protein shake can be found online at the rate of only 170 rs. It has the capacity to carry about 700 ml, which adds to the efficiency of this gym sipper. With its professional use appearance, it is the best gym companion for carrying protein drink, but not limited to that purpose as it can be used for other purpose as well. This multipurpose shaker is 100 percent food grade plastic and BPA free, promising the best quality. Lastly, It is dishwasher safe.

All in all, these are the brief reviews to the top gym shakers available online in India. If this review has helped you decide a gym sipper, that has all the qualities you are looking for, then don’t waste your time and order one as soon as possible! Do you prefer a gym sipper that has 7-days compartment to take your medication along with physical needs? Or do you need a gym shaker that has two compartments for different powder because you love drinking variety of drinks? The choice is yours! They are similar in their quality of being highly durable and 100% BPA free. But what separates some from the other are their unique features which will be your deciding factor!

Top 10 Fitness band under 5000 in 2018

We live in an era where fitness tracker comes with other smart features. Often times, we spend too much on expensive items which lack in quality, so this list is to help you pick budget friendly, and basically the best fitness band under 5000. Saves you money without sacrificing the quality.

This list has shortlisted top 10 fitness band under 5000 in 2018 along with brief band reviews.

1. Mi Band – HRX Edition (Black)

Mi activity tracker 2018

Mi activity tracker 2018

At the rate of 1,299 rs, this silicone black band has all the features you are looking for. You can wear it to the bath and still come out without damaging it, in short it is waterproof, and can withstand flow of sweat you are bound to have after excessive physical activity. It has high battery power, and you can go on for 23 days or so without the constant need of a charger. It supports Bluetooth 4.0, and tracks your sleep with precise accuracy. With its user-friendly qualities, it has become number one on the list of top 10 activity trackers. It has 0.42 inch display which is protected, and free from scratch. In spite of being fitness band under 5000 in terms of cost, it has the feature of notification for phone calls and messages. It is close to impossible to find such a cost effective smart watch.

2. Boltt Empower Fitness Tracker Band with AI and Personalized Mobile Health Coaching

Best fitness band 2018

Best fitness band 2018

Are you the type of person who needs constant reminder and push? This one comes with a companion app that has personalized coaching to ensure your fitness care is going smoothly. It is equipped to differentiate between all types of movements – running, walking, sleeping, you name it! It is one of the best smart watch as it tracks your sleep quality, monitors your heart rate, lets you set up-to 8 alarms and takes care of your nutrition requirements with its calorie count feature. The accuracy in everything is what makes this wrist watch a part of top 10 fitness band in 2018.When it comes to outer looks, It looks very fashionable on wrist, and can be worn with complete comfort. The battery lives up to ten days, and it gets charged quickly saving you a lot of time.

3. GOQii Heart Care Tracker with 3 Months Personal Coaching (Black)

Best Activity tracker under 5000

Best Activity tracker under 5000

Aiming for a health conscious lifestyle, this one provides you with a well-qualified service of a coach and doctor to ensure you are serious about your health. Oftentimes, it can be easy to lose focus, so reviews from these experts will keep you in check of your improvements. It tracks your sleep pattern, intake of calories, and monitors your heart rate. It has a sports mode option which switches to in monitor your heart rate continuously. It is not waterproof, but its compatibility with most phones, and ability to work wireless makes up for it. Its battery life lasts around a week, and it doesn’t have a specific charger requirement and comes with a USB integrated charger. At the rate of 3,999, it provides a wonderful service and well-deserving to be on the list of best smart watch and activity tracker.

4. Mi Band 2 (Black)

Top smart watch

Top smart watch

With its classy black texture, it provides you with a number of features at the rate of just 1,799. Sometimes you might find yourself sitting idle for too long and fitness tracker alerts you while you do it for too long forcing you to do a physical activity. Apart from that, it alerts phone calls and messages, tracks the quality of your sleep, anti-sweat and splash resistant, and monitors heart rate with accuracy. The battery promises to last for about 20 days and this amazing band can be used of daily basis. It weighs 1.6 ounces and requires Lithium Polymer batteries for it to work.

5. Boltt Beat HR Fitness Tracker Personalized Health Coaching

Even your tossing and turning while you are asleep will be tracked with this smart watch. It brings out a result with such accuracy that you can analyse both quantity and quality of your sleep, including your heartbeat rate. It comes with a bright screen. Records each step, burnt calories and nutritional requirements with accuracy. It comes with a 3 months long premium coaching. It has OLED touch display and battery lives up to a week. Does multiple tasks with efficiency, and also gives a fashionable look to your wrist. Weighs 18.1 g and supports Bluetooth 4.0. This requires lithium iron battery which will be included in the package. The premium deal coach motivates the user to follow daily physical activity requirement.

6. Boltt Beat HR Fitness Tracker with 3 Months Personalized Health Coaching (Dazzling Blue)

Best digital band 2018

Best digital band 2018

Are you tired of colour black and wants to try something different? Dazzling blue comes to your rescue! It has an in-built app and 3 months of personalized coaching that guides you throughout the process. It also monitors your heart rate even when you are asleep! This all in one best smart watch comes under 5000 rs and takes your life to the healthy track. Those concerned about their weight can set a target and your coach will guide you to reach the goal. Complete information about your diet should be given so they can work accordingly to make some major improvement. Do you prefer instructions through live audio or text? The choice is your because this smart watch has both. At the rate of 1,999, this one is a real treasure.

7. Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band (Solid Black)

Garmin fitness band

Garmin fitness band

It is fashionable in appearance and comfortable to wear. It works 24×7 tracking your progress in multiple areas. It encourages you to move by showing a red arrow which comes as a result of staying idle for an hour. It learns your capacity and accordingly assigns you daily goals which you are supposed to meet everyday. This is a water proof band with a very long battery life that lasts for more than a year. The screen has backlit display screen making it easy to read during nights. You can have all this, and that too for under 5000 rs. It tracks footsteps with accuracy. Calorie count feature is available which also includes the base metabolic rate. Garmin connect app has your progress report which gives you an idea about all the changes you will be required to make next time. Wrist bang weighs 0.96 ounces and 2 CR123A batteries will be included with the package.

8. Garmin vivofit 2 Activity Tracker, One Size (Black)

Best activity tracker

Best activity tracker

It has a unique screen that is night-friendly and readable. Garmin vivifit acts like a strict teacher that alerts you If you sit idle for an hour or so, this shows how serious and beneficial this app will be to your health. Most importantly, you don’t have to constantly worry about the battery running out– this one lasts for more than a year! It doesn’t come with a coal, but it sure gives you a milestone to cross each day as it comes with a personalized daily goal. Later, you can check your improvement, and find your result at Garmin connect which will surely motivate you to do better. Apart from all these features, it also has the general sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring and movement tracking features. Dimension of the product is 8.3 x 0.8 x 0.4 inches and it weighs 0.96 ounce. It runs on lithium metal batteries and will be included in the package.

9. Moov Now 3D Fitness Tracker and Real Time Audio Coach (Aqua Blue)

Moov fitness band

Moov fitness band

This is wristband is not just water resistant, but facilitates in tracking your moments in water. It is the only band that differentiates between different strokes and records your longest swim. There is no worry about the battery since it lasts for as long as 6 months. It tracks your action in 3D with the help of omni motion sensor. It promotes and encourages the famous 7 minutes+ exercise where it teaches you to make best use of this 7 minutes with the help of videos made by professionals. Cardio boxing is another unique feature prevalent teaching you some fun boxing techniques. Apart from all this, it also has real time audio coach as the name suggests! Running, cycling, boxing, you name it because this one has it all. Moov 3D with its sports oriented features is not only appealing for sports lovers but also for people who need a kick start in these activities. You got to start somewhere, and starting with Moov, the best fitness band, is definitely the best way to do it. It weighs 0.32 ounces and is stealth black in colour. It runs on 1 CR2 batteries which will be included in the package.

10. OMNiX™ 107HR Plus_Multi Sport Heart Rate Monitor, Bluetooth Smart Band and Fitness Tracker, Call Alert with caller ID, SMS Alert and Notifications much more like a smart watch …

Top 10 fitness tracker

Top 10 fitness tracker

This doesn’t show just call and message notification, instead it lets you view them! SMS, caller Id and everything can be viewed OLED 5 centimetre screen. The battery last for about a week and the item is waterproof. Its best feature is its multi sport mode which includes even activities like dancing and yoga in its category. It monitors heart rate 24/7 and costs about 3,300 which is quite cheap, and pocket friendly for a device that supports Bluetooth and looks this classy! Alarm alert option is available and find phone option is another features that makes it a part of top 10 fitness band under 5000. This basically isn’t just a wristband, and with has the potential to be called a smart phone. The material of the item is polypropylene and charge is required through USB portal, so there is battery hassle.

All in all, these wrist bands are the best ones that makes your life a lot easier and healthier. Sleep is one of the biggest necessity in life, and these bands track the quality of your sleep giving you an opportunity to make all the necessary changes. It is not always easy to motivate yourself, and these bands will play the role of motivation. For something as valuable as fitness bands, these are pretty budget friendly, and worth every penny of yours! These descriptions are going to help you choose what is best for you.
This above list contains the best wrist bands which costs under 5,000, and most of them around 2,999 which is a small price to pay for the benefit it provides you. Every health conscious human being ought to own at least one from the above list. This brief review of wristband is to help you decide what is best and convenient for you. Some people prefer battery, whereas the others prefer charger – This list has it all in the rate under 5,000. Some of them varies slightly in size, and some of them has personalized coach varying from 3 to 6 month! Everything is specified in the list above to make the job of picking them a little less time confusing for you. All of them have one thing in common – they all monitor your sleep with accuracy which is definitely the most impressive start for a fitness band.

How to pack 15 essential gym items in gym bag.

In this era of health consciousness and fitness goals, local gyms and studios are all pumped up and are trending up with fitness accessories in gym bags. Workouts have become a habit for maintaining fitness and to steal s\nome “me time” in our current stressed and busy environment. Now, gone are the days when you reached for your workouts unprepared and without any fitness accessories, just wearing the gym attire and those running shoes. People now come with fully prepared gym bags for their workout sessions with their prepped up gym items. I know it’s a task to prep up your gym bag, especially when you are a starter and really don’t know what are those must have items in your gym bag.

List of 15 must have items in gym bag to go through a smooth and hassle free workout session.

1. Gym bag

Gym bag

Needless, to say a gym bag is the foremost and the most basic item to prepare a gym bag. Imagine yourself carrying all the fitness accessories in your hands. It would be a funny as well as an embarrassing spectacle. So, to collectively carry all the gym items and to stack them in one place, it is imperative to buy a gym bag. A little hole in your pocket, initially, will be worth and will go a long way and you will be thankful for that initial hole in your pocket. Also read

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2. Water bottle

Water bottle for gym

water bottle is a must have item in the gym bag and without it, in my opinion, you mustn’t prepare gym bag. Some of you must be thinking, why carry a water bottle when there are water dispensers/plastic water bottles in the gym, but why to waste time and energy going to the water dispenser. To save time, it is best to have a reusable water bottle at your hands grasp. And, why not go green by avoiding those plastic bottles too. A heavy workout session requires one to stay hydrated especially with the ascent of summers and the bodies demand for increased water intake. Water is essential to avoid dehydration and to flush body of any unwanted toxins and also to clear skin of any breakouts.

3. Shaker bottle

Shaker bottle for gym bag

You should prepare your gym bag with a shaker bottle too. With all the heavy work out and increased protein demand in body; with all the breakdown of protein, it is best to include a shaker with other items in gym bag. After a workout session you can prepare a protein shake with whey protein in the shaker and replenish yourself. Why wait to reach home and then prepare a protein shake when all you need in your gym bag is a shaker with protein and some water to mix it with; the elixir is ready to drink and you are all energetic again and on the go.

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4. Smart watch

Fitness band for gym

Nowadays, a smart watch is a must have item in gym bag. You can now leave your phone in your car if you want because all you need now in your gym items is a smart watch. What is the point of a workout when you are not able to know how many calories you have burned during your workout sessions; a smart watch will not disappoint you on this front. You can also monitor your heart rate during the workout sessions on your smart watch, especially if you are concerned of low or high heart rate. Added advantage of a smart watch is that you can now connect your headphones too with your smart watch and listen to music during the workout session without the hassle of a phone around and being continuously disturbed and distracted with unwanted calls during your “me time”. Therefore, never forget to prepare gym bag without a smart watch that is so multifaceted.

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5. Headphones

Best headphone for gym

Music is proven to be one of the best stress relievers along with exercising, so what more can you want when you can do both at the same time. A headphone is therefore, one of the necessary items in gym bag and it is also one of the most viral fitness accessories in your gym items. You can connect your headphone with your phone or your smart watch as per your preference. There are a lot of advantages of listening to music, it relaxes you, increases your workout stamina, helps you concentrate on your workouts and thus makes your workout sessions more productive. When you have a chance, why not listen to your own playlist of favorite music rather than listening to music played at your gym. Thus, do not forget to include a headphone to the items in gym bag.

6. Extra socks

Socks for gym

It is unheard of wearing shoes without socks. Socks give cushioning to your feet with the shoes on, but majorly soak the sweat from your feet with heavy workouts. They prevent that stench and keep you away from any public embarrassment. An extra pair of socks while preparing gym bag will go a long way especially with the advancement of summer when you sweat like a horse. So pack gym bag with the inclusion of an extra pair of socks which will be handy when any mishap occurs and they won’t take up much space of your gym bag.

7. Wrist straps

Wrist straps for gym

Wrist straps are a must have item in gym bag especially when you are into heavy weight lifting. Wrist straps are an aid in assisting you with lifting heavy weights by providing steady grip strength and preventing slipping of heavy weights such as in dead lifts. Wrist straps also help in protecting the wrists from unwanted and excessive extension during heavy weight lifting thus preventing them from any possible injury. Thus, to protect your wrists and get that extra grip strength for heavy weight lifting prepare gym bag with this essential fitness accessory.

8. Extra towel

Extra towel for gym bag

Extra towel for gym

We all know what the importance of a towel is in our gym items. A towel is used to absorb the excess sweat from workout sessions. We rely on towels provided by the gym, but you never know when a towel is unavailable and it is usually the case when we need it the most. Like, we definitely find traffic when we are getting late. So, it won’t hurt to include an extra towel when you pack gym bag. An extra towel may also help while doing pilates or yoga. Pack gym bag with an extra towel, you never know when you are in need of it and you will bless yourself for doing so.

9. Shorts and T-shirt

Best shorts & t shirts for workout

Best shorts & t shirts for workout

No one wants to wear a soiled and sweaty pair of clothing after showering and completion of a workout session. It is better to carry a new pair of t-shirt and shorts along with your other gym items in order to avoid wearing the same sweaty attire. It is also better to stay fresh and lively after a workout session than to feel dirty and worn out. Why not avoid an embarrassing moment if you meet yours friends accidentally after intense exercising. Feel live and stay fresh with a fresh pair of clothing!

10. Deodorant

Deodorant for gym

Deodorant for gym

No one can undermine the importance of a deodorant when preparing gym bag. A deodorant is a must item in gym bag. You don’t want to see people clench their nostrils when you approach to talk to them or to run in opposite direction when you approach them. After a sweaty work out, the odor of sweat can be repelling. The smell of sweat does vary from person to person, but why take a chance at all and leave room for mockery and embarrassment. All of us want to smell good during and also after a workout session, so never forget to carry a deodorant for those heavy and sweaty workouts.

11. Flip flops

Puma flip flop for gym

Puma flip flop for gym

After workout sessions you don’t want to walk barefoot, so pair of flip flops is your best companion at these hours of needs. No matter how well you shower your body, if your feet are exposed to the bare ground, you are likely to pick up some infection. We all know all public areas are as clean as the people using them keep and needless to say we do not treat public places as our own homes. Those showering areas, no matter how clean they look, are a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. So, it is best to carry a pair of flip flops with other items in gym bag. Added advantage, they can provide a breather to your feet in these scalding summers.

12. Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer

There is no argument that the gym workout equipments are full of germs, so a hand sanitizer is one of the fitness accessories that should be there with other items in gym bag. As the proverb goes “Prevention is better than cure”, so it is better for us to stay safe and healthy by using hand sanitizers that are easy and handy. They will also prevent frequent restroom intervals to wash hands.

13. Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo during workout

Dry shampoo during workout

Not all gyms are equipped with showering facility, so what do you do if you have your long day ahead and need to get rid of that sweaty and oily scalp. Dry shampoo is for those days of workout when you need to carry on your day activity after sweating or when you need to meet some friends for a dinner or lunch immediately after a workout. You need to revamp your look at these hours and it can be done by spraying some of the dry shampoo to your hair and making your tresses bouncy again. It also leaves an added advantage of leaving your hair smelling sweet, deterring any sweaty odor. So, don’t forget to include a dry shampoo to the items in gym bag.

14. Headband

Headband for gym

Headband for gym

Headbands are essential equipment in your items in gym bag. They hardly take any space in your gym bag and you won’t regret them as a part of your fitness accessory. Whether you are a woman or man, both can utilize it beneficially. Headbands prevent those tresses from bothering you incessantly during the workout sessions and constantly distracting you. It becomes frustrating pulling back those strands of hair behind your ears in the middle of workouts. It also prevents sweat from tricking down your face including your forehead and eyes. This will keep acne breakouts at bay, so if you enjoy a healthy, glowing, blemish free skin don’t forget to prepare gym bag with headbands.

15. Trail running shoes

Best trial running shoes for workout

Best trial running shoes for workout

Shoes are an important part of your workout sessions and deciding the right pair of shoes is imperative for proper workouts and support to your feet. Deciding the kind of shoes depends largely on the type of fitness activity you are going to do whether cross-training, weightlifting, running etc. Trail running shoes provide better traction, stability, support and more protection than the regular running shoes. The fit of trail running shoes is different from their counterpart running shoes as they fit more snugly around the heels to prevent movement of the feet inside the shoes. They are more hard and heavier soled as training shoes are not for cushioning, but for protection and stability. Thus, pack these trail running shoes with other items in gym bag.


Today was an eye opener regarding the importance of few essential gym items that should be in the locker room at the workout place, needed during and after your heavy and intense sweaty workout sessions. Apart from the above essential gym items one can also include other items as per their preference such as hair elastic bands, pre or post workout snacks, facial wipes, mobility balls, some pain killers or sprays, on the go cosmetics, minimalist shoes, ice wraps, Smartphone holder, protein bars, jump rope, resistance bands, mini bands, extra pair of clothing, tooth paste, liquid bandage, sunscreen, sunglasses, hair bands or other items that you think are essential to your needs.